EP 500 – Quincentennial

It's our 500th episode! The whole gang is here, including Al! We hang. We talk news. We congratulate ourselves.

How. Did. We. Get. Here?

It’s our 5ooth episode of This Week in Mormons! Whether you have been with us since 2010 or are newer to the family, we’re glad you’re here. Thanks so much to each and every one of you for taking the time to listen. It means the world.

Now, given the great celebration that is this episode, there is plenty of random bantering and reflecting, and even special appearances from some TWiM favorites. But of course, there’s also some news:

President Oaks, in devotional at Brigham Young University, declares Black Lives Matter an “eternal principle” and stresses the importance of equality among all of God’s children. It’s amazing stuff. He also wants you to wear a mask.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Church has canceled the typical Christmas festivities around Temple Square, including the Tabernacle Choir’s famed Christmas concert. Instead, however, it is doing something pretty fun: essentially crowdsourcing the Christmas concerts to anyone interested in submitting their content. So get on it!

Josie is in with some international news:

  • Mormons in Interlaken were the feature of a recent one-hour broadcast on the Swiss show Radio BeO. The presenter, Orith Tempelman, interviewed the branch president, head of the women’s association (assuming RS), two missionaries, and included church hymns.
  • Another mention from the Swiss press about the name “Mormon” and dealing with myths and prejudices about our Christian faith.
  • Latter-day Saint Charities are supporting the World Food Program during the global pandemic with a donation going to support meals for children in Somalia who normally rely on school meals, but have been unable to do so with school closures. Sister Eubank said the World Food Program partnership is important because the organization supports conflict areas and places where the Church doesn’t have members like Yemen or Somalia, among others.
  • Oregon’s Relief Society joined together with local organizations to help those affected by wildfires, including those who lost their homes. The sisters helped out their community by organizing evacuation plans for families at risk.
  • The Church has launched a campaign piggy-backing off of the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico and spreading awareness of the Church’s website as a place anyone can find answers about life and how death is not the end. The site shares suggestions of how to celebrate the festival including sharing ancestral stories.

In other news, the Church admits teenagers are doing better during the pandemic because of more sleep, so does this sort of call into question the wisdom of release-time seminary?

Missionary referral tools in Church apps just got an update, allowing you to schedule virtual calls right there in the app.

And of course, Christians Against Dinosaurs is a thing.

Do you support us on Patreon? You should. One of our beloved supporters was even on the show with us this week just for fun! You could be next!

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