EP 554 – Ask a Pharisee

The Giving Machines return, first new temples in the pandemic, are Latter-day Saint women better off now than 6 years ago?

Hello!!!! We’re glad you’re with us this week. Patricia Doxey has come back to the studio to get into the best of Latter-day Saint news. Halloween is now in our wake, and we can all stop being Ted Lasso. So let’s hope to it.

Latter-day Saint News of the Week

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“00:00.00 Geoff Hey” everybody welcome to this week in Mormons it’s me Geoff Openshaw your founder your host I’m online again after last week’s fiasco. But I think the audio quality still sounded pretty decent. So that part was nice but it’s great to have the internet once more don’t buy usbc hubs with ethernet ports. From from no no brand companies on amazon no matter how how good reviews they get That’s what I’ll tell you. That’s my advice. It causes. What’s called internet storms it turns out and everything goes to pot I wish I’d known that because I gave the fine people of verizon fileos and google and earfa multiple times last week and felt like a non-christlike figure. But that’s how that’s how I went so I’m very happy this week though to be back and I’m thrilled once again to be joined by Patricia doxy. It’s been a while Trish how you doing so.
“00:46.72 Patricia I’m doing so well. Geoff and I want everyone to know that Geoff yeah ah greets all of his friends with the same exuberance that he greets you so just I love the enthusiasm. Um and it’s great. Great to be back on the pod.”
“00:59.10 Geoff My wife thinks I’m an extrovert I don’t know if this is true but she believes she believes I Am we’ve had whole discussions about this. My wife feels she’s more introverted which is I don’t know you know my wife you’ve known my wife longer than I’ve known my wife my wife got Ile but she feels. She’s a little more introverted but I feel like no I I.”
“01:02.74 Patricia Okay” okay.
“01:11.57 Patricia And yeah.”
“01:18.81 Geoff I Sometimes just want to hide down here in my office and not talk to anybody but maybe Extroverts burn out and that’s what happens I don’t know.”
“01:23.13 Patricia Yeah” you know I think there’s a little bit of introverted pockets of all of us as well as extroverted and just about balancing them and remembering to recharge Geoff.
“01:33.75 Geoff There we go. That’s what I have to do? How’s ah” how’s how’s the life there and and the Salt lake and the fine world of wasatia what’s new. What’s going on up there in the eight 1
“01:39.47 Patricia Yeah” so um yeah Salt lake’s Salt lake’s been great. There was a little bit of a cold snap but the weather for halloween trunk or treat season was perfect. Um just cold enough where you wanted to wear your full costume. But not too hot where the masks became unbearable outdoors. So exactly so great. The the trees or the leaves are changing down in the valley nothing as what it looks like in Virginia but.
“02:04.75 Geoff It’s like the Catholic Jesus large enough to fill the whole world small enough to fit in your heart.”
“02:16.69 Geoff Fall is still yeah but you get like legitimate fall in utah it’s still beautiful. It’s still beautiful. Yeah yeah” that’s awesome. Mom’s I’m thrilled
“02:18.87 Patricia it’s yeah It’s been it’s been pretty pretty special. We also had salt lake mayor um eron menddenha came by our street for Trickor trading who is a woman women can be mirrors to Geoff so that was pretty exciting as well as former state epidemiologist angela dun.”
“02:31.84 Geoff Who who who is a ah woman I’ve learned recently who was ah.”
“02:46.25 Geoff Ah” was she former like did Covid end her tenure or was the president.
“02:46.84 Patricia Also came by so.”
“02:52.76 Patricia She’s she switched to the Salt lake county health department. She got a lot of threats on her life. Probably 1 of the most tumultuous times where people actually know who the state epidemiologist is but ah yeah angela duns a great.”
“03:02.32 Geoff Right.”
“03:09.40 Patricia Great woman and she’s doing some great things now at the Salt lake county public health department.”
“03:11.47 Geoff Well I mean lest you forget all these various epidemiologists and people who have quietly been experts in their field for decades and no 1 knew who they were this has all been 1 big ploy to benefit financially from it as we all know this is what they’ve been working towards um you know I mean this is Fauci’s game from day 1 So go figure.”
“03:18.24 Patricia Right.”
“03:27.29 Patricia Right.”
“03:31.18 Geoff I hope halloween was was good. It’s always funny having Halloween on the sabbath I don’t know how how is you’re in Salt lake which is not you know people don’t always know that it’s not actually like Mormon central or latter-day saint central it’s still heavily latter-day saint was there still halloweening on the sabbath or did people shy away from.”
“03:49.80 Patricia So I I felt back I felt back in my colonial first ward days I had lots of social engagements I was not used to it Thursday night was our trunker treat and um I I go to the garden park war in Salt lake which.”
“03:50.64 Geoff Such an activity because it’s not apathy.”
“04:06.84 Patricia Maybe familiar with the chapel. It has some grounds and pond and um and they really work hard to make church activities community activities so they put out fires the whole neighborhood. So Thursday was pretty fun. Um trunker tree and then. Saturday our block had a block party and there was a lot of trick or treating associated with that and then Sunday I went down to provost to a friend’s house so I wasn’t actually around but I was shocked at how many kids came around on Saturday. Um” I seriously underestimated and ran out of candy around 7 so um so I felt a little bad but we had to turn off our lights I felt very screwgy I felt ah like I was waging a war on Halloween in fact.
“04:50.68 Geoff Yeah.”
“04:56.38 Geoff Which is apparently you know we might as well just pivot into that so folks the war on halloween everyone um” desret news is alleging that there is a war on Halloween can so Halloween survive.
“05:01.55 Patricia Let’s do it.”
“05:14.62 Geoff War on the holidays to be clear. This is not necessarily latter-day saint exactly specific I don’t even know if the author of it jennifer graham is herself a member of the church but it’s from de news and the church owns it so fine. There’s no disclaimer I mean is there any disclaimer in the article that says this doesn’t represent the views of. Even the church or its ownership. It does say and let’s see here. It says all ah” all opinion of perspective articles are set to pre-modderrate I don’t know I don’t think it draws the line very well so fine. So this is about Mormons. What’s what we decided. So first came the war on christmas then the war on columbus day could Halloween be next.
“05:40.35 Patricia Ah.”
“05:48.68 Patricia Ah” just.
“05:50.73 Geoff So already happening in some school districts where administrators have deemed the beloved fall celebration inappropriate because it is not inclusive enough and then she pivots all the way to this is desert news national by the way so talk about some coverage here in Massachusetts. Outside of Boston where they want to deemphasize it in favor of community building through fall celebrations because Halloween is exclusive. Apparently it it I don’t know it’s I don’t know I feel like the people who get to should. The most upset about Halloween is that ever that we’ve co-opted it from basically the celtic folks who created it in the first place I mean isn’t this their damn and.”
“06:25.14 Patricia Yeah” so this just felt so culture war mongering that I really hesitate to give it oxygen and I just found it so cringy. First off there is no war on christmas people still celebrate christmas and there are loads. Of homemark christmas movies and cards and making celebrations in schools be more inclusive of other traditions. It’s not a war on Christmas but that besides um yeah she she cited an example of a school district near salem which she found particularly insulting but you know that.
