A Tribute to Sister Missionary Who Tragically Passed Away

Sister Annabelle Nielsen was serving in Switzerland when she suffered a hiking accident.

One can truly never prepare for the loss of a child. That loss can be even harder when that child is hundreds of miles away, serving a mission. On October 13th it was reported that Sister Annabelle Nielsen, a missionary in Switzerland, had passed away due to a tragic hiking accident.

The statement from the Church Newsroom read:

We are deeply saddened to share news of the passing of a young missionary serving in Switzerland. Sister Annabelle Nielsen, age 20, of Highland, Utah, passed away Tuesday following a hiking accident. She and five other missionaries were hiking when Sister Nielsen tragically slipped and fell down a steep incline. She had been serving as a missionary since July 2019 and was assigned to the Alpine German-Speaking Mission. We express our sincere condolences to her family and loved ones. We pray they will feel the peace and comfort of our loving Heavenly Father as they deal with this tragedy and honor her life. We also pray for the other missionaries who were with Sister Nielsen at the time of the accident and are working to provide them with the necessary support as they process what happened.

One can only imagine the anguish that this family feels, along with those who served so closely with her while on their missions. In a beautiful tribute , missionaries in the Alpine-German Speaking mission decided to put together a video tribute. Elder Tade Biseinger, a former Broadway performer, felt impressed to create something dedicated to Sister Neilson after pondering on the scripture in Ecclesiastes 3:4.

In a Facebook post, Elder Biesenger stated:

“I felt an overwhelming impression that I needed to create something that would express my testimony, that the work of angels on both sides of the veil is very real.”

Set to Khalid’s song “Angels,” and with the comforting words of Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Elder Biseinger, along with Sisters Caroline and Baily Smith perform the stunning piece.

To watch the video click here.

We send our prayers to the family of Sister Nielsen and those missionaries who served so closely with her.




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