EP 494 – Detours to Spanish Fork

Cobra Kai goes to Geoff's head. Senator Mike Lee wants to cancel KSL. Zelophehad's Daughters tackles LDS cinema on IMDB.

What a week! So much… randomness! Hooray! Kurt Francom of Leading Saints is in the hot seat as we navigate the exciting world of Latter-day Saint news.

The First Presidency formally endorsed more regular sacrament meetings, either in person or virtually, as well as additional steps to move toward normalcy. Curiously, the announcement seems to mean less to those of us outside of Utah than in, so why make it a Church-level announcement?

Have you heard of the Scripture Citation Index website and app? It’s pretty cool. Look up a scripture and find out when it was cited in General Conference or other Church materials. This is essential!

The press continues its fascination with the Mormon vote in the 2020 election, in particular the pivotal Arizona race. The Biden campaign is formally courting religious voters. And a group of Latter-day Saint women is organizing against Trump.

Utah Senator Mike Lee thinks KSL.com is too liberal and the Church should sell it. Should it? SHOULD IT?

The fine folks at Zelophehad’s Daughters published a deep dive on the way Latter-day Saint films are given user reviews on IMDB. This is particularly interesting for cinephiles, but we gain quick insights into which films have the highest regard (The Mountain of the Lord) and which have the lowest (The Book of Mormon Movie)?

The design of the Davao Philippines Temple is… fine.

Wildfires are destroying Latter-day Saint homes WITH PREJUDICE.

Other stuff: The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is ready to bless us all, missionaries in Houston are not afraid of the pandemic, BYU football wears awesome game day shirts, and check out the time Rage Against the Machine accidentally booked a concert in Spanish Fork, Utah.

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