Church Historic Sites to Reopen in May

22 sites will reopen in some capacity to the public starting in May.

After over a year of closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of important historic sites run by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will begin a phased reopening schedule in May. This information comes via The Church News, which notes that “Site reopenings will be based on local conditions, government guidelines, staffing availability and the unique features of each historic site.”

While COVID protocols will vary based on state, this means 22 sites will reopen in some capacity. Masks will be required indoors and also outdoors if appropriate social distancing is not possible. The Church encourages those who are sick to stay home.

It’s worth noting most sites will have reduces operating hours, and there is always a chance a site could close again depending on the COVID situation in a particular region.

Here are the locations set to reopen, organized by date and state.

May 1


  • Mormon Battalion Center at San Diego


  • Carthage Jail
  • Historic Nauvoo


  • Kanesville Tabernacle


  • Mormon Trail Center at Winter Quarters


  • Brigham Young Winter Home and Office
  • Hamblin Home
  • St. George Tabernacle

May 28

New York

  • Grandin Building: Book of Mormon Publication Site
  • Hill Cumorah
  • Sacred Grove
  • Whitmer Farm: Church Organization Site


  • Independence Visitors’ Center
  • Liberty Jail


  • Historic Kirtland
  • Johnson Home
  • Morley Farm


  • Priesthood Restoration Site


  • Cove Fort


  • Joseph Smith Birthplace


  • Martin’s Cove: Mormon Trail Site
  • Sixth Crossing: Mormon Trail Site

That’s a pretty solid crop of Church history sites. Of course, some of this calls into question why we have not renamed certain ones the “Latter-day Saint Battalion” or “Latter-day Saint Trail” sites, but that is a fight for another day. While most of the Palmyra sites will open by the end of May, the Hill Cumorah Pageant will not return along with them, nor will it ever return.

Onward, Christian soldiers!


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