EP 552 – The Word “Mormon”

What does "Mormon" really mean? The Latter-day Saint Matchmaker is super expensive! The Bachelor goes to the temple!

It’s a great week to be alive and a great week for Latter-day Saint news! Josie Gleave, on the cusp of motherhood, is kind enough to be here to hash out the news before she enjoys her new adventure.

We have a great mix of news this week, particularly around the Latter-day Saint Matchmaker, curious notice from Church-owned media about pseudo-celebrities attending the Mesa Arizona Temple open house, and plenty of content about all things “Mormon.”

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“00:00.00 Geoff Hello hello everyone welcome to this week in talking saints I am just open I just want you to think about what that acronym is I am Geoff Openshaw your host and founder of this week and talking saints. Ah” you there yet Josie it says twits. It’s twits. That’s the Joke. It’s to I you’re supposed to laugh more There’s no.
“00:20.79 Josie I’m look yes I know yes no look. My husband has a lot of dad jokes and so there just is kind of like a point where I’m like do I validate this or do I let it go.”
“00:32.93 Geoff Yes” yes Jeremy is wise wise wise man you listen to him. He might not be very tall but he’s very smart. Very smart Fellow Very smart fellowa Much love to him.
“00:37.55 Josie Encourage this behavior.”
“00:43.76 Josie Ah” bless him we are definite. Yeah.
“00:49.85 Geoff But the official name of this showroom is still this weekend mormons yeah” we’ve been talking about that ever ever since ever since conference we’ve been talking about this and we might be today a little bit as well. Anyway I’m jeff openenshaw your ah founder and co-host this week along with back for hosted back from the Breaknk yes back from the break.
“00:52.66 Josie Come at us.”
“01:09.61 Geoff Joseph Leaf is here. What’s going on.”
“01:09.19 Josie Look that’s a pretty apt like description because I feel like I’ve only just survived this year and I’m about to go through the hardest part of it. So but I’m here I’m glad to be here and just counting down the days until I give birth.”
“01:18.65 Geoff First you are up. Yeah.”
“01:28.80 Josie Any any words of advice for me. Jeff.”
“01:30.63 Geoff I Yeah I know a lot about the way the the female body endures and experiences things and I’m definitely in a place to help give advice I don’t know we didn’t we Ah I I would have been yes I would have been but I.”
“01:37.29 Josie You know” but you would you would have been a good husband who supported your wife and also listened listened to her complain about it. So what are these complaints.
“01:51.61 Geoff Well I mean okay” well complaints of of birthing or pregnancy I mean preg pregnancy can stink for many I know that it’s not always fun. Some women get a big kick out of pregnancy and some have a really hard time and that’s unique to the individual so you just I think as a husband you just.
“01:54.40 Josie Well besides the fact that yeah.”
“02:10.53 Geoff Be supportive and understand understand for 1 you can’t understand I cannot empathize with what happens to women and both physically and hormones and then you got postpartum stuff I can’t do I don’t know what anything that’s like so all I can do is sit there and just be supportive and do everything you can. Like you should to ease someone’s burden and just as we like covenant as latter-day saints to ease 1 Another’s burdens in a broader context I think as men that’s it’s really a time to step up and embrace that ethos when your wife is expecting or in the immediate in the wake of the birth and all that So otherwise.”
“02:29.39 Josie Um” yeah.
“02:44.56 Josie Look I think you can give yourself a little bit of a break I think that that still counts as empathizing. You don’t have to know exactly what this experience actually feels like I think you have a pretty good imagination where you can you know maybe get like a teaspoon of oh I Kind of think.”
“02:47.82 Geoff Yeah” so.
“02:52.76 Geoff Sure.”
“03:02.89 Josie Like this looks pretty miserable for you I I can I can be there for you and um.”
“03:03.98 Geoff Yeah” you can tell and sometimes it’s even scary like you see what your wife goes through in like recovery sometimes um my wife had c-sections mostly so like recovery is a different ah different beast but you you keep an eye on him and you know it’s really hard because you in that case you spend weeks. Not really being able to move around a ton because you’re recovering from that and yeah and you’re dealing with a newborn at the same time. So that’s it’s a lot my hat goes off to women I don’t know how they do it I can barely handle like the couple of hours of dinner to bedtime with my children. Let alone all that other stuff so women I Salute you.
“03:21.21 Josie Um” yeah.
“03:39.81 Geoff Always and forever you’re doing the good work I am just I am just here but you know I have the priesthood so I’ll be humble. That’s what I’ve heard once since and elder squarrel and I don’t agree with that at all. But that’s that’s a different topic. We don’t need to get into all of that that exciting stuff because there’s no news relevant to that this week”
“03:43.80 Josie Tears Jeff Ah” yeah.
“03:58.52 Geoff But yeah” we’re ah we’re excited for you to start this new chapter in your life Jose What might I hear from you for a little bit understandably. So if that’s the case of.
“04:01.68 Josie Yeah I mean we kind of already haven’t heard much from me this year because it’s been a rough pregnancy but that’s okay” yeah yeah some other some other work and sort of university stuff.
“04:11.94 Geoff And you’ve had some and you’ve had other pursuits and things happening I mean you’ve been busy. It happens. Yeah” yeah.
“04:21.47 Josie So um” gosh it does feel like I’ve survived a year woof um but yeah so we’ll see what how how baby in the new year goes and hopefully I don’t know hopefully I survive that 1 too. Okay I do feel like I’m like keenly aware.
“04:35.77 Geoff I Hope you.”
“04:40.36 Josie These are my last days of being childless and I’m a bit like what should I do with myself do I like I don’t know get up and leave the house within five minutes just because I can like I’m very concerned about like running out of time and not having used it properly and then.”
“04:55.80 Geoff Yeah” yeah.
“05:00.27 Josie You know later on being like ah why is it so hard to get out of the house. Why can’t I move around as easily because of this child like just having that I’m aware that the responsibility on me is going to change forever and I maybe yeah focus on that a little bit too much.”
“05:18.48 Geoff You’ve you’ve had a good run though you’ve had a good run though I mean I mean you got married pretty young. You’ve had a good while to enjoy yourself. So it’s time for you to suffer like the rest of us that is that is true. Okay” in all seriousness and.
“05:20.20 Josie Ah sure. Yeah” oh look Jeff you know what we’re Okay why don’t you just move on with the news and I’m not going to respond to that comment either.
“05:36.17 Geoff And all seriousness. It’s wonderful and you’re go have a great time and it’s going to be hard and exhausting but at the same time. It’s just ah” it’s a little miracle and it’s just a 1 I’ll get all sappy and I mean we hopped on tonight you see asked me how I was I was like it’s been a night of terror with my children and those things happen but you still love them like crazy because they’re you know they’re they’re yours. That’s all there is to it.
“05:37.75 Josie Yeah.”
“05:41.23 Josie Yeah.”
“05:47.63 Josie Yeah” yeah no little baby girl. She’s gonna be hopefully cute look. You can tell me if she’s not cute I think that I’m going to be able to hopefully.
“05:56.17 Geoff Yours and that’s all you can do.”
“06:06.12 Josie Tell some of the difference I I can accept that I will think that she’s adorable” no matter what? but like if she has a cone head or something like that or a ginormous nose I do feel like you know you you could tell it to my face. Ah.
“06:18.56 Geoff So are these the things you worry about ginormous noses is that ah is that something that you’re genetically concerned about manifesting itself or.”
“06:22.79 Josie Well actually no as you mentioned my husband’s height I was initially worried about that. But good news is her Femur is measuring longer than normal. So I’m like yes she’s going to get my side of the genes. So hopefully.”
“06:40.44 Geoff Well there we go all right? Let’s get into some ah some latter-day saint news here folks and I’m going to start off this week with some really important news that all of you have been dying to hear about it appears the the fine people behind.”
“06:42.50 Josie So you know some perks.”
“06:59.53 Geoff Endless misery and woe that made production such as the Mormon bachelorette which longtime listeners know we’ve gone to great lengths to lampoon and criticize and I appeared on by the way if you didn’t know this folks on the original run of the Mormon bachelorette in 2010 I was a contestant. Ah” this show was in its infancy then but if you’re interested in seeing that I can I can post things I can share things with you. We even interviewed them and it’s like our twentieth show or something like that anyway later on they did it that for a bit it went quiet then they kind of brought back the the. Like mormon matchmaker again or maybe they call it the latter day bachelorette I’ll know how it lined up with our anti you know Mormon ism of of things either way I think the last time they did it was and they had a bunch of different dates. There wasn’t like a single batch the red or bachelor was this bunch of bachelorettes they’re they’re doing it again. And they just you get you get to apply and join the the fun of become being matched up I mean if this picture at the beach is any indication you can be a girl who’s wearing garment inappropriate shorts and have a man kneel down and offer you a ring I feel like that’s very on Brand. This seems seems delightful. Also it’s fair they are capitalizing the D in latter day which is fine. Although I mean that’s not exactly cohesive with. The official church here but the latter day saint movement often has a capital d so we’ll let it slide. Maybe they’re out there representing the bickerter knights or somebody else as well bully for them and above all else I love the application form I love the things the questions they ask.
