EP 555 – The Global Garment Shortage!

Tiffany is told there are limits to how many garments one can purchase, Kyrsten Sinema fashion choices, Latter-day Saints on reality TV

Christmas season is already upon us! Arianne’s stake is super extra. Is your stake super extra with Christmas? Is it just madness all around? Are you still scouting for food?

Also, the global supply chain issues have come for… garments? Is there a garment shortage?

The Week of Latter-day Saint News:

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“00:00.00 Sisters: All right here we are hello. Everyone welcome to this week in mormons the Sisters: edition. Yes arianne smith and tippey hails real life Sisters: . Real live Sisters: not just Sisters: in the Gospel. That’s right” we biologically share the same parents. That’s right? So here we are for the month of November yes I cannot believe it’s November already time file. Also it is like full blown holiday mode a real around here around everywhere. Well it’s been. Christmas and hobby lobbyies so likeized. But I feel like especially this year and I don’t know if it’s with you know the rumors of like the shortages and the supply chain like every so like I was in walmart today and they just were like full blown. Christmas is music are and there I noticed that too I was in there tonight picking up a prescription I was like it t christmas music I hear everybody’s all in this year they I guess so it all it. So anyway so my steak is gearing up for Christmas season. Okay so what are you guys doing for christmas and you know if you’ve listened to us before you know we joke about my stay. Your steak is special and how they’re so extra and they go like above and Beyond and do big things like really big things. Ah so back my head I am happy to report um that this Holiday season and they’ve always done like a service project around the Holiday times. Um usually it’s like a 1 day thing. People come and you like donate items and you come to the Stake center and like assemble things. Okay it’s a big service thing which is great. Well this year they are going all in on the service which I actually really appreciate because I’ve always said like sometimes I do get frustrated when my steak does these massive big things. And I think we should use our energy and resources in a better way and I actually really feel like this is a very positive way to use that big. What are they doing for service or you know oh my gosh There’s so many things so they’re calling it. They’re calling november the month of service. Monthly giving. So this is not like a 1 time event. This is like a whole month there are a bazillion sign up geniuses going around. Um we’re helping with scouting for food. Ok which we also did last year they discovered
“02:20.89 Sisters: With our local food bank that with the decrease in boy scouts which is significant here in Idaho. Yes” they they decided we need to support scouting for food in a big way or else our local food Bank suffers. So we’ve been you know scouring the neighborhood. Handing out flyers and bags and collecting food and then um they are collecting all kinds of items for refugees. Um we have a lot of afghanistan refugees that are starting to come into boyket so they’re heavily involved in that they’re heavily involved in. Having us help with the refugees they’re they’re sending us all kinds of volunteer opportunities through the international ok Rescue committee um and. So all kinds of that. They’re also collecting things for shelters and there’s just like a whole slew. So. There’s basically something to fit everybody. Yes so if you don’t like this. Yes you might like that? Yes oh there’s a big rake the town. Okay this Saturday are they doing a blood drive. Yes there’s a blood drive. Okay I do have to say you remember how last month I talked about and I said shouldn’t we like be doing blood drives. The boy scouts used to do blood drives well and be notes to me my stake at a blood drive ski for that we that’s so fun. It was kind of funny I was like oh I guess I Miss that email yeahp. Yeah so there’s a blood drive There’s always blood drive. So yeah they’re good. They’re putting their resources to get now. They are also doing in December the drive through nativity which they did for the first time last year okay big deal like live animal yeahs a route there was a narration like you could tune your car radio. Okay yeah 1 of those steels certain station and have. Narration um and drive through and see all the things so they are still doing that. Okay they’re currently recruiting adoors to play people and I’m sure that soon they’ll be recruiting like parking flager. Traffic directors. Well you know for those male parts. They should have been recruiting those actors a little sooner if they wanted to have a real life beard. Well you know they could just save their beard for April when I’m sure they will do their living last supper again. Oh that’s true. You grow it now you save it till april you shave in May so we should have it is like no shave November so get a start on you know I no shave November could get multi use out of that beard in my sake. Oh very good bearded actors needed. Okay.