“06:44.39 Geoff Which reminds me.”
“07:02.51 Patricia Ah” the history of witches in that that area wasn’t really positive either. So I don’t So um you know I don’t know that religious fear mongering was particularly good for that community and um I don’t know is entirely productive for ours.
“07:05.74 Geoff Are you are you sure I felt that.”
“07:22.46 Patricia I’m just excited to see how she embraces other holidays like Juneteenth. Maybe we should ask her what her plans are for that.”
“07:31.12 Geoff There we go so that’s just a this is a thing that happened twenty seven percent of americans of white americans say Halloween is 1 of their favorite holidays but only six percent of blacks that’s actually an interesting factoid. Um is some people saying maybe and and could people stop doing racist. Costumes. I mean I don’t think that’s wrong necessarily I think where all many of us trying to figure out the the places where how we should act in that sense like I remember 20 odd years ago right when I was like in a band and my my life was my band. They were my social life and my quasi hobby professional life with rocking out and stuff.”
“07:53.85 Patricia Right.”
“08:09.22 Geoff And our other guitarist dressed up like shack for halloween and he’s like 5 four and he put his entire body in blackface and got lips and put on a lakers jersey and we all thought it was absolutely hilarious and he he covered his head and everything.”
“08:14.99 Patricia Gotcha.”
“08:24.59 Geoff In hindsight I think we’d now we’d probably say like oh this is insensitive at the time we just thought it was this this amazing costume. They took all this time to put together to become Shaquille o’neill but you know different times back then in Ninety Nineteen Ninety Nine 2000 when different things were happening I don’t know I think you know there’s no war on Halloween and you. Is the same people who already get upset about Columbus day potentially becoming indigenous people’s day. It’s like oh I we I mean I don’t mind celebrating that like we discovered the new world because a lot of us are here because of that but we can’t just like sweep under the rug the atrocities that also did happen to many people who were just living.”
“08:45.16 Patricia Great.”
“09:03.98 Geoff This is a digression but anyway yeah” more on Halloween I don’t know if we can survive I think it’s over I think just did you see did you see ah the picture though of Mitt romney.
“09:07.95 Patricia I I think it’s over I Do I don’t think it even started so head start. Ah” yeah those those were pretty Charming. Ted Lasso is 1 of the charming Darlings of the pandemic kind of restored restored my sense of ah hope and goodness in a very. Tumultuous couple years politically and socially. Um so that that that was a fun little story.
“09:39.89 Geoff Yeah” so for those who didn’t see it I love some of the comments on this 1 desret news shared an article on mitt romneys people were like this looks staged like yeah of course it’s staged like that’s like this isn’t this wasn’t some reporter is hanging around.
“09:50.72 Patricia Of course it’s staged.”
“09:57.52 Geoff Kirsten cinema’s office and Mitt romney happened to walk in so Mitt romney dressed to put a mustache on where somebody dressed like Ted lasso the the famous character and he appears to be giving the famous box of cookies to 1 kirsten cinema who who incidentally was raised a member of the church and only left the church in her twenty s”
“10:10.47 Patricia Right? yeah.”
“10:14.71 Geoff But they don’t touch on that element of it. But you do have 2 baptized latter day saints in this photo for better or for worse and apparently I don’t know if she’s deliberately trying to dress up the play. The part of Rebecca or if she’s just dressed up in her office as she dresses and mitt romney did his thing anyway” it’s just funny Mitt romney got a big kick out of this. Took a bunch of pictures for Halloween I think it’s great. He’s having a jolly happy time with it and the funny thing though is he talked about him enjoying the show ted lasso he said his sons turned him on to it which which which folks if you know if Ted lasso is overall known as an uplifting positive. Program but it is also chocked to the brim with British people swearing right and left just the no character too doesn’t really swear in the show is ted lasso until like the season 1 finale when he said when it’s like the last thing he says but otherwise it’s got a lot of language and so.
“10:56.43 Patricia Right.”
“11:10.58 Geoff I don’t know between this and that picture from forty fifty years ago of Mitt romney clearly leaving his mission boundaries in France to take a picture in Spain I don’t know how much we can trust mitt and I might be turning on him and I might be siding with a lot of other listeners who think he should not get a second term because.”
“11:23.90 Patricia Okay” you know my husband said the same thing and I don’t know what it says about me but I really did not even notice the language. Um so I don’t know if that just means I’m desensitized or I’m just so holy I don’t I don’t hear those words but I did think.
“11:26.80 Geoff Where’s his faith where is his faith Patricia.”
“11:42.50 Patricia Interesting that the article mentioned that friday night lights is 1 of romney’s favorite tv shows and I was just wondering if he skipped all those sex scenes. Um because it’s pretty sexy show.”
“11:45.84 Geoff Yeah.”
“11:51.96 Geoff So is there that I mean Friday night light still was a network it was it was network television I mean there’s there’s standards and practices. There was it that sexy is it that.”
“11:57.27 Patricia I Don’t know I remember blushing but it was years ago which I also watched the show. So I’m not I’m not judging him but I just thought it was interesting that that was his favorite show.”
“12:09.48 Geoff Now as um” a bit of a note that I noticed on halloween this year especially my Instagram lighting up over the weekend between trunk retreats and halloween day of and all that ted lasso was a very popular character for people of our faith.
“12:21.65 Patricia A.”
“12:24.86 Geoff Wasn’t just Mitt romney unless he inspired everyone and everyone just threw together ted lasso costumes at the last minute to make I don’t know but it does speak to me is not this whenever you lead off saying like I’m not judging but you usually are judging so I genuinely don’t care. But I think from ah from an. Anthropological a sociological standpoint of ah of we as a people where we profess our certain values recognizing though there’s there’s a kaleidoscope of belief and different things among us right? like like I don’t think anyone who watches ted lasso I’ve seen some ted last I don’t think any of these are bad people who lack faith or anything like that I don’t. But I do find it interesting that when we try to have our image of who we are as latter-day saints concurrently apparently a large body of our people are very very much okay” watching a program that would be rated r for excessive profanity across the board. Not the end of the world but I just found it kind of funny mostly just funny just funny. That’s all. I not judging you Patricia I’m not judging any of you I promise I’m not judging any I’ve watched the americans top to bottom I know you can’t I can’t judge anyone I’m okay.
“13:21.65 Patricia Well” you know I haven’t. I I have a gift of rarely feeling guilty. So Even if you were judging me I don’t think it would bother me.
“13:31.44 Geoff So that’s that’s a terrific place to be no gotten no kind of guilt was that was it was between that and but Croellala man there were so many Croella costumes in my feed especially for tweens just loving the crew. You should see it. So.”
“13:36.20 Patricia Ah” yeah.
“13:47.21 Patricia Tweens.”
“13:50.23 Geoff Yeah” good job Mitt romney good job Halloween this is Halloween I tried to get my kids to watch the night before christmas they weren’t into it. It was yeah it’s classic. It’s pretty short too. It’s not a big it’s not a big commitment it’s like watching 2 episodes of ted lasso you’re done.
“13:55.49 Patricia I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it Geoff yeah okay okay which I yeah I can definitely do that. So maybe I’ll tackle it.”
