EP 533 – Project Elect: Involving LDS Women in Public Service

How do we get more Latter-day Saint women involved in public service? That's the mission of Project Elect. We interview two of their founders.

We visit with Audrey Martin and Rachelle Price of Project Elect, a new organization that encourages Latter-day Saint women to run for public office and mentors them along the way.

Their mission is one couched in the doctrines of the Church and the counsel we receive regularly from Church leaders – counsel that encourages all membership to be involved politically, not just men.

But why do we need more Latter-day Saint women in public office? Are Latter-day Saint women underrepresented in the big and small halls of government around the world?

Audrey and Rachelle tackle important topics, like how getting women to be involved in professional public service still aligns with “The Family: A Proclamation to the World,” how to get local leadership to encourage the women in their wards to get more involved in public service.

And how do we avoid partisanship in all of this?

Audrey is a professional politico who has worked on many national- and state-level issues, including Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign. Rachelle was recently elected to her regional school board in California. We thank both of them for joining us for this interview.

Learn more: https://projectelectwomen.org/

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