“04:54.68 Sisters: But so well” what’s going on with you I am going to open with a rant to tonight right now would I rant about I am going to preface this with this is a first world privileged problem and I freely admit this is a first world privileged problem. But are you aware. there is a garment shortage. no yes there is a garment shortage are you kidding me I had not heard this. Ah I mean I shouldn’t be surprised. There’s a shortage of literally everything right now exactly. So. Let me tell you about my travels and traverses in order to buy garments. So First of all you have to understand a couple of things about me to appreciate how difficult and what a trial this is that I’m having with the garment shortage. Ok First of all um when like. When I replace my garments I replace all of them I do not mix and match I do not go okay my tops are in still good. Good condition I’ll just replace a bottom new I did not know that. Oh yeah like I am way too ocd to mix and match old and new like it. It all goes. All the old goes and all the new comes in I cannot mix and match that like messes with my mind. Okay so Funny. So with the new stretch cotton probably like every like about 18 to twenty months I’m replacing so I had. Replaced right near I can’t remember it was the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020 it was somewhere right in there that I had replaced so that’s the first thing you need to understand second thing you need to understand is I only do laundry once a week um and that’s actually I used to only do laundry like. Every 2 to 3 weeks before I started wearing garments because I have this an obscene amount of clothes as you know? yeah like I could go months without doing laundry. You really can if we’re just talking clothing. Yeah and anyway and so I only do laundry once a week and I do that laundry on sunday. So when I buy garments I buy 10 pairs because that gives me enough. You know if I need to make it through a weekend. Um cushion I have I have a small window cushion. Okay and so anyway so my garments I should say this probably just tmi the bottoms were getting. Um a little bit worn out. Let’s put it that way I was like ok they are holy but not in the way they are supposed to be holy. Ah so I’m like okay I’m going to run into desert book where the distribution center is and grab me ten tops and 10 bottoms.
“07:40.57 Sisters: So I run into distribution center. My husband goes oh by the way while you’re there pick me up some too. Okay like no problem because he does the same thing it is out with the olds in with the new and he always replaces his in the fall because they’re really gross after working in the heat and everything in the summer because he’s in construction. Okay” so I run into does rep book grab my little basket. You know find first thing I find is my bottoms poop boop but bo 10 of my bottoms in I go to the tops. There’s only 2 of my tops and I’m like well that’s not going to work I’m like oh they probably just had to run on them all ask the lady to get something to that. So then I go and I find my husband’s bottoms and I grab you know 10 of my husband’s bottoms didn’t have any tops for him and I’m like. And it said out of stock and I’m like oh dear so I I grab 1 of the workers and I said oh you’ll think of 2 of these bottoms on the shelf or 2 these tops on the shelf can you check in the back and see if there’s any more tops of my tops and she looked sure how many do you want and I said well I need 10 total and I only have 2 so I guess I need 8 and she said. Oh. There’s only a maximum you can buy a 5 I was like what oh we have capped limits now we have capped limit and I said to her because I was so caught off guard I said oh that’s not going to work I only do laundry once a week I was like that is just not going to work. It. She’s like I guess I can let you have 7 oh. And I was like but still I’m thinking to myself then I have to wash like every 6 days I mean I can’t even imagine five I would have to do laundry every four days five would be bad. First of all I don’t do laundry every four days Second every four days worth of laundry does not fill up the washing machine because that is another thing I am ocd about I cannot do a load of laundry unless it is a full load of laundry. I’m really kind of an in closet environmentalist. Yes doest air machine have a setting for like a small load even if it did has to be a full load I blame our mother for this. Ok this is remnant of my childhood anyway. So she lets me have the 7 so now I have. Seven bottoms and I have 2 tops for myself I have 7 bottoms for my husband and no tops. Oh so I’m like okay well it’s a start. So then I go online and I’m like okay well it looks like online I can order. Okay so I order um I order but you again online will onlynit let me do 5 so I order um I did order five bottoms for myself online because that would actually put me up to 14 which is kind of where I wanted to be I kind of wanted to up from the 10 to the 14 and I ordered 5 tops because that was the max I could have there. And I was able to order tops for my husband but again only in quantities of 5 so you order but then you don’t necessarily get your shipment. Oh really? So I got my tops and I got my husband’s tops and I got my husband’s bottoms.
