New “Saints Channel Studio” Features Latter-day Saint Musicians Exploring Faith through Music

In Saints Channel Studio, Richie Steadman sits down with Latter-day Saint musicians to talk about music and experiences as Church members.

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but the Church has done a lot lately do broaden its reach in social media circles. Whatever your flavor of  is, there is something for you, especially when it comes to YouTube videos. If you’re are a fan of Ted Talk-style seminars, you can hear a wide variety of speakers in the Hope Works videos. I particularly enjoyed this talk by Ben Taylor, who turned a potential scam into an opportunity to spread the light of Christ. The His Grace series tells true stories of members and how they worked through trials relying on the grace of the Savior. The somewhat animated explanations about Church doctrine are a great way for quick introductions to those seeking to learn. The Strive To Be channel has a ton of content aimed at youth. My children love “Reach Out With Love,” and have watched it too many times to count.

The How I Hear Him videos from the apostles and church leaders has been a true inspiration for many people. Most recently it was Elder Holland’s turn, but this one from Elder Renlund especially spoke to me.

Now the  Church has something new-ish to add to its lineup of content in an effort to explore the more musical side of worship. It’s called Saints Channel Studio.

Saints Channel Studio

Saints Channel Studio is a video series in which radio and podcast personality Richie Steadman gets to sit down with Latter-day Saint musicians to talk about their music. But it goes much further than music, as he interviews them about their experiences being members of the Church. If you’re not familiar with Richie, he can be heard hosting The Cultural Hall podcast/show/whatever he’s calling it, or as co-host and producer of The Lisa Show on SiriusXM 143, fronted by Lisa Valentine Clark, a previous guest of This Week in Mormons and star of Once I Was a Beehive and the BYUtv improv comedy program, Show Offs. Beyond talking, we also get to hear the musicians perform their music in a more stripped down format.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little jealous of Richie’s job. Seems like a pretty sweet gig to me.

You may be saying, “Wait a minute, Jeff, this isn’t new. The Church has done this before.”

It’s true, the previously named Mormon Channel Studio did the same thing. With the elimination of The Mormon Channel on YouTube, much was consolidated into one of the Church’s other properties, namely the Church’s main YouTube page, or the youth-centered Strive to Be page.

The past videos, which were good, were hosted by a myriad of different people interviewing the performers. Also, there is something to be be said for the brighter lighting in the newer videos, it just makes things feel less somber.  But maybe it’s just me being picky.

So far, four studio performances have been released, with Richie interviewing Nathan Waite, Emily Bea, Madilyn Page, and most recently the sisters of Elenyi. If you enjoy the music of some of the Latter-day Saint musicians we have covered here on This Week In Mormons, you are definitely going to like the new Saints Channel Studio.

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