“14:09.57 Geoff All right? What else so we have.”
“14:12.50 Patricia Um” I thought there was a pretty interesting article from exponent um has the Lds church become more woman-friendly since 2015 um a follow-up piece. She listed she mentioned a report published in 2015 about
“14:21.62 Geoff Interesting.”
“14:31.51 Patricia Incremental changes that the church could make to make it more equitable. Um” and so there’s a bit of text at the beginning she she covers some interesting points. Um and then there’s a table down below where she lists all of the recommendations by by topic and then updates that have been made.
“14:48.45 Geoff Yeah” yeah.
“14:50.70 Patricia Um” to make it more equitable. She does say in the Introductory text that a lot of the um steps that we’re taking to make it more equitable were actually just kind of taking away the problem instead of addressing it For example giving women or. Stopping the exclusionary practice based of gender on in general conference. They just took away those conference sessions but didn’t actually increase the number of female speakers. Um.
“15:20.36 Geoff Um” they did better this timer we had. We had four female speakers 1 for only 1 session didn’t have 1 which I mean there was two last time so but if there would have been a women’s session. There would have been even more than that total I yeah you know buy whatever 1
“15:26.20 Patricia Sure. Right? Um” exactly but she did she did name um a number of things that have happened. Um so it was good looking back on some of those like rewriting the temple ceremony to make it more affirming to women. Um incorporating heavenly mother into the young women theme allowing sister missionaries to wear pants ending the ban on women as witnesses to weddings and baptisms which is interesting because I happened to go to a wedding shortly after that policy was changed both the witnesses happened to weave women. Um because the father there were no present father figures or grandfather figures. So that was a special moment and then allowing interviewees to bring a support person or witness to priesthood interviews. But Geoff I I know you read through the list were there any of the goals down at the bottom or recommendations that.
“16:08.50 Geoff Yeah” yeah.
“16:26.20 Patricia You thought were interesting or striking I wrote down a number of them.”
“16:29.40 Geoff Yeah I mean so and some of them we haven’t done yet like with the first 1 the very first 1 on the on the charts down below. You know have the same minimum age standard for male and female missionaries. It’s still. It’s it’s changed a little bit. It was a 2 wo-year gap now it’s a one-year gap eighteen and nineteen respectively compared to when it was nineteen and twenty one. Um I remember once I think when they changed the age those years ago someone asked elder holland like why don’t you just make them all at the same age and he just said 1 miracle at a time so I don’t you know so I don’t know well we don’t we don’t know you know we don’t know what we don’t know I think I sound like roy kent. We don’t know we don’t know that we don’t know what they’ve.”
“16:54.87 Patricia Okay” vague.
“17:07.20 Geoff Talked about. But maybe they have inquired about this and feel. It’s still not the right time to make them the exact same age. That’s fine and you mentioned the sister Missionaries I like the 1 1 thing I appreciate when we severed our relationship with boy scouts which I’ve had mixed feelings about I fully understand the reasons for doing so and especially because boy Scouts has become more and more of kind of a the.”
“17:20.65 Patricia Ah” her.
“17:25.93 Geoff Ah” third rail as times gone on I think as well. But the thing that has bug me though is the disparity in budgets for both programs and and ending the boy scout relationship and doing things in-house sort of speak for our youth programs really does get us more to a place of equity between in youth programs. Not everything’s the same of course.
“17:31.91 Patricia Right.”
“17:45.40 Geoff But for me” that’s really big because if you’ve you’ve seen these budgets and it’s incredible. How much money we chucked at Boy scouts that we could have been using elsewhere. You know basically you know defund The young men is what basically happened people and that’s literally that’s what we say that that’s the same idea we we have reallocated resource.
“17:49.39 Patricia Um” yeah defund the young men.
“18:03.32 Geoff I like that 1 quite a bit I think that’s useful” a small 1 that I kind of missed from october twenty eighteen that young women make carry the sacrament tray into the mother’s lounge that is all only mother’s lounge. But literally if there’s women in the mother’s lounge a young I don’t know I’ve never been an award yet that would be.
“18:07.76 Patricia Yeah I noted this only.”
“18:23.30 Geoff Figuring out the logistics of that if you have a young woman just standing in the foyer in the event. There’s someone in the mother’s lounge I’m not sure but I I missed that completely and all the years you know covering latter day saint news I did not know that was the thing.”
“18:32.91 Patricia Right? Which is interesting to me because you know it’s very practical and logistical. But so is passing the sacrament and so it’s interesting that oh in this 1 specific situation. It’s okay” but not in these other situations. So I did think that that was an interesting tidbit.
“18:40.97 Geoff They are.”
“18:52.27 Patricia Um” a few other ones that I would like to see um reconsider giving spouses of mission presidents a title that reflects their calling just think it’s so weird that they don’t have a title when they serve in a really meaningful leadership capacity. Um and ah right.
“18:58.83 Geoff Yeah.”
“19:05.79 Geoff And you’re set and you’re set apart for it I mean you’re not” you’re you’re not. It’s not just the husband is set apart and you’re tagging along and offering emotional support. It’s a joint calling in every sense the word. Yeah.
“19:13.65 Patricia Right? And then ah making ah changing tables accessible to men in bathrooms. My Husband’s had a hard time with this just you know we we don’t really think about whose turn it is or what’s responsibility. So when he needs to do it. He’s just a little bit at a loss. Um.”
“19:32.33 Geoff So I used to we used to go to church and I appreciate that too. We used to go to church in an older building that I think had yet to add you know the little Koala changing table in and so I’d have to like.”
“19:40.70 Patricia Ah.”
“19:44.99 Geoff Duck into the little overflow for the baptist or yeah where you change for the baptistry because there was like a shelf there or something like that and that’s what worked we’re in a you know the you know the kind of the classic oval shaped track church building that you see That’s what we have now they thought those all have them I agree I think that’s a great thing. That’s that’s great inclusion for men right? because it’s not just women’s job to change diapers.”
“19:46.69 Patricia Okay” gotcha.
“19:58.50 Patricia Gotcha.”
“20:02.52 Patricia Right? and make it possible for men to divide responsibilities with their spouses. You know how how they see fit.”
“20:04.55 Geoff You know it’s every.”
“20:11.42 Geoff Oh another 1 I don’t think you mentioned this mothers with dependent children may serve as ordinance workers in the temple which they used to not be allowed that if you were a mother with by dependent children. They basically mean kids who are home and need attention and things going on the church would say no you.”
“20:16.74 Patricia Oh I I didn’t note that but yeah.”
“20:26.20 Patricia Okay.”
“20:31.12 Geoff If you have minor children. Basically you could not serve in the temple because you’re supposed to be momming and this would and this would take away from that but they can do it now.”
“20:36.36 Patricia You’re supposed to be at home. Got it? Yeah” so yeah it it just made me reflect on my experience as a woman and um yeah just looking forward of things things that we can change that are more policy based. Um that don’t have to be barriers. Um of course the author thinks that that actually the easiest way to address these issues is to ordain women to the priesthood and give them put them in positions of authority. Um but even without that I think there are a lot of things that we can do to. Match our doctrine of equality with our practices and policies.