“08:36.17 Josie The application form is great but real quick. You did just garment shame her shorts and I’m more offended really about this like weird crochet poncho thing. She’s wearing as a top that’s more concerning to me.”
“08:42.12 Geoff I Ass sure did I.”
“08:49.56 Geoff It’s It’s only mostly for me because I feel like an an organization like the self is trying to represent represent themselves in a certain way and obviously you know ones of the beach too. So all bets are off I’m only saying it feels like it’s off brand for what they’re trying to do.”
“08:57.18 Josie I Don’t know this dude who’s kneeling down his like his left pant leg is bunched up a little bit I’m not seeing any little strip of white underneath there either. So whatever.”
“09:08.34 Geoff Oh you could wear it. You could wear the short the shortcut 1 zone you be okay I’m not I don’t actually care what these people are wearing I just think it’s an interesting stock photo for them decide to use for for their purposes. That’s all okay.”
“09:14.80 Josie Um. It is but but as you said the application as well is um” mildly offensive in some areas like they’ve listed. You have to click your own body type and this is for women. This is the women’s application. You can select yourself as either being athletic average petite curvy fit slender a few extra pounds or large and where did these body types come from I wonder. Also what is that if what is maybe you’re just supposed to self select because what is average what is fit what is fit versus the athletic or are you talking british fit which is quite different.
“09:58.52 Geoff Um” the the question is what what is average? Yeah what? what is average. That’s I But okay what you want to know fit No no No ah no in my mind fit fit means. In in normal good shape but not muscular per se athletic means like softball players if I if I can be so Crass. That’s what athletic implies in my mind but I dont but I agree with you I think it’s I think it’s a blurry line though I think maybe athletic Implies. You’re Heavy. You have a heavy sport player build whereas fit could be someone who just like.
“10:23.20 Josie Maybe okay.”
“10:34.58 Geoff You know it goes to the gym to just be toned up. Yeah yeah I don’t know slender but slender could imply. You are thin but with no definition right.”
“10:34.90 Josie What does hot yoga. Okay” the Slint Yeah like what naturally skinny it? Yeah I don’t know. There’s a whole host of that where I’m like oh that’s just that’s going to spiral down into body image issues. Let’s move on from that 1.
“10:58.54 Geoff I like the 1 that says what are your hobbies or interests was no question Mark people really took the time to copy out at this crap. Nice job there. How would you describe your activity level in the church of Jesus christ of latter day saints that 1 ne’s fine very active” reasonably active very very active reasonably active semiactive or not active.
“11:14.88 Josie Um.”
“11:18.19 Geoff That is our not as our spectrum people that is our spectrum of activity. You are either to people I don’t know if.”
“11:19.94 Josie Did you serve a mission unknown. Why is that an option I’m pretty sure that’s a yes or no question.”
“11:29.37 Geoff Ah” it’s no stuff I ah I’m not sure I mean I woke up 1 day and I was in iowa I don’t know what I did there and then which which what mission did you serve in like that’s yeah that’s fine and then of course of what I love at the end have you been convicted for crime.
“11:30.31 Josie Ah I Just don’t understand ah don’t know how I got here.”
“11:48.74 Geoff Not convicted of a crime like when you were convicted in court. Did they say we find you guilty of crime you have been convicted for crime. Everyone.”
“11:53.74 Josie Um” but also that dropdown that 1 ne’s clearly a yes or no question and they’ve managed that I don’t understand oh yeah and you need.
“12:04.73 Geoff So I want to fill this out just to see what happens.”
“12:11.44 Josie Let’s see details of your criminal convictions and any of the other comments or considerations you’d like to add which I assume is where you put your um ah I don’t know. Do you have like a 1 liner or something are you supposed to pitch yourself at the end of why you’d be a great candidate.”
“12:28.63 Geoff So now remember this is this is the tv show they do because this is a full-blown dating service. This is a thing this is just 1 part of what they do if you click on their website on how it works. For example” you see their actual these are professional matchmakers. No different than when you get on the plane and you find those it’s just lunch ads when they.
“12:30.68 Josie But the roof.”
“12:44.38 Josie Um I.”
“12:47.59 Geoff These have inflight magazines right? You can spend literally look at this investment and amount six thousand dollars monthly monthly. This says vip matchmaking for men.”
“12:53.83 Josie Um” no what? ah.
“13:00.88 Geoff There’s a little sexism there as well. They assume men are the ones who have the might who can throw around seventy two thousand dollars a year to be part of their vip matchmaking service which means you get the you get the full sur of of options here personalized screening and date setups. Which is a bit troubling for me. So if you spend the lower tier of 30 2 fifty a month 3200 and fifty dollars per Month. You don’t get personalized screening and dates you will hit you. You get a you get a year of access to the lasting love academy coaching sessions professional photography.”
“13:26.33 Josie Um.”
“13:35.65 Geoff Personal styling and image review and makeover feedback dates Well is a feedback date like you would do when you do like an informational interview for a job I don’t know the wing women’s diversity. That’s my assumption. Yeah” but you don’t get any of the the higher end stuff where they actually like personally screen people for you.
“13:42.56 Josie I Wonder if it’s you go on a date and then you need to like debrief afterwards.”
“13:53.35 Josie Um” oh man.
“13:55.39 Geoff Now you can be a free member but you only get ah access to their exclusive Blackbook priority invitations to events and the ready assessment at the relateinstitu dot com which I need to see what kind of snakewater the relate oil rather like snakewater works for me too. The relate institute doesn’t appear at this point to have a web page that will open. Ah” we’re still working on on the servers here. It’s taking its sweet time I don’t know what they do at the related institute. But um well.
“14:21.00 Josie Hold on why is the women’s styling package nine hundred dollars more than the men styling package because we get a makeup lesson I Think that’s the only thing that’s different. Nope.”
“14:27.59 Geoff Because it’s because you know reasons right big because the men have the money. The men have the money for the Vip treatment.”
“14:40.89 Josie And men get an eyeglasses consultation What the state of our eyes don’t matter. Um” interesting.
“14:48.93 Geoff I want to know what all theirre like what all their I mean if you look at their about the team. What people do like they say they’ve got the lasting love academy it was created. It was created by ah ah Lisa snell the nation’s leading expert in helping thousands of singles find lasting. Love.”
“15:05.25 Josie You know I don’t doubt that she can oh.”
“15:07.45 Geoff I Just want to know what? what? What’s what are her credentials. What makes her the nation’s leading expert if if she was that big. She’d probably at least be on Dr Oz or something along with.”
“15:18.78 Josie Stats That’s all how many people has she successfully set up and they’ve gotten married. We only need the numbers.”
“15:24.80 Geoff I’m looking for elise. Okay now her linkedin profile says nation’s number 1 dating and relationship strategist at lasting love academy but chili has 200 and”
“15:30.16 Josie You know what I feel like it’s 1 of those things when you walk by a hamburger shop and they’re like best burger in the nation and I’m like cool who gave you that title.”
“15:39.15 Geoff I First of all I’m thoroughly enjoying her linkedin page because I love I love this this cv she’s got here starting from 2003 or 2005 she was the president of utah’s dating coach then from 9096 until the present. She’s been the owner of lasting love academy. And then she’s also worked at the lasting love academy in 3 different positions which are from 2005 to present a dating and relationship strat strategist a strategist and then the president from 2005 to now and then also the nation’s number 1 dating and relationship strategist for lasting love academy.”
“16:05.96 Josie And.”
“16:16.24 Geoff Those of all but 3 concurrent jobs. She’s triple hated I don’t know how you couldn’t trust this person. This is excellent. This is beautiful.”
“16:20.47 Josie You know I think this will be really I actually didn’t realize that it was like a matchmaking service that has like teamed up with you know a production crew to make a Tv show so you know.”
“16:26.42 Geoff So oh yes” this is all about it’s yeah yeah well you see old aaron schurz there who was 1 of the original mormon bachelorette people that they’re they’re all part of this thing.
“16:41.33 Josie Oh you’re just name dropping now I can’t say I really followed it for the okay” all righty.
