EP 502 – Jack Latter-day Saints

How did Latter-day Saints perform in the U.S. election? BYU Pathways grows. Real Housewives of Salt Lake City aren't so Mormon, it seems!

We’re coming down from post-election hysteria here in the United States, so who better to help us ease back into normalcy than our resident American expat, Josie Gleave? Geoff also returns from an epic journey to Zion where he rekindled his love with Shatto Dairy and visited TWiM’s other founding father.

Let’s get the politics out of the way. Yes, there was an election. The expected “red wave” and blue shift” also occurred, and barring months of fighting by the Trump administration, Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States. In a bit of humorous news, the famed “Surrender Dorothy” graffiti that appears on an overpass in front of the Washington DC Temple was altered to read “Surrender Donald.” He’s never quite been a favorite of the locals.

So what about the Latter-day Saint side of it? Mormons still voted for President Trump, but they came out in favor of Joe Biden more than they did for Hillary Clinton. We don’t yet know how much of a role they played in tilting Arizona blue for the first time in a generation. Oh, and speaking of Arizona, the recreation marijuana bill that the Church encouraged the saints to vote down passed anyway.

We’ve got some temple groundbreakings, all overseen by individuals with personal ties to the region the temple will serve. Elder David A. Bednar presided over the groundbreaking of the Bentonville Arkansas Temple, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland shoveled some dirt at the groundbreaking for the Red Cliffs Utah Temple, and Elder Gerrit W. Gong was present to start construction on the Taylorsville Utah Temple.

From Design Feature to Global Symbol: The Rise and Fall of Angel Moroni

The Church has also provided what it charitably described as an update on the process to create a new hymn book, an effort announced two years ago. There isn’t much to it beyond a recap of how many submissions the Church received. We still don’t know exactly when the new hymn book will surface.

BYU’s Pathways-Worldwide has been an incredible success for the Church and the program’s participants, and it just notched a significant milestone: over 50,000 individuals enrolled! Let’s talk a bit about Pathways and why it’s significant for many Latter-day Saints.

Josie has her international news beat:

  • Following the attack in Vienna, the Europe Area Presidency released a statement of condolences to those families who lost loved ones and to others who were injured.
  • In response to the pandemic and employment loss, the Church has added a job finding resource on its website for the northwest area of South America area
  • In Rome, the Church contributed to the opening of a food pantry where people in need can go for free groceries. The Church has also offered to contribute their self-reliance courses and initiatives to the project.
  • The Church donated over $60,000 worth of personal protective equipment to the Republic of Congo’s Department of Health to ease the pressure of COVID-19.
  • FamilySearch has surpasses 8 billion available names in its database!
  • The Young Women’s program is reaching its 150th anniversary on November 15, 2o20. All Young Women globally have been encouraged to do something special signified by the number 150. Josie’s ward, for example, compiled a bunch of images of areas of gratitude and posted a journal on Instagram.

Apparently Americans view the Quran and the Book of Mormon as having the same elements of truth as the Bible, but Mormons are still going to hell.

Some missionaries started returning to overseas assignments a few months ago, but the process was restricted mostly to Denmark. Now the effort is expanding as the Church cautiously dips its toes into a COVID-infested ocean.

Lastly, in news better covered by the TWiM Sisters, allegedly none of the Latter-day Saints on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City are good Mormons! The shock!

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