There are many hymns that I love, some of which  that I consider my favorites. There are even some that I’m afraid to admit, I have never sung or even heard of before. Where can I turn for peace does not fall into that latter category. I find the lyrics in this hymn comforting in times of uncertainty. And we all know there is no shortage of those lately. I think we can all find times when we have asked, “Where can I turn for peace?” Maybe that’s why this song resonates so deeply.

Recently the group Aberdeen Lane released a video for their version of “Where Can I Turn For Peace?” I stumbled upon this group just recently, but the voices in the group should not be unfamiliar to Latter-day Saints. Aberdeen Lane, according to its website is the brainchild of the James and Chelsea Stevens. James Stevens, the former member and director of Vocal Point, is probably best known for his arrangement and singing of “Nearer My God To Thee.”

Some other familiar faces are that of Yahosh, Oyoyo, and Oba Bonner, of the acclaimed Bonner Family. The Bonners recently released a new video as well. Collaborating with Working With Lemons, the Bonners gave a wonderful performance in  a cover of “Run and Tell That” from the musical Hairspray!

Keep on the look out for more from Aberdeen Lane in the future.