“10:24.14 Sisters: But I didn’t get my remaining bottoms. My remaining bottoms are a back order and they stuck on about I stuck on a um idea so I have all of these new garments out of their bags laid out ready to put like a way and drawers. But I’m like I can’t do it till I have a full set. So when you order from the church. Do you have like a shipping status and a tracking number. No they do send you emails like when it is ship I’ve never ordered mine online I but it sounds like I and I have to there so anyway and I’m still short a couple tops for my husband so I have to get on and get a couple more tops for him. But. I Half tempted. Just go back to desert book and see if they have my bottoms because they had tons of my bottoms when I was there the first time and then when the bottoms if they ever come in I can just go well I’ll save those for next time I want to change out garment. You have to drive to utah I’m telling you this is just a real world wonder if it’s anything better. It’s probably works in utah I was. Ah” very tempted to write President nilson a letter and say dude I’m happy to wear your underwear. However there are a few things here that aren’t working for ah all like something about that. All right folks you heard it here there apparently is a run on garment here is there is a garment shortage. Please don’t go out and stockpile I think you are on the verge of stockpiling with 14 missy you better. Give it up. You maybe think I have to I get have to be medicated to do that because things have to line up. And I don’t want to do laundry more than 1 day a week well you know me I’ll just save mine forever because I do not like the process of disposing of them by the way. Are you disposing of yours. Oh yes I do have a fire. Yeah how do you do this okay. Well next time you have a fire tell me and I’ll send my new way. Perfect. No we have a fire pit in the back of the house and so when we get the pile I give him to my husband and I say because he’s a pyromaniac I’m like go take care of this and he goes and he takes care of it. Okay well I’m sending mine to you I’ve had this discussion on here before it just is like. Ah say it’s too much send me the bag. It’s too difficult for me to do. It shouldn’t be that difficult. It’s too difficult so I hold on to mine forever. Well anyway I’m I’m I’m I’m getting kind of desperate at this point in time with my bottoms like it’s not like it’s not getting good. I may have to break some rules I don’t know I don’t love to see how long I could hold out until I get some bottoms but I am going to try and hit the desertt book and see if I can get at least so I have 10 I 10 is what I had so all right? Well ok there you go. We do some news stories now that I’m off of my soapbox. Yeah about the garment shortage. Yes.
“13:04.22 Sisters: We should? Okay” okay we have several like little brief things. We’re going to hit on that came up in the news this week ah first 1 is Jeff just talked about this temple last week when you podcasted and shortly after he podcasted they announced that rio de janeiro brazil temple has an open house and dedication. Now coming right up around the corner. So. So if you’re a temple voyur and you want to go to open houses book yourself a little ticket to reo that would be fun. Place. Um okay and then ah also the church released within the last week they have done updates to the Gospel library. Ah oh. Now I have not downloaded the updates but I saw on your phone tonight I downloaded the updates and there were some cool features I like them I mean it’s nothing like earth shattering but it’s good. They have like a um quote of the day and a scripture of a day that is like. Come follow me related. That’s like right on the main page so that’s kind of nice but what I really love is right on the main page you have your icon for the library and then right underneath it. You have a separate icon. Come follow me and a separate icon for general conference. Oh that is very nice so you no longer have to go into the library and to hunt through several for general conference blakes and hunt for come follow me. It’s just right on the main very nice right on the main page so I like that well and I think you said your only beef was you wish that they had included the hembook as a lake I thought if they could put that hymbook on the main page that would also be very helpful because you know you’re in church fiddling through your phone trying to find those himm exactly and but it’s good and the him the hymns are pretty easy find right? And once you click on the Library. So I like it. Updates are good kay um also in the news um church missionaries were moved out of ethiopia this past week due to the country’s civil unrest so that’s never a great. Yeah scenario it says there were sixty missionaries including the mission leaders. And the mission President um president and sister dudfield they are temporarily being housed in Kenya close by and it did say there were 10 full-time Missionaries that were from ethiopia and that they made individual decisions. For each missionary based on the needs of them and their families. So interesting. Yeah that was interesting I mean I’m sure some of those local ones maybe just got released. Yeah to go home and try to be with their families. Yeah be safe so that was interesting.
“15:39.50 Sisters: Also released this week the church released a list of the live churchwide broadcasts that will be coming up in 2022 so you can mark those get those on your calendars. Some things of note” there are 2 that are kind of new this year that they’ve never done before 1 is in June they will have a worldwide devotional on sharing the gospel. Okay and then in august they will have a worldwide event for parents. Oh interesting maybe some parenting advice I’ll take it I’ll take everything I can get. Fair enough and and then this was exciting to me remember the friend to friend. Yeah event they did last was a primary kid I think they did last february and I just raved about it on here I loved it so much. Well it must have been wildly popular because they are doing 3 next year wow 3 friend to friend broadcasts. So I’m excited for. That was cool. You know after the first 1 I was hoping that would be something they would do. Yeah again? Well we’re getting it 3 times again. Ok all right in another shout out of just really quick news. Um many temples have cafeterias now. None of our temples here in in the boise area of cafeteria. The boise temple did when it was originally built but then when they went through remodel number 1 they got rid of cafeteria anyway the church closed down these cafeterias during covid and ah some of them may have come back online but the church made a decision this week that it is going to permanently close. All cafeterias inside of temples have you ever eaten at a cafeteria in a temple um not since I was younger when the boise 1 had 1 and went. We used to do baptism as we would eat there sometimes but when we lived in Portland ah portland temple had a fully functioning cafeteria. In fact our steak had a regular assignment to have people go and work in the kitchen and I did it once and I dropped a big pan on my toe and they had to file an incident report because and you were not invited back. I was limping out of the temple. It was fine. Thank you for your service. Well I have never eat in a cafeteria here’s my experience with the cafeteria in the boise temple when ah rick and I my first husband and I got married we got married and then of course you know everybody is waiting for pictures. Well we were pretty fast in changing and getting out there and so then we’re out there to take pictures and where’s rick’s dad. Oh he decided to go have a bite to eat the cafeteria why we had to wait for him kidding way I’m not kidding I gotta believe but don’t remember I was like where is he getting him out here.