“16:43.38 Geoff All 1 b I was looking to I’m just looking at the web I’m just looking at the website. It’s all I’m doing that’s all I’m doing I’m not doing anything wild anyway” good good for them. So folks if you want you know we’ll link to this on this weekend latter mormons dot com and with the show notes you can go click that out if you are single.
“17:01.17 Josie And please just go with average body type I’d like to see how that works out for you.”
“17:03.22 Geoff I would I actually I actually I would actually love to see if all of our listeners” especially the single ones could bombard it and I would love to see you if if you get into any kind of a process I would love to I know that I’m sure and Nda’s will get involved at some point I understand that but in as much as you can be above board.
“17:12.18 Josie Um” yeah.
“17:21.82 Geoff I Would love to hear more about that that’d be fascinating.”
“17:22.11 Josie But you’re asking someone to go undercover for us.”
“17:26.79 Geoff That’s essentially it. Yes.”
“17:28.10 Josie I like this idea go for it. Um” okay so on to not ah or moving on from trashing the bachelor laette etc. Another reality tv um the this story I actually find quite um. Interesting and intriguing and very weird which is that the byu Kugarettes instagram is being held for ransom and it has been since september thirtieth which I feel like this is a decent amount of time that the Instagram account has actually not been. Returned to well I guess to be why you so it has a new handle that I don’t know what that’s really supposed to say but you know it’s oh.
“18:17.57 Geoff Fara Ben far away.”
“18:19.53 Josie Seventy nine k he’s not asking for seventy Nine K he’s asking for 1000 dollars for the account to be returned and um so from what I can gather um other users and be why you have like reported to Instagram that this is. Hey this is what’s going on but it doesn’t seem to have actually changed anything yet which I’m 1 thinking is a pretty slow response time. Um” yeah ah.
“18:47.53 Geoff Now let’s look at let’s look at a few things here. So it does say the Instagram account is held to be sold back to its owner. There’s a hyperlink there that goes to whatsapp. It’s plus nine I think it’s I’m assuming it’s plus ninety and that’s country code for that’s the country code for turkey. Yeah.”
“18:59.38 Josie Yeah” the phone number I was ah it’s such a random scam like how did you I’m fascinated with the whole idea of like how how are these scammers picking someone.
“19:16.85 Geoff They choose. How do they choose their targets. Yeah” exactly.
“19:18.30 Josie Or a particular account like yes I’m like what made you go byu cogarettes of all things or of all like I would have thought Normally you’d go for individuals but an entire.”
“19:32.93 Geoff Can I it’s it’s it’s a random 1 to go after and clearly clearly they don’t care enough to pay the ransom or to do much of anything I mean it’s still going on after a few weeks which is longer than also I mean bad choice on whoever wanted to extort them because.”
“19:35.89 Josie Cool I was very strange. Ah.”
“19:44.52 Josie Um” yeah. Because they haven’t paid.
“19:52.22 Geoff They haven’t they haven’t been paid now. They’re just stuck managing this random account. All.”
“19:55.23 Josie Yeah I would love to know what the cougarettes actually think is going on like I probably would maybe be a little bit creeped out because like there you know there is ah someone is essentially holding images now of like of these young women as well. And that’s probably not got that probably doesn’t feel good or maybe feels a little bit creepy even though like yes” you’re on Instagram yes you’re being um like marketed as a part of the buguu cougarette’s team and things like that and none of it is.
“20:30.20 Geoff Yeah” yeah yeah.
“20:29.94 Josie Not like inappropriate photos by any means but it’s still just it has us have a weird kind of creepy icky feeling of like oh this guy now current role or this person whoever they are far away Ben whatever um yeah” has control of their account.
“20:45.53 Geoff Seventy nine k more importantly I think a bigger discussion. We should be having um I think cougarettes is way too close of a word to corgette the British word for a zucchini and it kind of frustrates me every time I read it I’m like.”
“20:47.37 Josie Ah” does give you? yeah.
“20:56.76 Josie Um” that’s what’s keeping you up at night the B Why you corettes? oh.
“21:03.93 Geoff Know it’s it’s it and it gets worse every fall when the great British baking show is on because then it’s just elevating the amount of British vocabulary that enters my lexicon. Ah yeah” so anyway that’s good times. Good times. Good times all right real quick.
“21:12.91 Josie To finish.”
“21:23.12 Geoff Mention um” you can get your all new chart hot off the press of general authorities and general officers of the church. It’s finally released after conference there weren’t a lot of like new Seventy s called a couple of releases so So no big changes in the ranks but you can download this pdf and you can have it just like it’s been of old I mean they haven’t changed the format. Ton over the years as far as how this looks However I don’t know and I don’t know if this is the first time so I’m not going to say it is so listeners don’t jump on me but feel free to correct the record or offer insights I think it’s worth noting and nice to see the relief society is elevated. Nice and highly next to the general authority seventy s as the top of the general officers so they’re on the right sidebar you got Belief society sunday school young women young men and then primary. It’s nice to see some some visibility for the female organizations. There’s only nine of them. You know amongst this sea of testosterone and. Just glad to see that and that might have been the case even 6 months ago or even before that and I just wasn’t tracking it. So if so I apologize I don’t mean to to be ignorant about that. But I think that’s great to see nieha now. The other thing we were noticing though jose before.
“22:30.67 Josie Ye ha. Yes.”
“22:37.91 Geoff We’re talking you were wondering how new or not the photos are particularly of the brethren the the top 15”
“22:42.90 Josie Look There’s no question that they’re not all brand new photos that that seems pretty evident. There is um” there is some shall we say just like.
“23:00.92 Geoff Tight Ti get. It’s my so you think work is you you you are alleging that work has been done if I can use past I can use pass my voice for.”
“23:00.47 Josie Tighter skin and smiles than maybe you see in conference. No I’m just saying that maybe some of these photos are a little bit older and hey I have no problem with that I’m not saying anything’s wrong with that except that the lighting is ah” not consistent that would be my only complaints like guys all week gotta maybe do is use the same filter if we’re going with a filter. Um keep it consistent.
“23:28.42 Geoff So I’ll agree with that the style if you look at the 12 the style of the photos from the backgrounds the lighting the tone very it it does demonstrate a real lack of professionalism. You know” um.
“23:36.72 Josie They’re all over the place. Yeah” they’re a little like Ninety s um school picture day kind of backgrounds. They’re sort of that color.
“23:47.10 Geoff Ah” if you want to talk picture day. You should see the ones that came back from my middle child from preschool this week I’ll let you see it’s ah it’s something special I don’t know what happened youtubers listening on Youtube my my middle son has like.
“23:52.73 Josie Ah” please send them. But.
“24:05.48 Geoff Very natural smile. Very good” very happy Smiley face but his photos are like this just looks like terrified and it’s it’s we practiced with him too. Anyway that happened we we well no cause we said what we said what are you.
“24:09.11 Josie Oh no. You practiced with it. Well maybe that’s part of the Problem. He got a little camera shy. He’s like ah I’m supposed to smile. Naturally this is my natural look dear in the headlights.”
“24:25.53 Geoff The best thing is the weird things. The the props they use. He’s sitting next to like a bushel of fake apples and has some dumb sign that says something about a bushel in the hand or something like that. There’s a picture with him just kind of holding 1 of the apples and he’s like it just looks really. He looks very confused.”
“24:30.81 Josie Um” into.
“24:37.85 Josie Did we still do props I Thought we’d moved on from that.”
“24:43.40 Geoff My favorite takeaway when he came home. He said he so I was looking at the pictures and he’s like yeah but dad those apples aren’t real apples. Those are not real apples. So.”
“24:49.77 Josie Ah” it’s like I’ve been scammed it wasn’t even a snack. It was just the photo poor guy.
“24:53.83 Geoff I would have need that mother anyway” um so per per your inquiry here on the age of some of these photos I I feel some of these I’ve seen for years I think like President ballard elder holland ukdorff cook. Rasband steveson for sure been riding on those ones for a while I mean ones like stevenson hasn’t been around for so long but elder hall that’s been el holland’s photo for a while and that’s definitely been. That’s been ukdor photo for a very long time.
“25:15.34 Josie And definitely and they’re beautiful photos. So I’m okay that they have it like you know they don’t necessarily need to be updated. It’s just a little bit goofy that some of them have and some of them have not.”
“25:31.27 Geoff Elder Christopersons looks newer. You can tell it reynlins is newer because the lighting is different and because he look he’s he’s slimmed up quite a bit and you can tell that’s the case there. What I’m also curious about how do they decide you know which which shoulder they lead with who decide who makes those decisions.”
