EP 540 – Hell Freezes Over (w/ Richie Steadman of The Cultural Hall)

It's finally happened. Two galactic forces sit down together. How many egos can fit in one room?!

What has happened? This Week in Mormons has been hijacked by a ne’er-do-well out of Utah, one Richard Thelonious Steadman of The Cultural Hall, a podcast that adamantly claims not to be one. So why is Richie here? Both This Week in Mormons and The Cultural Hall hit 540 episodes at the exact same time, so it was the perfect moment for a crossover between your favorite frenemies.

Lest you fear, we don’t just rip each other to shreds for 100 minutes. Oh no! There’s actual news. Let’s get to it in the order of discussion!

  • The Washington DC Temple finally has an open house and rededication date.
  • Brigham Young University hires a non-Latter-day Saint cross country coach, which is actually a big deal!
  • BYU also has some sort of Virginity Club? But is it legit? Is it satire?
  •  Have you heard of the dating site TrueLDS? Apparently it’s the only Latter-day Saint dating site actually run by Latter-day Saints, and they also make sure you are a “good” Mormon.
  • Did the Church somehow get caught up in a Ponzi scheme? Sorta.
  • The president of the Bolivia Cochabamba Mission dies from complications with COVID-19.
  • Two missionaries die in a major car accident in New Mexico.
  • We covered this a few weeks ago, but Richie really wanted to talk about Greg Prince giving his collection of Latter-day Saint materials to University of Virginia’s Mormon studies program.
  • President Ballard gets a day in Utah just for himself, and it’s the day after he did something wonderful!
  • A St. George man does the right thing – drives his Jeep onto a church lawn, strips naked, and enters sacrament meeting.
  • Care to join the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square? Apparently you don’t even know how to sing!
  • In DezNat news (ugh) – an Ogden city council hopeful is found to have DezNat ties. In addition, an assistant attorney general of Alaska has also been outed as a prominent DezNat figure on Twitter.
  • There was a fatal shooting in the church parking lot.
  • Activists are hoping a Change.org petition will get BYU to overturn its beard ban.
  • The Church announced the site for the Yorba Linda California Temple.
  • FBI agents arrested the man media is describing as a “Roman gladiator” that took part in the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol. He was, of course, dresses as Captain Moroni. Look out, Pahoran!
  • Former Church spokesperson Ally Isom is going political, mounting a primary challenge to Senator Mike Lee.
  • Are the Property Brothers LDS????
  • The New York Times ran a big piece on temple garments and how they are uncomfortable for women.
  • Dumb dummies stole a pride flag from the front lawn of Neon Trees singer Tyler Glenn’s parents.
  • Deserae Turner, shot in the head years ago by “friends,” is now serving a service mission, and they are letting her focus on something meaningful to her own recovery.
  • So many European temple facts!
  • The Missourian man who allegedly set fire to a church building is now in court.
  • Chad Daybell will not be charged in the death of Lori Daybell’s fourth (yes) husband.
  • The man who entered a sacrament meeting in 2018 and shot and killed a man to death has been deemed too incompetent to stand trial.
  • Snopes lets us know that no, a Latter-day Saint was not deliberately brought in to replace Olympian Sha’Carri Richardson after Richardson tested positive for marijuana usage.
  • BYU Football added a motto, courtesy of one President Nelson.
  • There’s now a Gospel App for kids! It’s got kiddie things!
  • Record drought has reduced the water level in California’s Folsom Lake so much that old ruins of a town founded by Mormon prospectors have been revealed once more.

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