“18:14.39 Sisters: But take sure he’s messing on my timeline did he just really live that cafeteria food. Okay” the las vegas cafeteria when I was in college I had a roommate who was from henderson nevada las vegas area. The las vegas temple there was famous for their roles in their temple cafeteria. And when she would go home and visit her family. She would bring back temple rolls for us. So what did you think of the temple rolls they were delicious. It was like texas roadhouse style just a good general. Yeah they were Delicious. So pair. Maybe maybe it’s a thing. maybe they maybe they had temple rolls maybe that’s what your father in law will seriously have no idea but it’s just like really you pick now to go eat the cafeteria. We’re taking big shirts. That’s so funny anyway all right? Well now let’s move on to oh I’ve got a couple of b why you um news stories. So the first 1 that we’re going to talk about this was in the byu alumni magazine and it was called the center of it all and it talked about the Marriott center I did not realize this the Marriott center is 50 years old it went online so to speak although online wasn’t a term then. But it opened its doors in one seventy 1 and that just is like mind blowing to me and when it opened its doors. It was um it had more seating capacity than Madison square garden the utah huntsman center or any other basketball Arena. Collegiate or professional in the country really I know isn’t that crazy I didn’t know that. So even today it is the 10th largest collegiate arena and it just the article goes through and talks about you know. That yes it was designed you know for sports and concerts. But they’ve done a lot more. You know they’ve done a lot of other things with it and that um the first major religious event now this is really interesting that took place in the Marriott center is there were 2 broadcast sessions of the provost temple dedication. Which drew forty thousand people so you know we’ve been to like the navi 1 where they like turn your stake center into like a mini temple. Why had no idea they were doing this in 1972 when they dedicated that was temple that was way before they did like remote things like know I know so um. Anyway that was that was really cool and then they talk about some of the concerts that they’ve had there now I realize that you don’t remember the concerts that they’ve had there because they ended those probably in the late 80 s my when I was at b we were 1 of the last ones that got to you mean like I used to do like.
“20:53.38 Sisters: Concert concerts. Oh yeah” here’s who they’ve had john denver the beach boys journey air supply billy joel I remember when billy joel came I had no idea they did college there I make sense every college yeah basketball arena. Ah was a sophomore in college when billy joel came ah Barry manilow the carpenters neil diamond boston brand so did you go to any while you were a school I did not go to any I was so letter. Yeah exactly Osmond’s aio speedwagon elton john ah Survivor james taylor kenny loggins I mean every big name from the south and early 80 s hit the concert circuit there and I guess here’s 1 of the reasons why I remember the billy joel concert. You know billy joel has this famous song called only the good die young right? And it’s talking about this guy trying to like seduce this girl and say hey give up your values so there was a whole editorial in the daily universe about everybody at the concert was seeing this and knew all of the words to the song and you know. Really what are we promoting when we know all the words to this song that’s encouraging the girl to be bad and this is when the Marriott center decided they had to knix the concerts think I think this might have been when the Marrats center bill. They were like where do we draw the line billy joel might have done a man. So oh that so much anyway ok yes that is why I remember the billy joe concert. So this just talking about the Mariot center reminded me. we went to Rexburg like about a month ago and we went to see like the Poateella idaho open house and um. My husband keith has cousins that live in Rexburg and 1 of them works it be way you I and so he took us up to the campus on Saturday and we got to look all around and I am amazed by the campus there I Never I didn’t go or go there but I had friends that went there when it was rick and the campus is just massive now. So like. Gorgeous Beautiful so much Bigger. So many fancy new buildings so he took us into this building. There is called the b way u I center and inside half of the building is like their gym. Okay with a track. Okay like basketball courts and all the things. Connected so it’s all part of the same a massive building is um their concert hall which he was able to like take us inside and look it is a mini um conference center. Really it when you walk inside. It looks just.