“25:35.46 Josie Um” yes yeah.
“25:50.68 Geoff Some of them are clearly left Shoulderul kind of forward. It’s taken from that side profile. But then you switch over to Christoperson he’s in the other boat who these are the important.”
“26:00.37 Josie They’ve hired the Lds Matchmaker to do an image consultation and they’ve worked out which profile is their best side would be the only explanation. Ah.”
“26:03.66 Geoff They they’re they’re all they’re all spending six thousand dollars but the 12 the 12 is spending seventy two thousand dollars a month on these consulting services.”
“26:17.94 Josie Well” you know some of them can afford it hey oh just kidding moving on. Ah yeah of course I thought Yes yeah there’s.
“26:19.95 Geoff Like like elder steveson ao like last week’s did you did you see that news last the sisters talked about it but I saw I don’t want to I think that was mostly just that was interesting to me. It was mostly just it’s such an interesting interesting thing I don’t know I i.”
“26:32.95 Josie Yeah I agree there’s been like a few little updates that have mostly just been like why are members of the church surprised about this like there does need to be a level of your self sustainable I guess to be called into. But yes” then.
“26:48.49 Geoff I guessed. But if I can if I can since since the sisters were on last week and I didn talk about this even though they did a great job with it.”
“26:52.79 Josie The argument is always then that’s quite a bit that’s a know. So okay” let me hear your spiel.
“27:02.38 Geoff Only only a little bit here because I don’t fault anyone if you own if you own have a portfolio and it’s going to benefit from an ipo or whatever else. That’s that’s fine I do think it would be like no issue whatsoever if this was just stock. He had. He had no involvement with it with ifit whatsoever and if they have an ipo and he benefits from it. Okay” so be it. Whoop do you do and I don’t think there’s a conflict of interest. Some people said that because I don’t think they understand what conflict of interest is I don’t think that there’s like overlap between I fits goals and the church’s goals and how elder stevenson would somehow be compromised in his job as an apostle doing that work because he’d have some kind of conflict of interest unless it’s like.
“27:29.99 Josie Correct.”
“27:40.11 Geoff And unless they’re like trying to buy nothing but pelotons in the gym and he’s like whoa whoa Whoa I Know a guy we can’t do like what what else is going to be the conflict of interest. Ah but I do think it’s a curious thing that they gave him an exception to it because I don’t know I.”
“27:44.12 Josie Um.”
“27:54.54 Geoff I’m curious to see how it benefits the church.. There’s been many who have said financially of course there’ll be a tithing windfall from whatever he gets from an ipo fine. But but beyond that like when President Benson or Elder Benson was called to be the secretary of agriculture in the eisenhower administration while a member of the twelve and they let him do it. I Think that made sense. It’s like oh this shows The church is involved. We are Respected. We have a member of our church leadership and a presidential Cabinet. You know this is this. It was good for the church’s public image I don’t know we’re helping I fit in a way because we’re letting them have a founder be on their board of directors. Which doesn’t involve much for an ipo I get it like it looks good to have a founder on your board when you’re yeah and that’s gonna be like once a quarter he goes to a meeting or something and that’s it like that’s all it’s going to be so I get why it benefits them I Just don’t see the flips side of it of like what the value is from the what the trial see what the church gets out of that at all what what’s our boon.”
“28:35.82 Josie Um.”
“28:48.92 Geoff And allowing elder stevenson to serve on the board in that capacity and if anything I feel like it does make it look a little bit like what happened all that like you know” leaving your nets kind of thing like why? Why is this still an issue I think it just opens it up to weird criticism that isn’t even necessarily founded but it kind of just unnecessarily does that. Obviously I’m not in the room I don’t think much of it personally like really he’s just going to go do vote on a board every a couple times a year to do some stuff whoop be whoop. You do I don’t think it’s going to really compromise his duties as an apostle or anything like that. But I just think it’s kind of interesting optics above all else. So that’s all.
“29:24.74 Josie Yeah” definitely um I’m gonna move on. Yeah no that’s all good. No I was just gonna move on real quick.
“29:27.92 Geoff End Rant fine move on at that end. That’s all we’re just we’re just we’re just gonna move on real quick. Okay” we’re just gonna go move on I’m just gonna ah just gonna move on.
“29:37.34 Josie Do I could give you my 10 cents on that but I do feel like we had covered that topic last week so I don’t want to dive into too much but I do want to dive into bad Mormon food art which is coming to an exhibit near you if.”
“29:53.10 Geoff But Latterday Saint food Art Latterday Latterday Saint food art. It’s because it’s internally. It’s a lot quicker to write that I have so many keystrokes come on.”
“29:56.80 Josie You sorry you wrote the headline. Um” okay so there is an exhibit coming to the utah Museum of contemporary art and this is. By let’s see what’s his name. Daniel george who teaches at utah valley university my understanding is he is either a photographer or maybe it was hold on. Let me get his title just right? but essentially what he’s done is looked at some mormon. And not mormons sorry utah wow utah like Release society kind of cookbooks or ward cookbooks and dig in some of those recipes and baked them or cooked them or assembled whatever you want to call it and then photographed them also with some backgrounds that might.
“30:38.62 Geoff Help help.”
“30:52.31 Josie Like seem a bit nostalgic or representative to um members of the church which really I’ll be honest I think the only 1 I really recognized as far as a background goes was his picture of the are these B Y you brownies I don’t know why they’re b Y you brownies I think that. Look like brownies with some I don’t know a minty layer anyways. But it’s got that’s like oh oh is that what they are okay” it’s got a little white layer there. We go all right is that? okay.
“31:14.29 Geoff Ah” people people make breadt. It’s a very bio you thing you make brownies and you put those andes mint chocolates over the top before it goes in the oven. Yeah yeah yeah it’s it’s a pale green. It’s a pale Green layer. Yeah. No because brown brownies should not be frosted folks I will die on this hill brownies should never be frosted ever.
“31:29.70 Josie Well apparently they’re delicious. So you know we’ve got a love. It’s true I do kind of feel like the brownie itself was probably enough I don’t know why they need the mints on top. But you know maybe more is more.”
“31:41.84 Geoff Because we are latter-day saints and we overcompensate for our lack our lack of alcohol consumption by just piling it on. We will eat a cookie and drink a soda at the same time. This is who we are as a people this is this what we’ve decided to be.”
“31:53.54 Josie Yeah I’ve never understood that combo and what happened with milk but we’re just not into the idea of maybe okay cookies and milk. no no 1”
“31:58.62 Geoff We’ll see it’s sugar and then sugar and maybe caffeine with the sugar it. Well.”
“32:06.80 Geoff I Like that milk is our alternative. That’s what about milk.”
“32:10.66 Josie I just feel like that’s a very classic thing to do though like cookies and milk those go together” not cookies and soda. Anyways the background of this. Ah what you know what? fine.
“32:20.10 Geoff I Don’t think they’re they’re not dipping the cookie and the soda they’re not maybe they are I don’t know that’d be awesome I.”
“32:26.51 Josie But like you don’t need to wash it down with a Dr pepper. Whatever Okay” but the background of this has that like what is that textury wall thing called that we have in like some of those old some of our older church buildings.
“32:30.75 Geoff Not but a dirty Dr ever. That’s.”
“32:39.98 Geoff Yeah” there. Yeah we love it I call it Burlap Even though it’s not really burlap. Yeah the carpet a carpet walls. Whatever they yeah I don’t know if it’s really carpet. But.
“32:43.19 Josie Yeah” it is it carpet but even better. It’s got like a couple of like push pins in the background which I’m like oh it was actually this is the 1 background that did get me because I thought oh that is actually so accurate. Anyways so.
“32:52.89 Geoff Here.”
“33:02.80 Josie Um” this will be an exhibit coming soon. Obviously there is jell-o obviously there is ah potato was it called not potato so funeral potatoes. Sorry guys I do not know utah food very well. Thank heavenvin? Um but there was also sub mention of. Um ah daniel george being quite surprised by some of the themes that people were putting into jello which I mean amen I hear you but I had never heard of Shrimp bell peppers or onions being in the mayo and yeah maybe I’m curious if anyone ever has actually put shrimp.
“33:33.45 Geoff This is why we can’t have nice things. This is.”
“33:41.28 Josie In please please write to Jeff or someone at twin I would love to hear does that combo work. It is is that better than cookies and soda I would like to know Anyways” this is your art go and engage.
“33:47.70 Geoff Twits twits Josu or twits. No.”
“33:53.17 Geoff I don’t I don’t This is why this is why you tell this is why Utah lost the outdoor outdoor show at the convention center. It’s things like this people” you’ve got a this is just okay whatever fine I’ll just all right? so.
