Bishopric Goes Viral with Hilarious Billy Joel Cover on Returning to Church

The Highland 19th Ward Bishopric has a great plan to get everyone back in Church: a brilliant parody video by its bishopric.

The Highland Utah 19th Ward bishopric has a plan to get everyone excited about coming back to church. It involves singing, stylish jackets, Billy Joel, and a whole lot of fun.

After nearly six months of at home church for some wards, it’s time to start meeting again. This of course comes with all sorts of planning and preparing.  Depending on which state you live in and the guidelines the state has given for worship services, this could be easy or very complicated. Having been involved in this, I know the many hours logged to make sure our wards can return to church in a safe manner. In some cases, wards may even be broadcasting a portion of their meetings over the internet, which brings its own set of challenges.

With all that being said, one thing is for sure, the joy of communal sabbath worship should not be lost.

Enter Bishop McLelland and his counselors. With their cover of Billy Joel’s “For The Longest Time,” they are inviting their ward family back to church. I bet they didn’t expect to get the attention of social media, or over 160,000 views and counting on YouTube.

One video that didn’t get as much attention, posted the same day, is titled “H19 Christmas Memories.” In this video, members of the primary share their Christmas memories, but with a twist. In the style of Kid Snippets, the adults of the Highland 19th Ward, pretend to be the ones speaking.

Kudos to you, Highland 19th Ward! We appreciate your fun spirit.

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