“21:12.83 Geoff Yeah” yeah um and there’s obviously a lot of things that are left blank here as well. For the time being and and like we were talking before in some of these cases you have to accept the premise. You know if you’re a reader of the exponent too. You probably have it and some people might read this and say like no I don’t think that’s a necessary step that we need to take as a church but.
“21:24.98 Patricia Right.”
“21:32.83 Geoff Just acknowledging those for what they are and seeing what we have and have not done I think is pretty interesting and also for another 1 for men by the way they deleted the requirement for men to consult with their bishops prior to a vasecctomy I don’t know if anyone wants to that’s that’s probably 1 that’s 1 of those first. 1 of those deeper more in theweeds requirements. Basically I’m curious if anybody’s comfortable talking about that if you’re a man and you’ve had a vasecctomy and you want to talk about you can send me an email if you want Geoff at this week at Mormons dot com mostly I would love to know how many people actually were consulting with bishops for the sectomies. I would assume probably not many but I’d actually I’m I’m wondering how many were abiding by the previous handbook until a year and change ago just to do that. That’s just ah” you know an interesting bit of information.
“22:16.26 Patricia I did not know that was a requirement and I would not have thought to include the bishop in that family decision.”
“22:23.16 Geoff I know and that’s I think a good thing because we’re leaving family planning decisions to to families to to do their thing so all right quick follow up from last week I remember Jared and I were speaking about good old representative what christiansen.”
“22:27.94 Patricia Families.”
“22:36.88 Patricia And her.”
“22:39.14 Geoff Of the utah state legislature and working professionally as a member of the presiding bishopricck as like a full-time employee of the church stephen r christians and I don’t wanna say christian hansen but christiansen. Um. Represented utah utah district forty seven I don’t actually I never looked it up which 1 it wears utah forty seven I want to know all these things where are you Ballotpedia give me the information. The point is represented now is in the past tense everybody else after his the big all the kfuffle going on where.”
“22:54.83 Patricia No” you know what I don’t know I don’t know.
“23:11.92 Geoff Remember he was using a a powerpoint theme a template derived from the church. It wasn’t like he wasn’t getting up there with like the church logo and saying here’s what the church thinks about my views on whether on election integrity and stuff like that. But he was using the design language from the church to put it forth and they even found the originator of the template was the late elder dean m davies who wasn’t the presiding Bishop greek before that so it’s more the issue of like okay he’s using church collateral to do his day job which is a little bit iffy and then if anybody who’s worked with the church they might.”
“23:35.87 Patricia Right.”
“23:46.85 Geoff Connect the dots and you could see like Tacit endorsements from Salt lake about what’s happening I don’t think any of this is the end of the world but it looks bad and I think in a state where that line can be a bit blurry between church and state in the first place somewhere where I remember what the numbers are but you know the utah state legislature is dominated by. Church members active church members primarily so yeah yes well said. So anyways” he because of all the mess last week he decided to resign not just from his seat in the in the house but also to retire from his church and his letter was 1 not particularly contrite.
“24:06.35 Patricia Overrepresented compared to the composition of the state for sure.”
“24:23.10 Patricia Yeah I was a classic sorry not sorry apology and just to clarify. He didn’t resign from the church. He resigned from his job at the church. Um” ah just from the church. Um but just to clarify for people.
“24:23.96 Geoff I Don’t think that.”
“24:32.12 Geoff Yeah” what did I say? Okay yeah yeah sorry yeah you didn’t resign from the church your side he quit he retired from his job his his district I found it here The district by the way was let’s see going boarding up on midvale pretty much like South jordan.
“24:41.63 Patricia Um” um.
“24:52.20 Geoff Taylorsville west jordan taylorsville ish now that I’m but like 900 nine thousand south up until about 7800 south almost getting to daybreak god’s country but not quite that.”
“25:02.38 Patricia Yeah I feel like I feel like the church I’d I’d be so curious to know if it was a decision he made or a decision. His employer helped him make I feel like the church is really sensitive right now to its traditional relationship with.”
“25:12.24 Geoff Yeah I wonder.”
“25:20.30 Patricia Um” the political parties in Utah Um I know they have a lobbyist up at the Hill advocating for positions of the church. Um the the Utah Hill Um but I I know they’ve been really sensitive towards that tension and I think especially their their statements on.
“25:24.10 Geoff Of course. Yeah.”
“25:38.45 Patricia The public health emergency and masks and vaccines have put them at odd odds with some of the Republican lawmakers. Um” and their affirmation of last year’s election. Um also put them at Odds. So I’d be so curious to do a deep dive into the current relationship between. The utah republican party and and the church church lobbyist and church interest groups.
“26:04.10 Geoff Yeah” it’s it’s and it’s funny though because the church does throw its weight around there I mean obviously when there are legislative issues that arise in Utah It doesn’t have a problem sounding off either. So it’s kind of funny in this case when it has sounded off on some issues and they would just instead instead of saying like all right? The church doesn’t want to.
“26:17.84 Patricia The.”
“26:23.70 Geoff Want to maintain that zion curtain. So nobody can see us mixing up the booze at the restaurant. Let’s get in line fellows. Let’s get this done but when it’s something like this like no no” the church is way off base. Why are they? no no Nelson’s an old man. Why is he talking about vaccines. He doesn’t know these things. It’s just where we all pick and choose I guess yeah.
“26:38.63 Patricia Yeah” um so ah ah 1 thing I don’t even know if I can talk about this story Geoff because it was so heartwarming but the story about Tom brady inspiring a boy who is. Undergoing cancer treatment. It was very touching. Um so this this boy in utah do you remember how old he was I’m thinking 11 did I make that up this eleven ish year old boy um undergoing 10 year old I was close.
“27:03.48 Geoff If you keep talking I can can I can scan the article once more hit 10 year old 10 year old noah reeb 10 year old noah reeb.”
“27:13.93 Patricia Um” but yeah undergoing cancer treatment and you know he was having a particularly bad bout and he was in the hospital nothing. They could really brain cancer. Yeah so.
“27:18.54 Geoff And by the way this is brain cancer by the way everybody brain cancer. All cancer is serious but like brain cancer. Yeah” this is ah.
“27:27.84 Patricia So nothing any any of the staff or his parents could do could cheer him up and then he was like you know what? I just want to watch Tom brady clips highlights and so they showed it to him. Um and and kind of bonded over over that moment and then. A little while later they were in their driveway talking about you know how to get through aversity and his mom actually got a video message of Tom brady reaching out to his number 1 fan in utah and encouraging him to to beat the to beat the disease. Um and then. Um” they recently went to a football game and he brought a sign that said Tom brady helped me beat brain cancer. Um and Tom brady you know gave him his hat and then reflected on it in the post post game conference call. It was just a very. Touching story about you know somebody taking the time to use their use. Their reputation for good.
“28:27.20 Geoff Yeah” it’s ah it’s a great story of faith and perseverance and it’s Tom brady I don’t know people have hated on him but it’s like he seems like a standup guy I I’m I’m okay with it. Can we talk about my the slightly cynical part of this though.
“28:34.44 Patricia Um” yeah.
“28:40.36 Patricia Yeah” but both Geoff and I noticed just 1 detail that just kind of made a smirk.
