EP 492 – Four Options for LGBT Latter-day Saints: A Conversation with Tyler Lefevor

Professor Tyler Lefevor discusses his research showing four options for LGBT Latter-day Saints, which might include leaving the Church.


Are LGBT Latter-day Saints inherently happier if they remain in the Church because the gospel is the most important thing to obtain happiness? We might think the answer is obvious, but setting aside one’s understanding of and belief in God’s plan for everyone, new research is showing that members of the Church identifying as LGBT have different options before them, and staying in the Church might not be the healthiest one for mental health.

Enter Tyler Lefevor. Tyler is an assistant professor of psychology at Utah State University. His work focuses on understanding how religion, sexuality, and gender intersect to influence health, particularly among LGBTQ Mormons. He has partnered with researchers across the religious belief and sexuality spectrum to develop a sounder understanding of what LGBT individuals within the Church experience and what we might expect them to experience in the future.

So should LGBT members stay in the Church? Will they be happy? It depends on a number of variables, and the research explores four main options for these individuals. Learn more about them on this show!

Also discussed:

  • Can mixed-orientation couples actually make it in the Church?
  • Can you actually be a gay member of the Church and remain active?
  • Can gay Latter-day Saints date? Hold hands? Kiss? As long as it isn’t sexual?
  • What can Church leaders do to assist self-identified LGBT Latter-day Saints?
  • How can leaders reconcile their need to lead and keep their flock in the faith while acknowledging that the best thing for an LGBT saint might be to distance him or herself from the Church?

We’re joined this week by Kurt Francom of LeadingSaints. LeadingSaints is hosting a virtual LGBT summit next week (Starting Sept 8) focused on ministering to LGBTQ/SSA Latter-day Saints. Reserve your spot for the free conference now!

Tyler is currently recruiting participants to be part of a 10-year study about religiousness and health among sexual minorities raised Mormon. If you are interested in participating or learning more about Tyler’s work, visit www.4optionssurvey.com.”

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