Vote Now for the 2020 This Week in Mormons Temple Awards!

It's time to rank the best temples of 2020! Vote now for your favorites!

The Year 2020 has been a big year for temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Despite the fact that operating temples have closed or open with limited capacity, temple construction has not been impeded. In addition, the church held 21 socially distanced groundbreakings for planned temples in 2020.

From November 2019 to November 2020, there were a whopping 25 temple renderings released to the public (many of them conspicuously lacking the presence of a certain golden angel). Now it’s time to choose the best, and your vote is crucial in the process!

“Best” in this case refers primarily to architectural components –Best Appeal to Local Style, Best Small Temple, Best Multi-story Temple, etc. We recognize that no temple is actually better than another for what it is—The House of the Lord—but we can still rank the appearance of each one!

Each category includes an option to submit multiple preferences, a la ranked-choice voting. 

The Awards include:

  • Best appeal to Local Architecture
  • Best Modern Design
  • Modest is Hottest
  • Most Deserved Temple
  • Best in the United States
  • Best in Latin America
  • Best in Asia
  • Best in Oceania or Africa
  • Best Single-Story
  • Best Multi-Story
  • Temple of the Year (Best overall)

Also, please note that the Bangkok Thailand temple was redesigned in December of 2019 without an Angel Moroni Statue. In addition, a rendering for the Renovation of the Columbus Ohio Temple can be seen here.

The results of the voting will be announced near the beginning of the year.

The quiz is also embedded below if you cannot click the button above. Happy Voting!

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