“28:46.73 Geoff Let’s to to be clear. This is a heartwarming good. This is a good positive thing overall. Okay this is just us being what we’re going to be for the next little bit for the sake of being I don’t know polemics or something but whatever this is this what or polemicist. So ah. The thing that just kind of casually comes up in the story after all that this boy struggles with cancer tom brady helps buoy his spirits and and a lot of fighting difficult disease can be you know emotional and how you’re feeling your actual sense of well-being and this is wonderful that he overcame this and they got to meet his hero. The thing mentions. Of course that they went to Florida for the. For a bucks game which was on a Sunday and so it’s just it wasn’t lost on us kind of the the slight hilarity of all this talk of the faithful latter-day saint family embracing their faith and uniting as a family and all these wonderful things that are truly exceptional. Um” and then you know you know just breaking the sabbath so they go their football game right? I mean that’s just you know.
“29:39.81 Patricia I I did think it I didn’t I did think it was specifically odd that they like called out that it was on Sunday which I don’t think they needed to mention either way I have a pretty expansive list of sabbath appropriate activities. So ah” ah.
“29:42.69 Geoff Yes.”
“29:49.91 Geoff True.”
“29:57.90 Patricia I wasn’t bothered by it but I did think it was funny that they called it out so specifically.”
“30:00.77 Geoff Yeah” and to be clear I’m literally just being obnoxious about this because I can be I I would do probably the exact same thing in this situation I don’t think that there’s supposed to be some general conference faith affirming story of and then after timmy beat cancer we were invited to go to the bucks game. But timmy said no.
“30:17.56 Patricia Like and refused.”
“30:20.87 Geoff Timmy said” no daddy. No I don’t want to I’m not going to break the sabbath and you know what happened after that timmy actually learned how to heat how to how to completely rid everyone of cancer like it’s not that it’s okay that it’s not that it’s your own situation and good for them. They had a wonderful positive. I’ve been to 1 nfl game and it was on a Sunday but I was on a work trip and that was just I had to be there for yeah it was no to be clear. It wasn’t that I was going because it was work trip. All things go the purpose of the work trip was to go to a pittsburgh steelers game because we were set up.
“30:42.29 Patricia Is that kind of your hiatus hiatus from your self-imposed rules work trip. All things all things go.”
“30:58.73 Geoff They’re taking part we’re doing some stuff with the army and so like my job was at the Steelers was at the was at the game there that day though. So I’m not and I’m not like that apostate. Maybe a little apostate but just just just just a little bit. Um” let’s do some quick some temples.
“31:02.21 Patricia Was at the football game. That’s pretty rough. Okay I like that.”
“31:18.72 Geoff Updates here. First of all the real quick 1 they broke ground for the pago pago american samoa temple you might track that you know samoa as a larger cult multicultural nation is split between 2 political Bodies. You have. Samoa the actual country of samoa and then american samoa which is a u s territory and the residents there are u s citizens but Samoa is not a state and all that kind of stuff so there’s been a temple in opia samoa for a very long time. It actually famously burned down in the early 2000 they rebuilt it which I think is. Just a good story for anyone who might think that like temples can’t get burned down because they’re temples and they’ll be like things can happen to temples. We still have to take care of them folks. But it burned down there rebuilt it. But now they’re gonna have a temple in pago pago on the american samoa side. They broke round on it. It’s not going to be a huge building by any means it’s gonna be. Many ways similar to the 1 on the the Sovereign samoa side in terms of the the design and everything so that’s happening good on them good on ya. But then other slightly more interesting temple news in my opinion is. Over the weekend elder garrett w gong of the cornm of the 12 apostles dedicated the winnipeg Manitoba temple and this temple is it’s a curiosity for many reasons 1 it’s basically serving 1 steak but the saints there have had to travel to I assume Regina saskatchewa on or I don’t know somewhere in Ontario to go to the temple and you’re. Pretty isolated doesn’t matter why they have their temple which is great and I actually dig the design a bit. It almost looks like an augmented stakeak center is how I describe it. It looks kind of cool. Lots of brick and they they talk about them on the flowers of Manitoba the design the crocus flower that decorates it all over the place. That’s all great” wonderful and they had the dedication elder gong got to go and do it.
“32:49.84 Patricia Ah.”
“32:57.93 Patricia Are.”
“33:04.52 Geoff The big deal here is that this is the first temple dedication since covid started since the whole start of the pandemic and it’s actually leapfrogged at least 1 other temple in the process. The rio de janeiro brazil temple was going to have its open house in march twenty twenty.”
“33:21.91 Patricia So wow.”
“33:22.35 Geoff Prior to a de I forget if the dedication would have been in April or may covid happened church pulled back see still activity and unfortunately brazil has been ravaged by covid they’ve had major major issues there containing it and so there’s still not a date for the rio de janeiro temple. It has been sitting there I think they lighted up at night.”
“33:30.54 Patricia Right.”
“33:40.10 Patricia Um” ah.
“33:42.31 Geoff Um” and like a lot of these things. The church could quietly dedicate it and reopen it and open it up in some capacity for the work but we don’t want to shy away from the opportunity to make a you know a big showing of having an open house and all the wonderful opportunities for public outreach that that that those those represent. So. Rio still sitting there and that means the winnipeg manitoba temples now the Hundred I believe hundred and sixty ninth temple operating in the church if I’m not mistaken or the hundred and sixty seven I should double check where did they have it here.
“34:10.46 Patricia Oh yeah I was as reading through the article to see if I could see it a ninth in operation in Canada in the hundred and sixty ninth for the church worldwide.”
“34:17.23 Geoff I Think they mentioned it it? Yeah yeah” beautiful building too. There’s a lot of great pictures of it. It still has a moroni. It’s a a holdover from a holdover from a previous time.
“34:30.19 Patricia Rape.”
“34:33.13 Geoff But great building for them. But I think it’s it’s cool. We’re doing that we’re getting there again where we will slowly have temples potentially happening at some point I mean we’ve just had the open house for the pocateella idaho temple so that’ll be dedicated here pretty when is it. Think the dedication is um” this weekend. Oh not mistaken in pocateel actually so the mesa arizona temple iss coming back online are washington d c temples. Finally coming back. That’s all the way next year that’s all we’ve got so far and if you even look at the status updates all it says under rio is just postponed. We don’t know anything. So.
“34:52.77 Patricia And.”
“35:09.76 Geoff Good milestone though folks glad to see that glad to see good things happening. Okay.”
“35:11.52 Patricia Yeah” the and the pokateello temple is going to be dedicated next sunday well you said this weekend and I was just being a little bit more specific is that is that a more sabbath day appropriate activity for you. Geoff.
“35:17.58 Geoff Yeah” that’s literally what I said Patricia you just want to be really particular because we don’t yeah I don’t know ask a pharisee is it okay to do is that.
“35:32.35 Patricia To gather in a crowd and celebrate something who knows.”
“35:35.22 Geoff Is that okay does that count as a miracle on the sabbath is that it I don’t know I don’t know that’s the the so good. That’s great. Great news pocateella coming up then but then and then we’ll have Mesa in December. Yay.”
