EP 531 – I Feel Like a Hungover Party Girl

Time-only marriages end in the temple, the Church joined the GameStop shorting party, MTC reopen!

Tiffany’s daughter finally got married, but all did not go as swimmingly as planned in beautiful Eagle. Also, how’s mask life in your stake with updated CDC guidelines? Some masks? No masks? ALL MASKS?

Time-only marriages in temples are out the window. These were special ceremonies where a participant was already sealed to a deceased spouse but could be married in a temple, only not for eternity (just “time,” see?). Anyway, those ceremonies are no more.

The beloved Manti Temple murals aren’t totally out of the woods yet, even after the Church backtracked on plans to demolish them by altering the renovation options for the temple. The murals themselves require extensive upkeep and are in a constant state of decay. Deseret News has a nice piece about the ongoing efforts to maintain the murals.

Have you wondered what it’s like to be a Latter-day Saint AND a staffer on Capitol Hill? Wonder no more! Learn about this fraternity of nearly all Republicans, what makes them tick, and the fact Mike Lee has “Jell-O Wednesdays.”

The Church is moving to reopen a few Missionary Training Centers after closing them a year ago due to the COVID-19 pandemic. MTC’s in Provo, Utah, Ghana, and New Zealand will reopen for in limited capacities, local conditions allowing.

Remember how the Church has a ton of money in its investment fund? Apparently even the savvy investors at Ensign Peak rode the GameStop wave, getting a 10x return on their work. Smart move, Ensign Peak, folks. I just sat there and wished I’d purchased AMC stock at $4.

Sports talk! Aspirant Olympian MyKayla (yes, that is her real name) is back at it for Tokyo. But she realized her biggest life goal already: getting married in the temple. Also, Zach Wilson, NFL star, might start walking into your singles ward. He’s going to be a hot commodity!

Can you redo a room with items from only Deseret Industries with only $500 in five weeks? That is the premise of the new DIY series, Project DI, from Deseret Industries. Synergy!

Two missionaries were killed in a head-on collision in Denton, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. Terrible news. They had just finished a service project and were even driving a truck, but a bigger truck crossed into their lane.

Ammon Bundy has decided to run for governor of Idaho. Oh goodie!

A Utah developer wants to make sure land he donated to the Church stays a park and does not get handed over to developers once the Church sells it.

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