Tabernacle Choir Postpones Heritage Tour to 2022

Already postponed once, the Tabernacle Choir's Heritage Tour won't take place until 2022 at the earliest.

Although by most measurements the COVID-19 pandemic is starting to ease as vaccination rates improve, we’re not out of the woods yet. In mid-2020, the non-Mormon Tabernacle Choir postponed its Heritage Tour, which will include stops in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Scotland, and Wales, due to “COVID-19 limitations” globally.  The move pushed the original dates from summer 2020 to summer 2021. Organizers were undoubtedly optimistic that the pandemic situation would improve by mid-2021 and the choir would have its chance to celebrate both its heritage as well as that of Latter-day Saint pioneers in these regions, many of whom made enormous sacrifices to uproot their lives and join the Church in the United States.

Unfortunately, the Heritage Tour has been postponed once more, now to 2022, according to the choir. Although many hope the worst of the pandemic is behind us, it is not yet realistic to schedule such a tour across Europe in the middle of 2021. The same cities and venues will be used in 2022.

The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square last performed for its Music and the Spoken Word broadcast in early March 2020. Since then, previously recordings have been used for the weekly broadcast. The choir also typically performs during the semiannual general conferences of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, although it has not done so live since the October 2019 sessions, with prerecorded material being used instead as conference has been held virtually since 2020 and will continue to be so this coming April.

One of the most venerated choral institutions in America, the choir traces its roots to the arrival of Latter-day Saint pioneers in the Salt Lake Valley. At the first conference of the church in the new land—a mere 29 days since setting foot in the region—a small choir assembled to provide music.

You can hear the first-ever recording of the choir below.

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