“34:00.56 Josie You know all.”
“34:09.76 Geoff Ja o’ reese it would not be this week and this show this week and that’s also twits this week in this. Oh I think I might have found it finally this week in this show. It’s perfect. So um” so. Janese has an interesting article I liked about the quote the battle lines around the word Mormon we’ve danced around this a little bit already this week right and of course it’s been in the news for the past couple of weeks since general conference. Um I don’t know her her initial stuff is kind of funny where she talks about her favorite podcast of a guy who just explains the history of the english language and then pivots. Saying I’ve listened for 100 hours I’ve never heard what this on the podcast leaders with a tiny not very unnecessary segue literally you could just lead off with the the fours at the fourth paragraph just it’s been more over just over 3 years since russell alm nelson president of the church.
“34:41.94 Josie Man It was not a pivot. It was like a hundred and eighty degree turn I was like chat out this is not an intro.”
“34:55.17 Josie Yeah.”
“34:59.38 Geoff Began on on purging Mormon I don’t know what’s going on with the intro janet. It’s that’s bizarre. But anyway obviously elder elder ah anderson spoke about this. She speaks a little bit though about why outsiders continue to use the word Mormon even as we try to purge it and expunge it in every way possible. And she’s got some reasons she says mostly it’s single It’s it’s a single short convenient word that functions equally well as either a Noun like I’m a mormon or as an adjective like she says delicious mormon funeral potatoes or mormon you know food art like we just talked about so that’s why you see it in headlines headlines from major news out. She has some screen caps of of recent news. Use the word Mormon or mormons or the Mormon church which we know that 1 is not not correct and unfair. That’s still happening. That’s the thing now elder like elder anderson alleged that Journalists of course that do this are being disrespectful or irresponsible. He kind of said that he said you know they want fair minded media to honor the desire. Of our desire to be called by our name of nearly 2 hundred years. I mean there’s some fairness to that because every organization has a style guide for the press and whether the press chooses to follow. It is the press’s business and every organization has is completely within its rights to encourage the press to adopt. Terms by which that organization wishes to be known. It’s it’s honestly very little different than what we’ve seen in the past couple of years of all like the she her all that kind of stuff like how do you want to be addressed and do we respect someone or in this case” an organization saying this is how I wish to be referred to and address please respect that. That’s what a style guide is and it is kind of funny because we don’t think much of that for people you know if if I don’t call you joscelyn you like to be called Josie right? And that’s fine. That’s how you like to represent yourself. So it’s not wrong for the church to want to do that by any stretch of the imagination. Um but then she talks about where. Things have gone in the past few years and we see spikes in Google ah traffic searches which aren’t a perfect metric but they’re interesting and you see spikes when there’s kind of negative news like the shootings in Mexico or the leak about how much the church’s fund was or murder among the mormons coming out. But overall searches for Mormon are going down unlesst you think this is because we’re doing our job and latter-day saints or members of the restored church or something has gone up. Basically all search terms related to the church have declined in the past little while and that alone is an interesting thing I think that should make 1 take pause. She does. Note the caveat that utah is doing fine utah is searching very well as far as the restored church of Jesus christ and they’re doing a good job there but it should tell us that like utahs are on board with the change but the rest of the world is not and if anything we’re apparently like we’re like losing the Seo battle.
“37:43.84 Geoff A little bit which I think is kind of fascinating so that’s that part of it and I like that in the end she talks a little bit about shibboleth and long story short of shibboleth was that there were members of you know the house of israel right? Yeah” the gileadites were fighting the ephramites in battle and the ephrammites were trying to cross the river jordan to safety. But the gileadites were not that wasn’t enough for them just to let them go they wanted to hunt every single ephromite down and kill them so they made a checkpoint and the password of the checkpoint was the word shibboleth because of regional differences ephromites cannot pronounce the word correctly the same way. Others would so they could easily find out who is and who is an ephmite and kill them. Um. And her main point is this wasn’t like different groups. This wasn’t you know this wasn’t like Babylonians against the jews this was jews against jews and we’re probably seeing some of that in our own ranks today with individuals you know wondering like are you are you demormoning. Well enough. Are you following the profit and I could see how this could become a wedge issue I mean anything could become a wedge issue. Of course our our desire to follow the council of leaders. Anything could be a wedge issue if we decide we don’t care about it and the mainstream does. But I thought that was worth thinking about. And it concerns me because I have seen that running this this podcast 3 years ago we started to get lots of messages. Not just asking us like hey are you guys going to change your name There’s some of those but there were tons of just say like why aren’t you following the prophet. Why aren’t you listening to the church leaders just very direct. No 1 asking how we how we feel no 1 trying to understand anything.
“39:01.40 Josie In.”
“39:19.41 Geoff But just simply saying assuming we are heretics and that’s picked up again in the past few weeks which is interesting for me to observe primarily my quick response is while I think saying mormons can have a bigger meaning right? like our church the brighamite church right. Concurrently wants to own all the term related to mormon and we have copyrights on the book of Mormon on this terminology. We want to be able to litigate that but we also want to own it so much that we can say no 1 else. You can say no 1 else can use the word Mormon we are the mormons. But also we’re not the mormons don’t you dare call us that um” but. But mormonism can be bigger than that right? like we can be talking. We could be talking about the community of Christ or the bicker tonights or the people who follow james strang or whatever else. It might be like there’s a even though most of what we do on this show is overwhelmingly about the church of Jesus christ of latter-day saints. Absolutely it is but some have said like well if we kept the name as it is um. That could make sense because it’s talking about the bigger the bigger tent of the entire latter-day saint movement like pre the succession crisis right? much bigger issue and in that sense mormons or mormonism in an academic context is potentially applicable. I think that’s fair reasoning. But I don’t think lay members of our church appreciate that nuance at all and I and I don’t think you can reach them in that same way I’m sorry I’m ah I’m on the soapbox here a little bit Josie but well that’s all.
“40:36.54 Josie No” it’s interesting because these are questions that I had wanted to ask you about which is the whole you know every time maybe a conference talk or this reminder pops up. You know do you see a spike in your inbox telling you that you are not doing the right thing which I think kind of.
“40:49.19 Geoff Yes” yes absolutely.
“40:56.41 Josie Proves a bit of Janna’s point which I I didn’t I hadn’t thought about it this way that maybe um” this is just another issue to kind of like signal your obedience and it could be more of a wedge driver. Yeah yeah and it is I also appreciate.
“41:07.20 Geoff It’s it’s virtue signaling good. Yeah yeah” yeah.
“41:15.23 Josie Her point and it’s similar to your point about like this is a bit tougher in the media space like you are going to drop as far as being easily recognizable found all of your seo things like that like it is it. It is a big change to ask. But also like from my perspective. Um I do feel like a lot of larger publications are actually making an effort as far as this goes Yeah like.”
“41:44.26 Geoff I Think it’s changed a little bit. Yeah I agree I agree. Yeah.”
“41:49.15 Josie Maybe they still say Mormon in the headline but that’s literally because the short of Jesus christ of latter-day saints is never going to fit in. Anyone’s headline like whether you’re in print definitely not or just digital. It’s oh no” it’s just never It’s actually just not going to fit most organizations that have a title that long. Accept the acronym. Um and that’s okay that we’re not but I do think that it you know ah expecting the publication to say it every single time could I to follow it as she says changing language could be.
“42:18.56 Geoff It’s yeah.”
“42:28.36 Josie Or maybe we need to think of this more as a process instead of an event which was the same sort of comparison to what was said in conference about the restoration being a process and event so that’s where I think she thought that line from um but I’m.”
“42:30.81 Geoff Which I think.”
“42:44.77 Josie Look maybe because we’re both also in media we can see we agree with this perspective whereas others may think like no” you just jump on board. Um but I I do think the name is it’s lawn and it’s tricky and it’s kind of clunky.
“42:57.95 Geoff And and that’s and that’s hard I mean I don’t I do think I agree with I think I’ve still seen change I don’t even know if Jana’s giving it all I don’t think Janat’s giving a completely a fair shake because I’ve seen more recent even headlines that are trying to appreciate what the church is doing and try to respect.”
“43:02.21 Josie And.”
“43:12.73 Josie Um” yeah or or that yeah.
