EP 489 – We’ve Gone Full Christian Rock

What is the history of the angel Moroni statue on temples? Are we teaching the law of chastity correctly? What is up with the new Hymns at Home app?

Tiffany’s daughter is on the precipice of return from her mission in Lubbock, Texas! It’s happening!

In other missionary news, some missionaries are returning to international assignments as travel restrictions ease from the COVID-19 pandemic. Don’t look to missionaries to come into the United States, however.

Also in COVID-related news, some temples are reopening for full ordinance work, including a number in Utah. Utah, you are holy and gracious.

Why do temples have an angel Moroni on top? The Church News published a piece about the history of the angelic statues, and the entire tone seems to lead the reader to stop expecting more Moronis to show up on future temples. A number of recent temples have lacked the statue in their renderings.

Is the Church working to close the gender gap? One researcher, presenting at the FairMormon conference, argues yes, but there is work to be done!

The Church updated the unified General Handbook of Instruction last week, updating a number of sections. Vasectomy lovers, pay attention!

Have you ever been curious about the topical trends among General Conference speakers? Intrepid researchers, presenting at the virtual Sunstone Symposium, broke down decades of conference talks, and the common threads are fascinating! Elder Gong has never uttered the word “Satan”!

The Law of Chastity is important. But are we teaching it correctly at a cultural and social level? Those two areas inevitably color the way we present the doctrine in our church meetings, and we might be slipping in our quality. A terrific new blog goes deep on how we need to approach the Law of Chastity from a healthier perspective.

Shots were fired outside the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center.

Other news: Wilform Brimley dies, BYU students petition to being the Christ back to BYU, Latter-day Saints help clean a synagogue, and some great video games to help you with your personal study!

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