“23:27.90 Sisters: Like the concert or the conference conference center only like 1 piece of the pie is missing like it holds almost as much as the conference center. Oh that’s crazy ah like a few guys got a big student. Yeah there holds a few thousand less but it looks just like the conference center the stage the way that the um. Seats are it like if you just looked up I was like I feel like I’m in the conference center minus a section huh and it’s massive and I was kind of shocked and I I thought well I guess and he said that that’s what they use for all their devotional. Yeah and graduation is in there guessing they probably don’t have rock concerts right. And the local high school graduations are in there so it is their version. Yeah of the Mariot center which makes sense. They don’t have a Mariot center. Yeah” they have like an old basketball gym. Well they have some they don’t have competitive basketball team anymore. But yeah they don’t have anything that big so they needed do something for so that was just. Really interesting to me that it looks just like the conference center and I mean now I want to see why you sure doesn’t have anything be way you utah has nothing like that. Yeah but they have a Marriott center but it’s a different vibe. It’s ah it’s a completely different vibe in the Marriott center. So I just thought that was really interesting to see how you okay i’ mean I have to go online and look at pictures of this now should be intrigue you should because as you know I still am a Rexburg virgin never been to rexberg. Oh you’ve got a go. It’s a half. It’s a happen place these days. Well you know I tried over labor day weekend. But I failed you had his early. They had a little road trip we had a little road trip in issues um we were going to yellow stone so we were going to pass through Rexburg going to yellowstone to date I still have not been north. Well you should goes but don’t go in the winter. That’s what I hear I don’t know I’ve never been in the winter but I here I hear stayway. Okay well speaking. And be why you I’m going to do a brief mention on this story simply because it was in the alumni magazine that came out um it actually was a story that was released in august and I don’t recall seeing it in august um and it was republished in the alumni magazine. As you recall when we went to byyu they published a newspaper every day called the daily universe. Yeah and every time I went to campus I always grabbed my edition of the daily universe I love love to the daily order. Well unfortunately the daily universe has gone the way of all most newspapers. They are no longer publishing a hard copy edition on a daily basis they have of course their online news and so students can hop online and they have transitioned into a monthly magazine just like the deszeret news and so it’s kind of like a mini desret news.
“26:05.26 Sisters: Is what I have decided the daily universe is wait to de at news not publish a daily anymore. They don’t publish a daily anymore I didn’t know they publish a magazine when oh gosh this has been a year or so now really yes I’m trying to remember if they still publish on the weekend or not I can’t recall but no” they no longer publish a daily. Their news is primarily online and they publish a magazine that has really in-depth articles and so you know I mean with the advent of the internet and a 24 hour news cycle. It is kind of pass a to have a. To have a newspaper. It was kind of quaint to think about reading a paper that you flip every day. No I just remember the police beat. Oh I know such fond memories of the police beat. Well I’m guessing if you go online the police beats probably still there I have a gun online I don’t know because actually by the time I graduated from byu they had really like. Cracked down on the police beat because everybody was trying to get in it. It was so amazing like I remember this 1 1 thing in the police speech like a girl’s braid was cut off in the library while she fell asleep. The suspect has not been found like. The most random like weird pranks by the time I graduated from byu the police beat it was like super watered down like they they stopped putting in like any of the fun stuff and they just put in like the hard crime which was few and far between yeah so the fun stuff is where you read it. So all right? Okay next article we have is from desre news and it is titled the clues behind the powerful stories of latter day saint reconversion and I really loved this article. It was really interesting to me. It was talking about people that leave the church and then come Back. Oh. Which is unusual because all you ever hear is yeah believe leave leave leave and you never hear the stories of people who leave and come Back. Yes so they um. We’re talking. There’s this It’s kind of a new term that has been coined for this called reconversion. Okay and they were just talking about how faith promoting these stories can be and there are a couple of married english professors at beway idaho okay that are trying to change. Um. Kind of change just the way we look at it by sharing these narratives. They’re collecting these narratives they’re doing a little bit of research on the data of these narratives trying to analyze and see like what do some of these stories have in common um of people that come back. Their names are eric and Sarah hafin.