“43:15.72 Geoff So I have seen change there and it does take time I don’t expect this to be immediate like it’s mostly like if there’s elder anderson’s reminding us of this because if we are if we are consistent as a people in doing this and presenting ourselves accordingly is not going to be a flip of the switch. It’ll take it could take a generation honestly. But if we’re consistent in doing that slowly those other that other terminology gets put to bed. It doesn’t solve the headline problems related to I mean a typical headline should be like 6 or 7 words tops and you’re getting the the church of Jesus christ oflet I mean you’re like 8 or nine words just from the church name. Let alone. The verbs and the other things that have to be part of the headline. So. It’s a lot easier to say mormon church lds church. It’s not correct” but that’s how it works in the world of headlines. You don’t have unlimited space to get your point across to a reader I think the flip side of it of course is within latter-day saint media. It just refers to the church with everyone having the understanding of this is. The only possible church. We’re talking about right? if it’s if it’s the Church it’s our church Every other church will be called the catholic church the presbyterian church so whatever else but if it’s the Church it’s us and we we take that as a given.
“44:10.10 Josie Yeah” correct that’s good point.
“44:21.54 Josie Ah” perfect. Um yeah I like ah I don’t mind having the yeah the reminders because I think that the principle of you know we’re focusing on or trying to remind ourselves to focus on Jesus christ I’m like that.
“44:40.84 Geoff Yeah” yeah.
“44:40.91 Josie Worthy goal I’m okay with that but that taking it to the point of making this as another wedge or another like us versus them or you did it wrong I’m more righteous than you like none of that has any place and what we’re actually talking about.”
“44:51.39 Geoff Yeah” well and it shouldn’t and it shouldn’t be that way and this is not to say it’s not. It’s even ah of incorrect effort right? It’s like there’s there’s many instances where doing the thing you should do is difficult and doesn’t make sense on paper like all my arguments about about good copy and Journalism and all that.
“45:04.25 Josie Sure.”
“45:09.56 Geoff Are for lack of a better term worldly arguments about writing and so and those have those don’t take anything into account until what the proper way is something should be kind of this is less related but I remember when they were building the Newport beach temple. And which was originally grayer that light gray color because if you if you’ve seen the newport beach temple. It’s like a salmon color. It looks kind of like California mission style so it works but the original design was a lot more like probably the Sacramento temple.”
“45:27.45 Josie M.”
“45:33.29 Geoff You know pseudomodern taller bit gray or all that and then there were lots of concerns from neighbors and all the typical stuff and they pared it down but the first response the church made I kid you not in a meeting with civic leaders was this is the way the Lord wants this temple to be and like that’s true. But. That’s not an argument. You can necessarily make to a civic body to get your way and of course eventually we still made some we still made some compromises and I see I see a few parallels here with with the same issue and a very different very different thing but that’s always stuck out to me when I remember hearing about that. It’s like guys we can’t explain this about the temple and they’re gonna say. Oh this is what this is what the Lord oh of ah I’m sorry they they would say I’m sorry what we didn’t know I’m sorry please proceed as you want like it just doesn’t you know you got you gotta know your audience too. So anyway.”
“46:15.33 Josie You’re arguing with a lord here. Well I’m going to jump over to some international news really quick. We have a few but”
“46:27.90 Geoff Okay” okay.
“46:33.16 Josie This is so good. Okay” so a new position has been added to the church organization in europe that will expand the leadership roles for women in the region. Six women have been called to a particular region of europe. As advisors to area organizations. Um they will participate in leadership councils and advise congregational leaders in their roles and the preston england temple moroni has been replaced after it was struck by lightning which damaged its.
“47:06.77 Geoff I Saw that.”
“47:12.15 Josie Ah” gold leaf little outer layer and maybe they weren’t too sure what else to put on the top.
“47:15.80 Geoff It’s funny. They didn’t just get like get rid of it altogether given the current climate with that. You know” well nothing. That’s what it. That’s how it is now you just have a little spire with with nothing.
“47:23.43 Josie Oh just aspire with nothing I thought they were kind of maybe scrapping the sper and Mar owni Actually that’s true. There are still. We still have the spyers.”
“47:29.38 Geoff And ah I see like the the chorley temple. Um” you can you could You could easily see that if they did not have the maroni. It would look. It would be fine but so.
“47:40.86 Josie Maybe the people in preston are very attached to having that moroni there so we got a new 1 and he’s all golden shiny again? Um” and for some service news. There’s some youth in Queensland australia who assembled.
“47:49.86 Geoff There we go.”
“47:58.83 Josie Thousand portable solar lights to send to children in vanawau who are impacted by energy poverty. So these lights were published or not published. Sorry excuse me purchased by latter-day saint charities from an australian organization and they assembled those and have shipped them over.”
“48:05.35 Geoff That’s awesome.”
“48:16.69 Josie And then the church in Micronesia is also helping out by donating some sewing machines to a local organization that will teach young women um life skills and economic pathways through um yeah through that skill. And then last 1 is that the mtc in Mexico city is finally being able to resume face-to-face training which I think is we we need. Yeah” we need as much positive like post covid life.
“48:39.47 Geoff Phase 2 phase. Ah yeah.”
“48:49.57 Josie Kind of news possible. So that’s great I think that they had a couple of local missionaries who were able to fly in um to mexico city and then quite a few internationals who were able to join so that’s that’s good news. Yeah.”
“48:59.96 Geoff It says ah fifty one missing fifty One missionaries is what they’re starting with right now.”
“49:06.23 Josie Look I’m sure trying to learn a new language for those international missionaries as well. It’s got to be a much better experience in person than trying to do that over the computer. So.”
“49:15.49 Geoff That’s kind. Yeah and curiously here. It’s ah it’s 6 latino missionaries and 45 North american missionaries who were received at the ah the mtc there in mexico city sorry I’m just reading this in spanish ten its but anyways” that’s great good for them bully for them.
“49:20.45 Josie And.”
“49:27.94 Josie No” you’re good. We got some. We got some good stuff So that’s our main international news. We also have I’m going to jump through these really quick. We have a lot of Mesa Arizona Temple news because the open house has just started I think.
“49:34.30 Geoff Good for them. So.”
“49:40.32 Geoff Oh yeah” there’s ton of the.
“49:45.98 Geoff Are you going to fly back for it.”
“49:46.59 Josie Um” I should know because this is my this is my home temple. Oh no because there are there are so many hoops to try and jump through to try and get back to um to try and get into Singapore at the moment. My parents are currently going through that trying to see if they can actually come over for their grandchild and it is.
“50:03.75 Geoff Oh wow.”
“50:06.58 Josie Not an easy process. Let’s just say that but as far as the temple goes so we had some um” high profile people who came out to visit the Mesa Temple Um shall we raise an eyebrow to that. Ah no so we have the governor.
“50:18.40 Geoff I’ll choose oh cheese.”
“50:23.67 Josie Um” Governor Duy who came and visited and I think toured with Elder Raz Bads is he no is he really my gosh.
“50:28.25 Geoff Founder of coldstone creamery everybody you’re welcome. Oh that’s that his way. Yeah” he was riding a serious wave there in the late ninety s early 2000 s and then I’m assuming you want to talk about? yeah.
“50:39.22 Josie I worked at coldstone for like 3 years that was that that was me as a teenager funding all of my college pretty much was coldstone creamery also ate quite a significant amount of it at the same time. Not going to lie wow I did not know that.”
“50:47.94 Geoff Yeah” that’s that is my understanding I believe that is that is what he did. He was an American Businessman He was the Ceo of Coldstone creamery because they’re based on Scottsdale That’s where that that’s that brilliant idea of here’s what I’m gonna do open to take your ice cream and then I’m gonna get some spatulas and put it on some cold granite and just like.
“50:57.13 Josie Yes.”
“51:03.89 Josie Makes it. Yeah I actually quite as far as jobs go that you can do as a teenager I actually quite liked the ice cream gig not going to lie. So maybe just because I also got quite a.”
“51:06.16 Geoff Mess around with it which you’ve probably done more than you’ve ever cared to remember and.”
“51:21.90 Josie Ice cream. So I have no complaints. Um” we also had some as Jeff would like to call pseudo celebrities who showed up including a previous contestant from the bachelor hooray yeah it’s coming back again.
“51:36.65 Geoff Ah” ari ari Lu dick Yeah that’s his name ari Luuen Dick I’m saying it wrong I know his I remember I’ve watched this season of the bachelor I remember everything I’m serious I remember this.
“51:39.50 Josie Ah” yeah no that is not the last name. Try that again. Is it? ah.
“51:55.30 Geoff Can I pause for a second and talk about this about ari. Okay” this has been covered in Lds living. It’s also been covered in desertret news. We’re making a big deal about the fact that a former contestant on a reality show 1 of which I know plenty of Latterday saint women watch even though at the same time it can. It’s it’s hate watching when you watch the bachelor. That’s the kind of program. It is you watch it because it’s ridiculous.
