Rendering Released for Syracuse Utah Temple

Utah's 10,000th temple now has a look!

Have you heard of Syracuse, Utah, much less its temple? I feel like this is a temple announcement that has sorta slipped through the cracks, even though progress has continued on it at a perfectly normal pace for a Utah Temple. Perhaps it has been overshadowed by the hype surrounding temples in Orem and Taylorsville, and maybe even the one going up in nearby Layton. Perhaps it’s because the temple was announced in the same General Conference as one in mainland China.

We learned the location of the Syracuse temple way back in August, buried in an announcement about dedication dates for temples in Texas and Arkansas. The Church has now released a rendering of the temple, along with additional information, but oddly, instead of a dedicated press release about the temple, the Church just updated the same original announcement about the temple’s location… from August. This is a weird approach. The Church’s Facebook page even shared the news… by sharing the article from six months ago. Why they would do this when every other temple announcement gets its own article is beyond us. We want answers, Temple Department!

Regardless, we get a rendering! Yay for renderings!

Intellectual Reserve

Maybe they didn’t publicize the announcement much because the rendering is in a non-header-image-friendly square aspect ratio? Let’s go with that.

Well this is a lovely building. The Church has publicly stated it has attempted to make temple designs more respective of local architecture, and while we see that manifested in places like Brazil, India, Cambodia, and Thailand (see more in our 2020 Temple Awards), it’s not quite as apparent somewhere like Utah. Then again, Syracuse is basically just tract housing and shopping centers, so….

This is a perfectly nice temple. It appears to follow a similar rectangular design like its friend in Layton instead of the square design seen in Taylorsville, Orem, not-Tooele, and Saratoga Springs. We like the huge window up front and the way that theme carries over into the second window going up to the steeple. Pretty cool. No Moroni, of course, but we expect that at this point.

According to the Church, the temple will comprise three stories over 89,000 square feet ?another non-slouch in terms of size, but that’s been par for the course with the bevy of new temples in Utah. Vernal and Monticello are starting to feel mighty inferior to their siblings.

The Syracuse Utah Temple was announced in the April 2020 General Conference by President Russell M. Nelson. No groundbreaking date has been announced.

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