“28:41.10 Sisters: D eving knee I’m probably butchered or last yeah but she is a daughter of elder Bruce c hay fan. Yes” who has written a book about faith is not blind so she’s kind of got this background of yeah. Ah well and I think she’s working on this with her parents as well. Yeah it sounds like they’re involved too and so they are you know collecting these stories of reconversion and they’re looking for like patterns. Um and themes and what do these some of these stories have in common. And so just some interesting things that they noted was they said a lot of the stories start off with superlative language like I was a perfect missionary I was a perfect Mom. We were perfect. You know we did f g every week like just kind of um they talk about how that’s how they were before they left. And they were just talking about how that kind of goes back to this like ideal yeah of perfectionism and always trying to be perfect I liked what they said where that they would use frequently used language that showed the tellers had limited their choices. About how they could believe right? and you know and I thought about that because you know some of the people that I have known that have left were very just like oh I have to do this perfectly I have to do this perfectly I have to and when they couldn’t do it perfectly. You know not that that was their reason necessarily for giving up. But they were very black and white individuals kind of like a all or none exactly like exactly so they did find that to be a pattern among some people another pattern that they found was kind of the language that is used around um often people would refer to the church. And they would lump everything under that title of the church like the church expected me to do this. The church believed this or the church like made me feel the church made me feel this way the church where they’re kind of lumping in. Not just the theology but the culture around the theology and just lumping it all under the title of you know the church. Yes um so they found that that was a common pattern um that they saw um but then they talked about um. Just like these reconversion stories and this was a really interesting statistic. They threw throughout that I had not heard um 1 in 4 americans no longer affiliates with a church or religion which is about ninety percent which we’ve heard. Yeah yeah that number is just doing nothing but growing as the years go on.
“31:19.94 Sisters: But um” it said um that 1 of oh no 1 of four of the of americans that no longer affiliate with a church still believe in god yeah at least sometimes yes so there’s a huge number of americans that. No longer go to church or believe in an organized religion. But but they still the majority do believe in god and consider them themselves spiritual right? Even if they don’t participate in an organized religion right? So I thought that was interesting and it said almost every case those who reconverted. Said something about refining god refined refinding. Yeah so they just talked. They felt like ah that they needed a connection. How important that relationship with god is for people to come back more important than the relationship you have you know with your elders corn president. Yeah or the people in the church more important is. Refining that relationship with god and then they said um that they would say it’s usually not ever 1 thing that takes people out of the church or brings them back. But it’s kind of like a multitude of things but quite often. There’s like a straw that. Like broke the camel’s back. So sometimes it gets blamed on 1 thing like oh I was offended by this or oh I just couldn’t this doctrine really was hard for me but they were just saying that from what they seen There’s usually a lead up to that and that’s kind of like the final thing. And same with coming back. There’s usually like a lead up to coming back and then someone will like you know choose to go to an activity and just feel encircled with love and then they’ll say well everybody was so nice and they loved me and yeah and but that’s usually not what it was that helps. Yeah. But there’s a lead up to that. Yeah so you know it’s it’s a fascinating study. It is really interesting and I love the idea of getting these stories out there because I do think they are so inspiring. Yeah um they also talked in the article about how never does anyone that they’ve interviewed who has. Reconverted say that you know their mom sending him an enzyme article did any good which we talked about this before we have enough episode we did with our other sister a few years ago yeah who has left the church and we talked about that exact same thing. Yeah like. When your family member leaves his church. It probably doesn’t early help if you’re mailing them and sign article once more see Missionaries go talk to them or saying I put your name in the temple for on the prayer roll. Yeah ah you could do it just maybe don’t tell them exactly that would be my recommendation. So anyways um.
“34:04.75 Sisters: Just really interesting I love hearing stories about that I think it’s very faith promoting I have several family members and friends I know who have left and come back and I think they are so inspiring. Um I just. I think that them sharing their stories is so faith” promoting and inspiring because we all have time. Yes where we struggle right? Yeah yeah we have ups and downs with our faith and I think that people who are open and honest and share that openly just helps us all. Yeah so I do too. No it was a it was a great article. So all right? So we’re going to make a really rough transition from that into reality tv. Oh yeah because you know where big reality tv fans. So yeah there is a new show on Nbc which I have not watched I guess it airs on Friday nights and. It is called home sweet home and it’s an unscripted reality show the film. It’s produced by this lady by the name of anna duverna and so the whole premise of this show is 2 families are going to swap houses for a week now you’ve heard about you know like the wife’s yeah sort of a sounds really similar to wife swap except your your whole entire family goes into another house and that family goes into your house so you’re not there with gonna have less drama than we’re going to have less drama than wife swap. And so each family leaves a list and says this is what our family does. These are our activities. These are our friends you know etc so they had an episode that Aired. Um last Friday night I believe and it involved a. Family that are members of the church of Jesus christ of latter day saints swapping houses with a jewish family. So the jewish family came and played with all the mormons for a week the mormons went and played with all the jews for a week I love this and it’s like great fun I know it so now I’m like okay I have the peacock app I’m like I’m going to have to go watch this on the peock app anyway so the the lds family was the baltasars and they have um they have the dad. He’s a real estate Broker. His wife is a swim instructor and they have 4 children. And they live in orange county california and they swapped ah houses with the um the where the silver stens who lived in Los angeles and they said um you know this article just or interviews the baltisars and the baltisars say you know they.
