EP 495 – Sariah Wilson, Author of “Roommaid”

Romance author Sariah Wilson discusses writing for a broad audience but with an LDS perspective and how her faith informs her journey.

We have a terrific show this week. Famed romance author Sariah Wilson is with us to discuss her new book, Roommaid, her background in Book of Mormon fiction, and how her faith informs her work (and how some of our faith decry her work).

And as a bonus, Sariah has passionate opinions about Book of Mormon geography. If you are part of #TeamHeartland, you and Sariah cannot be friends. Sorry!

Sariah’s work is clean, yet also not so clean it that it would be carried by Church-owned outlets like Deseret Book. It occupies sort of a middle ground where there are clear lines the author does not cross, and the characters are inherently good, moral people, but they also drink socially, appear to be sexually active, etc. How does she reconcile that with her faith? How does she respond to some in the Church who might say she is setting a bad example?

Budding authors might be interested in Sariah’s approach to writing. How does she balance family demands as a mother? How does she view her readers? Should readers need to do work or is this about delivering something easy and palatable?

Roommaid is a fun book about a roommate who becomes—wait for it—a maid! A portmanteau for the ages! Out October 1, you can preorder it here, and you probably should. After all, times are nuts and frustrating, and this is a nice way to spend some time away from the trials of life.

And keep an eye out for The Seatfiller next April, because IT IS GOING TO BE AWESOME.

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