Lighting the World With Music – An Interview with Bright the Way

light of the world
Former missionary companions formed Bright the Way, and their new music to #LightTheWorld is inspiring.

It’s December, which means chocolate-filled advent calendars, multiple viewings of Elf, and of course, #Lighttheworld to celebrate the birth of the Savior. A cursory search of #lightheworld on your favorite social media platform will bring you a slew of posts relating to the month-long event. You’ve no doubt seen your friends and acquaintances posting about their heroes or what brings them piece. I personally love Light the World, because of the music. I’ve always felt a strong connection to the Spirit through music, especially this time of year. So being the intrepid YouTube connoisseur that I am, I set forth on a journey to find music to Light the World!

In my search, I came across this gem from the musical duo and former missionary companions, Bright the Way. The song is a cover of Lauren Daigle’s “Light of the World” mixed with a few other songs. On a side note, you can see Lauren in this year’s Christmas Under the Stars on BYUtv. Now back to Bright the Way.

The duo worked with Josh Sales, who has done video work for many Latter-day Saint artists. On the audio side, Masa Fukuda, of One Voice Children’s Choir, helped with audio production.

Bright the Way

I reached out to Bright the Way to find out a little bit more about this duo and their music and they were kind enough to provide some answers.

Bright the Way – Natalie  (left) and Lexi  (Right)

Who is Bright The Way? How was the idea born?


Bright the way, although it didn’t have that name at the time, or any name really, was born in a small town in Virginia as two missionaries found they held the same love for music. In our journey to share the gospel together as companions, we found ourselves getting very creative with music! When we got home, we reconnected to continue what we loved doing together.


Just to give you an idea, within ten minutes of being missionary companions, Lexi said, “Sister Grigg I KNEW you were going to be my companion because I prayed you here.” As soon as Lexi and I became mission companions things clicked. We both dream really big, but are willing to make things happen. Being companions was so fun, because it felt like the sky was the limit. During our three months as companions together, we LOVED putting together musical numbers that would inspire and uplift. Most of our songs on our YouTube channel were originally created out in the mission field.

Lexi and I chose the name “Bright the Way,” because we have both been drawn to the idea of light. A lot of our songs mention light in some way. We also love to write songs that tell stories of people who deserve to have their stories be told. I guess to us, “Bright the Way” stands for people who made their way bright. Or in other words, people who choose to spread light, and goodness despite challenging circumstances. Our goal with every song is to either tell a story, or testify of the Savior.


I read on your Facebook that you two were missionary companions, where did you serve?


We served in Richmond, Virginia from 2016-2018.


We served in the Richmond Virginia Mission- but the way we came to be companions is quite remarkable. I had recognized Natalie’s great talent and prayed for weeks that she would have the opportunity to be her companion. It was a testimony builder to know that sometimes blessings are predicated on us asking for them.

What or who are your musical influences?


For me, my musical influence has always been my family, particularly my grandmother. I was born and raised listening to my grandmother playing the piano. Our family song is “Manner of Happiness” and we sing it every time we all get together. It was inspiring to sing and feel the spirit so strong. I never wanted to stop singing.


Micah Harmon is an incredible example. Micah is a part of the One Voice Children’s Choir and has a pretty big following on YouTube. If it weren’t for his example, I never would have believed that I could do something like create YouTube videos. Furthermore, Micah is a great example of sharing positive messages to uplift others. He’s seven years younger than me, but he’s totally my hero.

I’m a really big fan of The National Parks. They share music that’s not necessarily religious, yet is so wholesome and uplifting without being overly cheesy. In their early albums they rely heavily on acoustic instruments. Their style had a big influence on the instrumental direction we went with the “Light of the World Mashup.”


What’s one thing you want the world to know about your music?


One thing I want people to know about our music is that it truly has one purpose. To bring the spirit into your life, to bring a little brightness into what can seem like a darkened world.


We want people to feel empowered, validated, and loved as they see how the Savior plays a role in the challenges they face. I wish I could look into every person’s eyes and tell them that they are loved by a Savior who totally gets them, even when no one else does.

As I was watching our “Light of the World Mashup” it struck me that this whole entire music video (besides the audio production) was put together by young adults. All of us young adults were totally ecstatic to create a song that would bring the spirit and testify of Christ. We hope that young men and young women can feel assured that it’s not weird for young adults to talk about Christ, and to sing about Him! It’s actually incredible.

What a great story!

Keep an eye out for this duo as they continue to Light the World with their musical gift.

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