“51:55.12 Josie Um” yes.
“52:13.92 Geoff The same time it it does it fill you with joy and the spirit I mean it’s it’s wildly antithetical to a lot of what we believe in as latter-day saints. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy other things that do this” it’s like watching gray’s anatomy also doesn’t have content that is antithetical to our beliefs as members of the church but I mean the bachelor is just drunk. Women in fighting and contrived situations and all kinds of stuff. It’s not like it’s prestige television by any stretch of the imagination. So there’s that side of it I think it’s weird for us to be going out of our way to be excited that a and also ran from the bachelor went to the temple with his wife. If you remember this season by the way he proposed to Becca in the end and then in the follow-ups later on he wound up dumping her because he was still in love with the other 1 that he dumped initially for the finale. The 1 he said no to he actually thought he made a mistake and he married lauren in the end instead he dumped Becca. And he married lauren and now they have kids and stuff. So I guess you know fully for them. But I just don’t know why we there’s other people who are like you know worth noting a bit Michaela skinner really cool olympic story that that we had there.
“53:14.41 Josie Wow.”
“53:22.75 Josie Yeah I appreciated seeing her in the picture ah much more not going to lie but that is also because I have zero connection to or a fit to you for the bachelor. Personally yeah wasn’t familiar with. But.”
“53:32.21 Geoff Yeah” and some songwriter named evie st clair who I don’t I don’t know. But. Maybe saint evi st clair e v st clair she was on America’s got talent that is how I believe she is known. Um so this is this is all well and good the bachelor 1 just kind of baffles me I guess he must have come through and they’re like oh guys look who’s here.
“53:41.75 Josie You know what? probably worth a little search on spotify.”
“53:48.91 Josie Okay” sweet.
“53:58.46 Josie Look who’s here see I don’t know if it was even that I think it was just he probably posted on Instagram and they just snagged that photo I don’t know necessarily know that there were hopefully there were not any like desret news reporters who were like.”
“54:00.99 Geoff You might as well get a good picture of him and since we’ve talked a lot about.”
“54:13.71 Geoff That actually that actually might be the let’s see dero news covered it daresra news gave it like an entire profile of.”
“54:15.76 Josie Oh My gosh look who’s here. Ah” they gave it such a spiel and I loved that Some of the comments were also like us kind of being like why? Why is this theme. We’re interested In. Um.
“54:34.80 Geoff Yeah people people even said like this is an ironic mixture of lust for connection to the rich famous and popular and.”
“54:38.20 Josie Yeah” does the bachelor make you rich I don’t know that that’s really no I’m I’m not thinking so it’s like a mixture of maybe you get a relationship along with public shaming. It doesn’t sound. Not nice.
“54:45.93 Geoff How how. I Love this 1 How exciting. Do they visit any place else. Mesa has a real good taco stand not far from the temple did they go there as well like what else did they do I’m really curious. Ah.”
“55:01.54 Josie Ah” can we get a yeah day by day hour by hour Itinerary please? um.
“55:07.30 Geoff Now. Um Josie real quick I don’t want to I can be done with this in a second since we’ve talked a lot about properly representing the church all that kind of stuff we’ve we’ve mentioned it on this week I’m curious if we have editorial license to correct quotes from individuals who say it the wrong way like for example” his quote was I’ve always been curious and they put brackets about. Temple so it was such an amazing experience to walk through and get more understanding of the lds faith. Very nice sentiment. My question is they’re already using brackets for whatever he said he didn’t say the word about they filled that in to make the sentence make more sense. Why are we not bracketing out Lds or Mormon. And changing it. So it says like I’m to walk through and get more understanding of the bracket. The church of Jesus christ of latter day saints or the faith of the church. Why aren’t we doing that if we think if we’re pushing everyone to get rid of stuff is it okay to use the brackets and get the same quote across or at the very least put some brackets and put s I see. Like just say you misspelled this you said lds and that’s a misspelling I think this opens up a can of worms. But.
“56:05.27 Josie Not because we don’t want to be the uptight Mormons We don’t want to be so passive aggressive. This is sure.”
“56:14.93 Geoff But if we’re trying to push this out there. Church owned outlets have a responsibility to not to publish incorrect terminology even though Lds living is owned by the church and hasn’t changed his name and that’s a whole other thing but they still have a responsibility.”
“56:31.12 Josie There is more damage to be done by us as a people being like may you spoke my name wrong. Let’s just let it go. You know what he didn’t call us the Catholic church So or you know he like he got the religion.”
“56:33.93 Geoff Change it. So.”
“56:41.75 Geoff No no” this is the battle. We have to.
“56:49.32 Geoff Said the the Lds faith last time I checked it was the restored gospel of the Lds faith I think that’s disrespectful I think he is not a fair minded member of the media. This Ari Ludeny Ludennik Ari ludddi.”
“56:50.54 Josie Pretty well accurate. Ah.”
“57:05.50 Josie I’m sure what the the name his name his self I mean what is he going to quote you now and also put little brackets around the way that you have mispronounced.”
“57:15.94 Geoff I Feel like this is what we should start? Yes” exactly exactly Anyway anything else on the Mesa temple.
“57:21.75 Josie Yeah” just that President oaks also published an op Ed in the Arizona republic it was pretty basic just inviting everyone to come and see the temple. So if you’re in the area go for it if you can get a little slot or a ticket.
“57:39.46 Geoff All right couple quick mentions folks couple quick mentions before I’m going to dive into our last story for 1 lds living was nice enough to publish an article about 24 photos and according according to the url though it says 25 rare photos so something has changed since they published this.”
“57:41.51 Josie Think you need a ticket.”
“57:57.12 Geoff So it used to be 25 rare photos but now it’s 24 photos not necessarily rare Everyday photos things you just stumble across and you know just with no effort for whatsoever. 24 photos of President ballard that will make you love him even more this is part of their ongoing photos of so and-so that will make you love him or her even more. Which I love because it’s fine I like the 1 of him as a young missionary in England I feel like the people he’s standing with look like mobsters and I think that’s a great look for him and um” what’s all these things are I mean it’s fine.
“58:22.94 Josie The hats. Yes” ah it’s such a fluff piece but they’re really sticking to this column aren’t they.
“58:34.83 Geoff He’s golfing with some friends who if ah if I’m not mistaken folks if you look at the 1 are you looking at it right now Josie if you look at golfing with friends I’m eighty five percent sure the second from the right is Mitt romney I am very in looking at that photo I mean that’s Mitt romney right.”
“58:38.27 Josie No hold on let me pull it up.”
“58:51.20 Josie Did we label this golfing with friends in high places Second what? Oh wow you’re right? maybe? Also it’s.”
“58:55.48 Geoff It it just says president ballard golfing with friends that yeah” not even a mention of the mitt. Yeah I think that’s the Mitt romney I think that’s.
“59:10.74 Josie Dollar selection of hats once again and poke poke it up loose.”
“59:15.40 Geoff I Don’t know he’s doing great things. He’s doing anyways. Nice photos I Love him even more and that’s what I’m happy. That’s that’s what they promised and that’s what I feel also worth noting President Nelson has announced more temples than any other president of the church which is something. That’s all you need to know he’s announced.”
“59:23.10 Josie Um” and he.
“59:35.90 Geoff He has announced 80 3 temples. He’s eclipsed president hinkley we talked about that before conference if he only announced like 6 he would pass president hinkley in the number of temples announced. He’s done so 80 3 temples and he’s done it in 3 and a half years so a lot’s gone down for the past ah past little while ever since. Ah” Harris’s president nelson took the reins no surprises here. We’ve kind of become used to it I don’t know if we’re ever going to slow down on that front I’ll be curious I’m not in any rush or hurry for President nelson to pass on but I am curious whenever there’s a change in administration if this same. Very big zeal to get temples going will continue or if it will be sort of a hallmark of the Nelson presidency and other things will get focus with other people which you know can obviously easily be the thing also a rasband wrote an op Ed in the hill about religious freedom because he.
“01:00:27.89 Josie Like is is that it is that all you say? ah.”
“01:00:30.51 Geoff Really likes he really elder Razband really likes speaking about religious Freedom. He talks about the importance of Faith. How obviously no amount of government programs or big business or anything like that is going to replace the importance and the value of faith. And faith communities and the families builds around faith communities which is great and he even makes the economic case for it that religion Annually Contributes nearly 1 point 2 trillion of socioeconomic value to the Us economy. For example” so faith is crucial for.
“01:00:59.44 Josie So my 1 thought on that if I can ah be a little contrarian just for a second would be that um while I agree with that idea in theory that I also worry.”
“01:01:07.87 Geoff Yeah” yeah.
