Church Announces New Temple Locations in Three Western US States

Idaho, New Mexico, and Colorado never had it so good.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced the locations of three temples announced by President Russell M. Nelson in the April 2021 General Conference. All three are located in the western United States.

Farmington New Mexico

New Mexico’s second temple, located in the northwestern corner of the state, will sit upon a 6.62-acre site at the intersection of College Boulevard and Windsor Drive. Although a rendering has not been released, plans call for a single-story temple of roughly 25,000 square feet. If we were a betting people, we’d guess the temple will be similar in design and layout to the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Tallahassee Florida, McAllen Texas, Bentonville Arkansas, and maybe Moses Lake Washington temples – square design, central spire.

The Farmington New Mexico Temple's location | Intellectual Reserve

An existing meetinghouse will be demolished to make way for the temple, along with a new meetinghouse adjacent. Such is progress, but based on the satellite view, we’re losing a meetinghouse with a pretty cool design.

The temple will be located conveniently next to San Juan College in northeast Farmington. There’s also a Walmart, Sam’s Club, and the all-important Chick-fil-A.

Latter-day Saints in the Farmington area, home to three stakes, must currently drive approximately three hours to the Albuquerque New Mexico Temple. We don’t yet know the makeup of the forthcoming temple’s district, but in addition to Farmington’s stakes, it could include the Durango Colorado, Alamosa Colorado, and Manassa Colorado stakes, as well as the Chinle Arizona Stake.

Grand Junction Colorado

Here’s another Intermountain-West-border-hugging temple across the Colorado line. We’ve long pegged Grand Junction to receive a temple, given its isolation.

Plans call for 25,000 square foot temple comprising one story, similar to the other temples mentioned so far. It will be located at the intersection of Horizon Drive and North 12th Street.

Location of the Grand Junction Colorado Temple | Intellectual Reserve

Key takeaways: There’s a roundabout. Everyone loves roundabouts, especially a city that’s home to another temple.

The temple site is on a gentle slope about a mile from Interstate 70. It should make for a prominent, beautiful location for a temple. 

There is also a Greek Orthodox church across the street as well as some form of Christian fellowship next door. We’re guessing the area is already zoned for religious buildings, but this could make for some fun ecumenism!

Grand Junction proper has two stakes, and the new district could likely take in stakes in Montrose and Rifle, Colorado, with an outside chance for the Craig Colorado Stake to be included. The other longshot is Moab, Utah, currently assigned to the Monticello Utah Temple, which is also the temple the saints of Grand Junction currently attend. The battle for the Western Slope is about to heat up!

The Grand Junction Colorado Temple will be the third temple in the Centennial State, after the Denver Colorado and Fort Collins Colorado temples.

Burley Idaho

When President Nelson announced 20 temples in April 2021, few would have pegged Burley, located a mere 30 or so miles from Twin Falls, as a likely temple recipient. Indeed, some of our Idahoans here at TWiM describe Burley as little more than a place you stop to get gas.

Well now you can stop for gas and take part in sacred ordinances.

The seventh temple in the Gem State, the Burley Idaho Temple will sit on a 10.1-acre lot at 40 South and 150 East. (You know a city deserves a temple if it embraces early Utah pioneer grid system addresses.) 

Location of the Burley Idaho Temple | Intellectual Reserve

Design-wise, we’re a bit flummoxed on this one. The Church announced the temple to be 38,600 square feet, roughly a third larger than the other two temples in this article, and two stories. Most recently announced temples have been either on the smaller end or the massive end. The closest temple by square footage is the Tucson Arizona Temple, one of our favorite designs (but also single story). So we’ll opt for something close to the Recife Brazil Temple when all is said and done, except with some romantic Idaho flair.

The Burley temple will be built on farmland just off Interstate 81. It will also be conveniently close to the Pleasant View Cemetery, for those of you who want to foment the idea that we literally do work for the dead.

Burley itself only has about 10,000 people, but there are two stakes in the city itself as well as five more in the immediate area, all of which are currently assigned to the Twin Falls Idaho Temple. Way to burl, Burley!

For those keeping track, that means site announcements have already been made for 7 of the 20 temples announced in April.

This is exciting news for the saints in Idaho, Colorado, and New Mexico, and we look forward to hearing more about the other forthcoming temples.

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