EP 501 – Evan McMullin on Saving the Republic

He ran for president as a conservative alternative to Trump in 2016, now Evan McMullin wants Latter-day Saints to vote for Joe Biden.

With the United States presidential election this week, and the months we’ve spent analyzing the outsize role Latter-day Saints are playing in the election, we thought it would be nice to talk to previous podcast guest Evan McMullin about his thoughts on the election, why he’s supporting Joe Biden, and why he thinks his fellow Latter-day Saints should do the same.

You might remember Evan from his 2016 campaign for president and our interview with him during the early stages of his campaign. Evan ran four years ago as a conservative alternative to Donald Trump and he garnered plenty of support.

But this election, he’s not running. Instead, he’s working as an executive director of Stand Up Republic, a national cross-partisan organization working to defend and strengthen American democracy.

Evan has watched as many Latter-day Saints have fallen in line with President Trump, while others, including himself, have opted to vote for Joe Biden. Why is that? What would make a conservative vote for a Democrat? And which candidate is truly the moral candidate?

Regardless of whom you vote for this week—assuming you are not among the millions already to cast ballots—this week’s episode is a candid discussion on the nature of democracy, on the fragility of the Republic, and on—well, there’s no point ignoring it—some of Senator Mike Lee’s more interesting—or perhaps, inappropriate—overtures toward Latter-day Saints.

There’s some potent stuff here. It’s all very political, so apologies to you hoping to avoid that. But discussions like these are also more pertinent than ever for Latter-day Saints.


  • 6:00 – Stand Up Republic’s history and election activism, including recent successes
  • 12:00 – Is the United States a democracy or a republic?
  • 18:30 – As a Latter-day Saint and a conservative, how can you vote for Joe Biden, who supports abortion rights?
  • 27:00 – What were your thoughts on Utah Sen. Mike Lee (R) comparing President Trump to Captain Moroni?
  • 33:00 – Why are people so mad at you for supporting Biden?
  • 38:00 – Is it troubling that Church membership is so tilted toward the GOP?
  • 44:00 – In an ideal situation, is one party more attuned to Latter-day culture and doctrine?
  • 51:00 – Why do you think Latter-day Saints have become more comfortable with Trump in the past four years?
  • 55:00 – What’s next for Stand Up Republic?
  • 58:00 – Would you run again?

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