“01:01:17.55 Josie Or do you think that? um” faith groups just as much as governments as well could be like discriminatory to groups that maybe need that support and help. But maybe if we’re not in that Community. You’re not as aware of those needs like by the nature of a community kind of coming together and supporting each other. You need to know what those needs are um and like Utah is pretty good about this like we have high um social mobility like that’s a thing that does actually happen but are we able to really spread that influence that we have as a church and as a faith community. To other parts of the Us. We don’t seem to be doing that maybe not quite as well or as effectively so I guess my thought was that it would be nice if we could see more of a balance of like perhaps being okay with some government programs that maybe could kind of fill those gaps that. We are not seen or filling as a church but also that I think that they’re just I guess what I’m feeling what I what I was thinking while reading it was that there’s probably more needs than us as a church is able to meet but is it This is.
“01:02:33.46 Geoff No I’m just it’s just dramatic. Yeah yeah.”
“01:02:35.31 Josie Is this my little tiny Violin music like wo is us. Okay” okay I’ll get off this so box but you spoke forever about the name of the church. So yes.
“01:02:45.49 Geoff So oh now it’s forever. It was it was I’m interested in what you’re saying Jeff and now it’s forever.”
“01:02:51.95 Josie I Just thought it was it. It was an interesting op Ed That’s all shall we leave it at that it is. It’s worth checking out.”
“01:02:57.49 Geoff it it is it’s worth reading. We’ll link it there and folks we’re going to leave you this week with my favorite article of the week published by 1 danielle b wagner of once again lds living also known as latter day saint living ah the the title what the church has said. About halloween um” well it appears the church has said very little daniel’s research points us to the fact the church hasn’t said much in the church’s handbook. It states that decorations for war parties or so Holiday celebrations should be approved by the state president and cannot be used in the chapel. On the exterior of the building these restrictions only broadly not specifically address halloween and focus on how the Holiday can be celebrated at at ward branch or stake level for individual members. Okay have prophets and apostles said much. Not really I mean it’s ah.
“01:03:49.77 Josie No.”
“01:03:55.16 Geoff This is the the thing here is this is what it says so after saying what prophets and apostles have said about Halloween you ask? No it says while church leaders have not addressed Halloween in particular they have addressed some satanic practices associated with this time of year to be clear halloween is what was derived from a pagan. Pagan and satanic are the same thing for 1 let’s be clear about that and I don’t know that Halloween is inherently satanic I’m all ears if you want to talk about how Halloween can be a weird excuse to embrace things that are off-putting or Micawber or gory or wrong or an excuse to slut it up. The way you want to appear anything you like right? like hallowing can be a lot of different things and I’d be happy to have those discussions. It could. It could also be satanic if you if you wanted it to be but for some reason the article pivots very quickly into then quoting church leaders about satanic things.”
“01:04:34.20 Josie Ah.”
“01:04:51.65 Geoff Like devil worship sorcery casting spells witchcraft voodooism black magic and all other forms of demonism which should be avoided like the plague and that was a quote that was part of a quote from President james e faust the little bit of it from like from a long time ago. Um I thought that was. Thatll made me think of Harry potter too I know we’re not against Harry potter as a faith. But if you’re going off against casting spells and Sorcery. We’re very close to the evangelicals who are anti potter folks. We got to be careful with that. So anyways” then it says where does that leave us when it comes to tricker tradings dressing up for parties or ward trunker treats. Well. Family proclamation councils that successful marriages and families are established and maintain on principles of prayer forgiveness respect love compassion couldn’t those activities also include holiday holiday traditions you share with your family and basically it’s like does hallow is Halloween a good wholesome time for your family then it’s cool. I don’t have any statements from church leaders specifically about Halloween but let’s look into satanism just for good measure and that is how someone told danielle to write this article and I I think that person should be fired and that is it.
“01:05:59.97 Josie You know I think it was the commenters because she does mention how this time of year they inevitably will get some people commenting about how members of the church should not celebrate Halloween. And that to me was actually probably the most interesting takeaway from this I thought really like is this this genuinely something people are concerned about is this the hill we want to die on is Halloween I dont know look.”
“01:06:27.10 Geoff It’s really important to this is Halloween business. How I don’t get it why you.”
“01:06:34.12 Josie If you’re very very concerned. You could take more of maybe a day of the dead approach and you could do some family history work and then that could you know I mean you you could look back at your ancestry and the people who have passed on and appreciate them.”
“01:06:49.15 Geoff Now it’s funny. You mentioned day of the dead but doesn’t day of the dead have like inappropriate spiritual connotations for for how for how you celebrate day of the dead.”
“01:06:55.70 Josie Ah” look what.
“01:07:01.77 Geoff Wouldn’t that be embracing false doctrine if you celebrate day of the dead to its fully I’ve seen Coco Josie I know what happens? yes.”
“01:07:06.20 Josie Oh so you know everything well look I was trying to give people an alternative. Maybe maybe go into some family history work and they could pivot if that’s really what they want to do? Um i. Personally think there’s nothing wrong with Halloween I don’t know that yeah I don’t really know that there are many people who do” but you know what they make themselves known in the comments and that’s obviously where we should be getting our hard solid data is from the people who.
“01:07:26.36 Geoff So hot hot take from Josie folks now.”
“01:07:39.33 Geoff Yes” well you know what? this has been a fascinating week. We’ve gone the whole episode without talking about Covid or anything related to it so props to everyone.
“01:07:43.54 Josie Comment.”
“01:07:50.30 Josie We had 1 teeny tiny little mention about the Mexico city um mtc opened it up but you know what that was a positive thing and I feel pretty good about having lasted about an hour without complaining about Covid which i’m.”
“01:07:59.62 Geoff You? Yeah yeah” yeah I No Covid No vaccine talk either. We did very well very well on this episode. So thank you very much.
“01:08:09.70 Josie So proud of us instead. We had a lot more mentions of the bachelor So use that to your Ceo advantage or Seo not Ceo of.”
“01:08:14.44 Geoff Stupid stupid Ari that’s right I’m gonna I’m gonna ride this train come on ride that train and ride it So everybody this show is over Josie Thank you for being here. It’s nice to see you again I hope I hope we will see you at some point soon. But obviously.”
“01:08:25.60 Josie Thank you for having me.”
“01:08:33.64 Geoff Until then we all wish you very very well with safe birthing and rearing and all those fun things which are gonna happen which’s gonna be great. We’re really excited for you for.”
“01:08:40.43 Josie Thank you I Appreciate that my feet are currently the size of Swollen flippers from sitting at this desk. So I apparently have to go try and stick them up and over my head and get that to drain. So that’s my fun day for the rest for everyone to know.”
“01:08:54.30 Geoff Though this is where I show this is where I show how I’m really good at empathy I’m really sorry that’s affecting you Josie That’s a bummer that sucks that sucks. That’s that sucks. It’s gonna be okay though you you take care of you. You’re gonna be all right gonna be all right? Even though it’s my fault your feeter that way apparently by making you sit here for an hour.”
“01:08:59.17 Josie Oh I appreciate that Jeff you’re such a good support. This is what I need in my life. They. Ah” cheers. Jeff at least you know when to accept the blame.
“01:09:13.92 Geoff So sure folks please support us on patreon that’s patreon dot com slash this week in mormons I love all you folks who hop on there. It’s super nice of you. This show is is not free to Produce. So thank you for helping make it possible and obviously we keep our ads to a minimum as you know so. Seriously that makes a huge difference if you want to go to patreon dot com slash this week in mormons and pledge 3 dollars or so a month that would be super super awesome and you will have my absolute huge thanks to each and every 1 of you for doing that I will send you a personalized note telling you just how much you mean to me on a personal level. Also of course go to this week at mormons dot com where you can see the notes from this episode the links to the articles we’ve discussed and you can also find links to our social media platforms where we encourage you to like follow subscribe all that fun stuff and if you have not written a review for this show in a while wherever you get podcasts. We hope you’ll do so and if you haven’t subscribed to this podcast. Mash that subscribe button wherever you are please do that then you’ll always get this in your inbox near the beginning of every single week. So thank you for the housekeeping and thank you for spending time with us each and everyone for Josie I’m jeff this has been this week and what it is this week in this show this week in Mormon I don’t know what it was anyway” it’s whatever it is.
“01:10:21.80 Josie That was it that was it.”
“01:10:28.14 Geoff On a given week I think so I’m just I’m just gonna stop saying what the show is I’ll just start the show every week can be like hi everybody. So let’s get into it. So with that spirit. Thank you for takingcking the time to tune into this program and we’ll talk to you later” but but.

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