“35:46.17 Patricia Yeah” um another thing that’s coming back are the giving machines for the holidays which um which I’ve always loved um after their covid hiatus um the giving machines are coming back. Um in several locations. They added a few um but in las vegas and Nashville honolulu a couple in utah oakland gilbert denver kansas city and new york a couple absences they’ve done 2 international locations in years past london and the philippines which aren’t going to be back online this year um but I think that’s great I think it’s a ah great tradition and it’s been really popular and I ah I always love the diversity of different things that you can give and really match up things that you’re interested in I think kids get really into it so that’ll be exciting I did think it was interesting. The article noted that.
“36:32.84 Geoff The.”
“36:43.48 Patricia The church um covers the credit card processing fees and administrative fees. So that in it stipulates that all so 1 hundred percent of the proceeds are going directly to the charity. So um I I thought that was an interesting tip. But.”
“36:57.33 Geoff These have been quite the quite the both the pr and just the the charitable coup I think for the church I feel like for a long time every christmas we were there were we didn’t know what the campaign was going to be It was always kind of like what’s the campaign going to be this time round. What are they going to dub it. What’s the Hashtag what will be the. Things we’ll discuss with the collateral but ever since they kind of hit on light. The world has been what we do almost every year now and then they hit on that with the giving machines a handful of years ago and those really just like struck a chord with the public and so that’s why they’ve done them now for for so many years and I think it’s.”
“37:19.48 Patricia Her hair.”
“37:33.31 Geoff It’s great because I mean obviously it’s it’s I’m not trying to look at this strictly from a marketing lens. It is great for like social like it’s an awesome thing people show up and everyone’s instagramming and tick talking and everything their their experiences with the giving machines which is a great way to get the word out but it provides real help and relief for people who need it and it’s a very much.”
“37:49.16 Patricia Ahead.”
“37:51.92 Geoff An easy way to publicize that beyond something like articles from the church newsroom about what we’ve been up to you know and the things that are featured in the world report during Comra Its all very interesting material but this really just taps into the spirit of the holidays and it’s such an easy way to get people talking about what what more they can do. Ah.”
“38:07.92 Patricia And I’ve and ah you know I’ve used donation made a donation at the 1 of the machines is like presence for for people and extended families. And yeah I I think it’s great and I actually love the the calendars they do even.”
“38:10.20 Geoff Were there from the little man.”
“38:17.52 Geoff Yeah.”
“38:26.79 Patricia For non particularly religious people. Um” it’s It’s a good reminder to get in the spirit and of giving um and and do things daily to reach out to people So I’ve I’ve found them helpful and even you know modified it for non-religious settings to. Promote um to promote that kind of generosity of spirit.
“38:48.66 Geoff And with that said by the way” the um the rest of the light the world campaign which this year officially is going to be called light the world with love sounds like a sequel you know light the world with love but on november eighteenth the powers that be will go more into detail about what the campaign might be like this year because you’ve mentioned that yeah there’s.
“38:55.95 Patricia Okay.”
“39:04.38 Patricia Um” okay.
“39:08.31 Geoff We’ve done the calendars we’ve done different things every year and we’ll see what happens here in a couple of weeks and see what they actually have in store for us as far as I know I don’t know if we have president nelson asking for a worldwide fast for you remember the I remember the gift thanks campaign. Are we skipping that this year I don’t know my.”
“39:22.85 Patricia Ah” yeah I don’t know but I have to wonder if um light the world with love is the sequel if the follow-up it just screams that it would be light the world with vengeance. Um but probably not but that’s the first thing that came to me up for for a third I prefer I prefer the love 1 though. officially yeah officially yeah yes in my opinion.
“39:36.83 Geoff Ah” with vengeance I’m coming with a sword. It’s a terrible sword vengeance you like love more more. Love is better than love is better than vengeance is what we I should write that down I should read the name of this episode love is. Better than vengeance people say what on earth is this episode about good times. Um I’m excited to see those I don’t understand trek Patricia I I want to. It’s fine I’ve probably it’s been I’ve been doing this show for like 12 years I understand that it’s a thing and people have heard me talk about it. The church news covered ah the trek experience of youth in Argentina just trekking it up like trekkers trek 1 of my favorite things of the photo ops they get when they have like who I’m assuming are the members of the the general authority seventy s who are probably in the area presidency over argentina. All the kids are like they’re trekking it up. You know they’re they’re all they’re dressing the parts to do their trek and then of course the North american dudes and their white shirts and ties are like let’s saddle up with his hand cart and those guys just wear a polo shirt for once I mean that’s all I can do so.
“40:42.34 Patricia Right.”
“40:49.57 Patricia Frenches.”
“40:52.24 Geoff Mostly this article just highlights the great work that they’re doing around Cordoba Argentina the saints and the kids are learning good things about the sacrifices of the early saints learning about the shared Pioneer legacy quote unquote that they have with them and while I am all for us developing a good appreciation for what.”
“41:01.92 Patricia Ah” right.
“41:10.67 Geoff Early saints endured so that we can still exist as a religion and as a people today and I think it’s important we acknowledge that and do everything we can to to empathize with with their experiences and come to understand them I’ve just long” not been sure if trekking is it’s just if it.
“41:22.70 Patricia But.”
“41:30.58 Geoff To me. It feels like we’re trying to plop more american culture stuff on the international church basically rather rather than saying what is the history of the church in Argentina who are the who are the pioneers of the church in Argentina what are we doing to celebrate them and their experiences because undoubtedly.”
“41:33.89 Patricia Okay. Right.”
“41:48.67 Geoff There were trials of faith and great things that had to transpire in order for the church to grow and flourish somewhere like Argentina obviously that was still all completely dependent on the the sacrifices of the original pioneers of course. But. I remember a couple years ago. They showed a similar thing. It was like the youth in Japan we’re out there trekking and I’m just like this is great for them but like don’t they I’m sure they have their own stories as well rather than making them adopt something that is very americana I mean hand carts and trekking across the plains and you’re porting that.”
“42:16.81 Patricia Right.”
“42:23.39 Geoff Into other cultures to try to make a point out I’ve beaten on this a lot. Maybe I’m just off base and I I don’t think it’s altogether bad obviously but I no no just of any type any type. Ah.”
“42:31.26 Patricia Yeah I mean I love trek and I think I I love all recreational villages I just I just really like that kind of stuff. Um I ah loved plymouth plantation um up in the northeast so if people. Experience some of that historical magic then I say go for it. They had some good experiences. However I do think it’s odd that you know you had this missionary couple from North america that went down and ported in this trek experience and I do wonder if it could have. You know” celebrate their unique church culture down there and some of the unique experiences by ah reliving some of that history. But then at the same time you probably have these youth who have seen trek happening from afar and so maybe enjoy participating participating in it. So I don’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with it per se but I do think we need to do better about celebrating if we’re truly going to be in an international church just recognizing the moments where there are um very american perceptions and perspectives.
“43:31.80 Geoff No” no no.
“43:48.18 Patricia And cultural influences on the way that we experience church and maybe not try to port that um directly into other countries.”
“43:52.38 Geoff Yeah” and maybe and I guess I think about how I feel about Trek I think it’s because I view those experiences of the original pioneers to me I don’t see it like just strictly as these are my church members. It seems so steeped in americana and in the american of.