“36:43.87 Sisters: Cheerfully experienced jewish faith traditions and did photography and art and beatboxing and improv I mean those aren’t necessarily jewish related. But that’s what that family does and um” the dad said it was a wonderful concept. It really helped him and his family to step outside their comfort zone. Helped his children to expand their worldview and see things that other people do what was really interesting is the producer of this show this ava duverna. So she cast this lds family and she has really some preconceived notions about the church. And um she thinks that um she thinks she considered not doing the episode because she’s like oh members of the church. They hate black people. That’s that’s kind of what she thinks and then she sees this family and she sees how curious and open minded. They are. And she realizes wow there are a lot of misconceptions about what it means to be a member of the church of Jesus christ of latter day saints and it really helped her to kind of change her viewpoint seeing how the baltaars were so that just seemed kind of fun to it is cool. Okay I want to know what the silversteins did. In the lds house all week did they have to go clean. The church did they have to sit up and did they have to schlep chairs around and set up chairs I’m sure they did did they go to mutual it doesn’t did their kids go to early morning Seminary. That’s a good 1 that is a really good work. To go watch I am so going to have to go watch this because I’m completely fascinated now and what did they think because again in our religion. We’re not just show up on Sunday it is like yeah it is all in every day of the week it’s it’s a lifestyle so ok also we have an article about a gentleman by the name of jonah hoskins and he is 24 years old he is a returned missionary. He served his mission in New York city in Chinatown in New York city and he is a rising opera star. In fact he won this huge contest last year um and he got as a result of winning this contest last year ah he went to the national national council auditions a competition in new york’s at new york city’s Metropolitan opera house. And um he did really well in that competition. He got an offer from the met to join their artists development program and he was actually at that time auditioning for juilliard and so when he gets this offer from the Met. He’s like piece out b y you.
“39:21.58 Sisters: I’m going to and nyc and he halts his juilliard edition audition and accepts this met offer well then he gets an even better deal. He gets asked to compete in this competition which was held in russia and it is called oprelia. And I guess if you’re in the Opera realm it is like a huge huge deal and you win operaurelia and it like puts you well just even competing in it puts you like on the map for opera people so he was competing in this. Um he says he didn’t get to see much of russia because he was too busy competing. He did tie for second place and he walked away with twenty thousand dollars and now he’s headed back to new york to ah be in the continue to be in the met and continue to very so folks watch out for Jonah because I think he’s gonna be a big deal. That’s really cool” very cool. My printer’s making noises. Yeah your printer wants to play. Ok um next story we have the long awaited return of music in the spoken words live broadcast. So so so so so exciting. Yes we talk about this like every month I know we’re Obsessed. Oh. Really your printers. Yeah sorry about that for printer it’s got some printer noise back there. Um so they returned to their live broadcast the second to last Sunday in October and which is funny because we had it on tv I think 2 weeks ago I think it was on Halloween we had it on in the morning. And we were trying to figure out if because I hadn’t read this article yet I didn’t realize that they were back and we were trying to figure out if it was live or not because they had the full choir they brought back a the full quote brought but it didn’t say previously recorded like it usually does. Yeah so we were like is it live. But we were like no it can’t be. They have the full choir but this article says yes they brought back the full choir and the orchestra for the music and spoke a word. They have nos they brought the the bells just in time for christmas they have no 1 in the audience. Yeah they have just the choir and the essential you know personnel to run the broadcasts. And they are doing extensive covid tests. Yes they had a picture of us of Newwell lloyd newwell lloyd newell the I about died he had cotton swab going up his nosesy was getting his covid test if you do anything with this go look at the picture with this article because it is so clearly staged. It’s. Lloyd newell with a physician like in his full blown like covid garb caughttton swabbing his nose inside the tabernacle or the car that enter you can see the stage behind him. Yeah’s very clearly inside the conference center I was like are’t they really doing their weekly tests.
