Location of Syracuse Utah Temple Revealed

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Davis County's third temple has an official home.

It’s Friday, and that means Salt Lake gets to hit us with some interesting Churchy news as we head into the weekend. In this case, we’ve seen renderings of two upcoming temples, and we have also been shown the location of the upcoming Syracuse Utah Temple.

“Syracuse? Isn’t that basically in Layton?” you might ask. Indeed, while a temple in nearby Layton is already underway, one new temple for Davis County isn’t enough for the faithful!

Announced in the April 2020 General Conference by President Russell M. Nelson, the new temple will be built at 2500 West 1025 South on what currently appears to be farmland.

Intellectual Reserve

The area surrounding the land is largely residential, although a Walmart Supercenter and Little Caesar’s are nearby, as is the, uh, Freeport Center industrial park. Also, similar to the Taylorsville temple, a FiiZ location is within striking distance. Do work for your ancestors. Have a sugared fizzy beverage with additional sugar added to it, chased with a cookie.

While the Church has yet to release a rendering of the temple, it’ll be a sizable one at roughly 89,000 square feet upon a 12-acre site.

Years ago, we joked that Utah needed only three more temples to hit 20 in the state. Now we’ve blown past that ceiling, and the larger question is where else in Utah would there possibly be a temple in the near future? Roosevelt? Delta? Heber/Midway? Mt. Olympus? We’ll ponder that more when we publish our next iteration of temple predictions before General Conference, but for now, we an enjoy yet another temple in the Beehive state.

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