“44:05.70 Patricia Um” and.
“44:11.40 Patricia Sure.”
“44:11.39 Geoff America of the mid nineteenth century I mean the the Mormon trail was a big thing but the Mormon trail followed the Oregon trail for the overhauling majority of its length as well. Right? I mean this was this was a big part of our culture in the country. This is Manifest destiny this was people trekking west for a better life. We did it for.”
“44:28.90 Patricia Okay.”
“44:28.13 Geoff Our own reasons as well. But for me” it’s all just so wrapped up in that period of american history and I can’t really divorce the 2 I guess and so it’s the yeah.
“44:33.13 Patricia Yeah” and you know I I grew up kind of feeling bad that I didn’t have pioneer heritage with both of my parents being converts and there were always the people that tried to emphasize oh the modern day pioneers but sometimes it did feel like. Holding up. You know oh I’m a descendant of x who came across you know at this time kind of felt like something special that not everyone could participate in like I said I don’t feel guilty in a lot of situations. So I don’t really feel bad about it. But I do remember as a teenager feeling like. Hey the the way you’re talking about it makes other could make other people feel like kind of second class citizens of the church.
“45:18.13 Geoff And I suppose what is the desired outcome of Trek versus not holding trek like what what is it I Guess that’s a fair question for any activity. What? What? What is your ah roi on this is it is it going to to boost their faith in the I don’t know. And the restoration is it going to boost their faith and brigham young leading the is it just to develop an appreciation for what they did and that’s going to make you a stronger latter-day saint because of.”
“45:40.26 Patricia So that yes. Yeah” the article mentioned several of those things. They also mentioned people who had some spiritual experiences during the famous or infamous depending on your perspective women’s poll that they always do um and.
“45:59.87 Geoff I yes well I’ve seen I’ve seen the movie trek and that’s about all the trek I need we didn’t do it I never trek was not thing in California I’d known anyone who did trek in California just wasn’t even aware of it until later in my life. Yeah.”
“46:06.12 Patricia Okay” um okay okay. Okay yeah like I said I love trek and it’s hard for me to separate from my love of like early american recreational villages. So um can’t really separate the 2 I also remember this one night we had really good broth and I love broth and it was supposed to be like a oh you you only have broth for dinner but I was loving it. This is the dream I think it was like ramen packet um added into warm water. But for some reason that was way into it. So.
“46:36.92 Geoff Ah” you’re like this is the dream I love.
“46:47.29 Geoff Ah” glad the brath I Love Broth Trek was worth it because just getting a nice cup of broth takes me there. Oh that’s good.
“46:50.84 Patricia Hi marks.”
“46:58.68 Patricia Yeah.”
“47:04.16 Geoff Um” well we got a couple of quick mentions to bring up nothing major here. Ah this is barely from worth bringing up but lds living published an article called twelve perfect christmas gifts for for Missionaries this is really just a reason to link to desret book landing page. That’s all this about.
“47:17.42 Patricia Yeah” wait geoff where can I buy these 16 amazing gifts.
“47:22.94 Geoff You know if I hover over these buttons. Every single 1 takes me to desrete book isn’t that nice none of them take me to Amazon what are they thinking I mean if I look at these links there’s campaign links these are utm links but I don’t think this is an affiliate link come on lds living think about this.”
“47:34.48 Patricia Ah.”
“47:37.87 Geoff I Know that you’re all own by the church. But if you made this an Amazon link you could be getting some affiliate commissions. What are you guys thinking people come on. Ah” anyway there’s nothing much that wild about this some of these are fine socks. A new bag a multi ah multiwood puzzle kit I don’t know I don’t know how you’re multi would.
“47:52.21 Patricia Okay” ah is it like a chicken nugget. It’s not like real meat. It’s just like multi chicken parts.
“47:57.13 Geoff Um” don’t understand that terminology exactly it means different it just means different it means different it. It’s different pieces of wood does it mean it’s different types of okay now I might actually to click on the link for this 1 I want to? well I just want to know what does multi wood mean is it different types of wood anyway. Um.
“48:08.27 Patricia Okay” they sucked you in they they did their job.
“48:16.99 Geoff But some of these jumped out at me as kind of hilarious like a 16 inch christmas tree which I’m sure would be fun for your apartment but like Missionaries are living out of suitcases transfer to transfer I mean unless it’s just a straight up donation to the apartment for the for the festive season I wouldn’t want to pack that up.”
“48:24.82 Patricia I write.”
“48:34.86 Geoff I mean my my suitcase has evolved substantially during my mission where I think 1 entire suitcase by the end was full of nothing but just books and trinkets and junk and then my other suitcase actually have my clothing and stuff you know you know you got to give things up over time most of these are fine. A missionary tie bar. Ah” Merry christmas missionary necklace which says it’s for a sister missionary. But I think that’s a little genderist I mean it could be any for anyone I don’t know. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.
“48:56.99 Patricia Yeah” goal chains are back with Gen z.
“49:07.32 Geoff Um” so anyways that’s all I just mostly the tree jumped out of me when I saw that I was like I don’t want this on my mission if you sent me a tree I just but thank you and it would it would stay in that area. It would never go anywhere else. Another quick thing happened you might have seen this in the news. It’s a 3 of our apostles have been in great Britain elder.
“49:12.99 Patricia This is what the.”
“49:25.68 Geoff President ballard elders holland and cook were all missionaries in england at 1 point in time I believe elder holland and it our cook were actually companions if memory serves at 1 point in time they’re all back in great britain for a couple of reasons I’m hoping us to go to the climate change the climate conference up there in Scotland but I don’t think that’s what we’re taking part in.”
“49:32.22 Patricia Oh.”
“49:45.56 Geoff But there they are in Britain church news is covering it really well. Some great photos I think it’s just fun because it’s clearly very meaningful to all of them to be back there and back there together these 3 people have known each other for decades and just to be back in the land of their mission.”
“49:57.90 Patricia And.”
“50:03.38 Geoff Enjoying strolling around places where they used to serve and just the landscapes and the people and the coast of Scotland yeah” this is like this week for elders cook in Scotland is the first time they were together in England since Nineteen sixty 2 when they were companions. Yeah.
“50:14.49 Patricia Oh that is very heartwarming a few years ago I um I went on a study abroad I did a theater program in London so not the london center but kind of the the step the stepchild of the london programs. Um” and I went back with with a friend just a few years ago that I had gone on this study abroad with and it was really fun to go around to the different places and um experience london together again.
“50:46.21 Geoff Yeah” so it’s fun. They even visited the scottish parliament which you’ve if you’ve never looked up the scottish parliament longtime listeners know I went to grad school in Scotland I’ve got biases all over the place. But if you’ve never looked up the scottish parliament a divisive building but a very interesting building and worth checking out because it is not some old like. Georgian or victorian building. It is this uber modern like koalan design. Yeah it’s pretty interesting. So yes very cool building Scotland only got their parliament back in 9090 7 with devolution so they visited with ah elder stephen kerr.
“51:05.76 Patricia Oh Wow I Just looked it up that is very modern.”
“51:19.75 Geoff Who is a latter-day saint and a member of the scottish parliament. He’s a member of the conservative party of Scotland which practically has no representation whatsoever. That’s just a fun thing little factoid for Scotland’s dominated by labor and the scottish national party. So anyway” fun times for them. Good times for the but for the brethren Happy. They’re happy. Great. We’ll link to the story if you want to read more about it now I’m just like missing great britain and I want to go back.
“51:42.49 Patricia I just I just started the latest episode of the great british baking show and it is making me a little bit nostalgic. No we we just started the season we like to build up a few episodes so we can kind of.”
“51:46.69 Geoff So did I interrupt you so I was it this week’s episode because I’ve watched it all right last year I did well just always ask yourself w w j d right.”
“52:00.14 Patricia Binge.”
“52:03.46 Patricia What hurgen he he is a deer He is a deer. He just.”
“52:05.68 Geoff Like what would Jurin do jurgen is ever is everything you want like a delightful german man to be oh hello I’m yoggen. Yes” oh this is just so lovely I’m yogur.
“52:16.20 Patricia When he made the black forest cake and ah Paul made him judge his own cake that was a pretty special moment.”
“52:23.29 Geoff Yeah” Jurgen is a rock star if you folks don’t know what we’re talking about you haven’t lived. It’s it’s good times I’m so I’m obsessed with Jurgan I love yourgens jurgen and giuseppe I love the italian guy and then the german guy who are up there every week just like slaying it for the most part so well good times.
“52:27.00 Patricia Ah.”
“52:34.70 Patricia Yeah.”
“52:42.25 Geoff Anything else Patricia you want to bring to the fore.”
“52:43.31 Patricia Um” no I mean you were telling me about the Lds charities in Curtian I haven’t read much about that. Anything of note there.
“52:51.81 Geoff So well we talked last week how some of the church leaders were on a swing through the middle east they were in Jordan they were up in Iraqi kurdistan I think alder bedow was there but sister bingham president bingham of the release society met with they met with a bunch of senior leaders.”
“52:57.49 Patricia Ripe.”
“53:07.58 Geoff Of the Kurdistan autonomous region and they wanted to thank them for it was specifically a delegation for Lds charities. So you know that oh geez I’m blanking on her name. The Rock Star Sharon Nubank Thank you” You know so sharonubbank was there leading the discussion and if you.
“53:17.43 Patricia Chip and.”
“53:24.40 Geoff Don’t know much about iraq iraq is a multi-ethnic country and the northern part of it is populated mostly by kurds and they have secured themselves a degree of autonomy since the us kindly invaded the country in 2003 um” it’s the most stable and prosperous region of ah of iraq. And nominally democratic and all kinds of things but still there issues and say and things and the church has been active there with latter-day saint charities and so it’s just great. They were able to meet with them and you know get some good time in with the government officials and meet with the prime minister of the Kurdistan autonomous region. So the kurds are the kurds are the largest.
“53:50.34 Patricia Am.”
“53:56.86 Patricia That’s great.”
“53:59.36 Geoff Ah” people without a state in the world by most measures as far as an ethnic or or social group or linguistic group that do not have their own country. They are scattered across iraq syria turkey and iran and significant numbers. It creates major political issues in Turkey so I want all of you to look that up and come back next week prepared for a.
“54:09.86 Patricia Um” who.
“54:15.68 Patricia Thank you” thank you for the homework and then the last thing I’ll mention you guys. You guys had talked about this article last week ka a kfuffel about the historicity of the book of Mormon interesting conversation in my opinion but there is 1 tidbit that they mentioned in there that I did want to bring up.
“54:26.29 Geoff Yeah.”
“54:34.28 Patricia Since today is the first date of american indian heritage month. Um” and the church donated 2 million. Um ah to the 2 million to the first americans museum in Oklahoma city and it’s pretty cool. They’re sponsoring a family search. Um specifically to preserve native american traditions and stories and family history because of course family history is really important to um the church of Jesus christ. But it’s also really important to a lot of other cultures including native americans and I think it’s especially a nice. Gesture and an investment and in a disinvested community because it’s really promoting them to connect back with their culture and their traditions and sharing some tools that we’ve developed and I think sometimes we can get caught in the trap of expecting donations or contributions to yield.
“55:31.34 Geoff Yeah.”
“55:31.68 Patricia Missionary Efforts but this seemed to be really good example of what can our unique contribution be to bolstering um a different culture. So I I like that tidbit in the article and then ukdorf also talking about aviation pioneers and and barbecue.”
“55:40.53 Geoff Yeah.”
“55:49.23 Patricia Of the Midwest yeah right and he revealed his love of westerns but he did caution us you know westerns typically polarize people into good guys and bad guys and he said don’t do that.”
“55:51.74 Geoff He’s just like this is the jam look at the food you people have here in Oklahoma this is living the dream.”
“56:08.39 Patricia Find commonalities and and find reasons for outreach. Yes” more nuanced he’s he’s into the more nuanced westerns.
“56:09.86 Geoff So he wants us to watch ones like unforgiven that are more nuanced is what he’s saying. Yeah so watch some true grit some unforgiven. So don’t watch tombstone little too over the top.”
“56:21.76 Patricia Maybe we can get him to give us a western playlist.”
“56:25.64 Geoff Can we get I want to get elder ukdorf to admit” he also watches Ted lasso. That’s what I need.
“56:31.48 Patricia That is what we need we we need you know how the obamas come out with their their list of Docs books etc. But we we should get ukdorf to do the same.”
“56:37.11 Geoff yeah yeah yeah yeah I actually kind of wish the brother would do that in general kind of it would be cool to know what they’re actually reading and how they’re spending their time not to like you know validate any of my my my failures to be. Perfect with media conception and say aha they do it too. But I just I would just love to know we have what what they do? What makes them tick more I think that’d be super interesting. Good times. Well everybody please go to this week in Mormons dot com if you haven’t where you can stream this show leave us a comment you know and you can also join us on facebook twitter and Instagram or we are actively pushing.”
“57:00.40 Patricia That would be interesting.”
“57:15.75 Geoff Content and discussion all kinds of fun things there big shout out to our patrons on patreon p a t r o n dot com slash this week in Mormons where you can please pledge 3 bucks a month 3 whole dollars a month with the inflation of the past nine months. That’s not that much money. So truly” you can do this. But thanks to all of you who do that. Really means the world much appreciated and I want to thank ah Patricia doxy for joining us this week once more. It’s great to have you back in the saddle. Always the best that is a western reference as we go out and and as they say in Ted Lasso pure hearts. Clean heads can’t lose you know whatever right.
“57:41.30 Patricia Thanks for having me saddle is is that a western reference.”
“57:51.33 Patricia Close It was close.”
“57:54.92 Geoff It’s like ifve ever seen that meanme that shows like this thing where it shows a picture of like patrick stewart and it says something like use the force harryy like it takes like all nerd culture into 1 meme with everything being wrong as far as that’s what I just did right thing. That’s my go for all right folks have a great week. Thanks for listening to twm.”
“58:00.54 Patricia Okay” okay that’s what we’re going for. Okay I liked it.
“58:13.40 Geoff We’ll catch you next week on this week in Mormons and until then have a terrific time talk to you later. But bye.”

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