“42:09.98 Sisters: Just right there in the in the pews of the conference center I think this is like a very staged photo but it was fun I I agree and then they quoted in the article the physician for the choir. The. Choir’s personal I was like oh the choir has a physician now. There’s the question did the choir have a personal or have a choir physician pre covered. That’s what I was wondering or is this a new development I’m going to guess this is new I’m guessing it too because I can’t really see a demand for a full time physician prior to covered. Anyway” we’re happy about it. We’ll take it. So now they’re full blown back in every Sunday back in business live every Sunday morning. Yep nine 30 mountain time. Yes oh and it also said in the article that as soon as their live performance is done. They immediately slap it up on their youtube channel. Yeah so. If you miss the live performance. You can just hop on the Youtube channel and catch it. So that’s very cool and I’m sure that that means we will have some lovely choir performances at the Christmas devotional. Very true which is also not open to the public this year um but I’m assuming the choir and the orchestra will be full in for that I would agree so we can all cross our fingers that maybe a year from now will all be fighting over tickets that’s right to the? Ah ah. Tabernet. That’s wire usually by now you have put your name in the lottery and either acquired or not acquired your tickets exactly usually not acquired. Usually not acquired exactly so all right our next article and talks about a collection of rare and historic. Ah latter day state items that are valued at 3 point 2 million dollars that’s for sale so there is this gentleman. He was an orthodontist down in bountiful and his name is check this out george ralph bailey ah george bailey george Bailey how did I miss that I don’t know but you know what. He must have seen the movie because he didn’t go by george Bailey he went by ralph bailey oh he should embrace it. He should totally go by george bailey you know I wonder if it’s a generation thing because you know our dad’s first name was george and he never went by george he went by his middle name I know a lot of georges who don’t go by george they go by whatever their middle name is george I like don’t know what I don’t know. Robert george i’t like other than I think that um it was probably our grandmother who decided that she was going to call our dad by his middle name. Anyway he’d have made a great general authority because he would have had the g noel hails. He has the the letter in front anyway that’s a sidebar.
“44:51.79 Sisters: Let’s go back to Mr. Bailey in his collection. So um” he collected. He amassed this private collection of more than 4000 items they have valued it at 3 point 2 million dollars. Ah the gentleman who valued it said this is 1 of the most valuable and expansive lds collections in private hands Today. He says in my 40 years of appraising lds works I have never never come across anything quite like it with more than 4000 items. This collection provides a unique lens into a transformational time for the religion which helps piece together significant moments within u s history. So um the gentleman Mr. Bailey’s children said that he was just an avid collector that anywhere anytime they went on a trip that was like remotely close to anything church related um in these small towns. He would go into old bookstores or pawn shopps and he just delighted in this and his favorite thing to do. Was to come home. Get comfortable in his black leather rocking chair and read all things. Church history. So the family would like to keep this collection together but that presents some difficulties because most collectors are looking for specific items and don’t want a whole collection. And so it it may make more sense to parse it out but they have um first edition of the book of Mormon lots of Brigham actually several first editions of the book of Mormon lots of Brigham young letters that were written and. Anyway and so they’re they’re just hoping that somebody else that is as passionate as Mr. Bailey or brother bailey was well. We’ll want to acquire acquire this collection. So we’ll have to have to kind of see what happens so that’s interesting to me I never even realized that this was a thing. There. There’s this whole market for yes these collectibles until we watch that crazy documentary about the guy with the bomb and exactly the asac home. Oh I can’t remember I can’t remember either I’m having the biggest brain fart. But yeah I didn’t realize this was a thing. There’s this whole like there’s this whole underworld and underbelly of lds collectibles. It’s really but see now after having watched that movie I look at his stuff and I’m like well how do we know? That’s not how do we? How do we know? That’s not a forgery after watching the Mark kaufman thing. That’s right. So it just makes me question. Yeah i’ Mark hofman now makes me question I don’t know it’s an interesting um I mean I’m I’m sure everything of his is authentic. Yeah it’s a very unique copy. Yes um okay.
“47:29.99 Sisters: And the next article we have is on latter-day saint youtuber rallies the internet to purge trash from the ocean this is about Mark rober okay” who’s a very famous youtuber with like millions of subscribers. Ah you will probably remember him he was like the glitter bomber on. Ah few years ago he was he would like rig up the Amazon packages yeah to catch the the the porch pirates the yeah still package and the glitter would bomb and he had a camera attached to it somehow so you could see the bomber yeah and he could track the package and know where the package was going. So he has this youtube channel where he does all kinds of clever things. Lots of doesn’t he have like millions of followers millions like over 20000000. He is wild to monetize wildly famous while yes and he does. He’s constantly doing videos science and stuff my my kids love him. Um so he. Has also just done a whole lot of good in the world with his fame. He’s been um raising autism awareness I think he came out. We didn’t we talked about him a while ago. There was an article um his son I think has autism. Oh okay son or daughter 1 of his kids has autism and so he’s really been advocating for that. Um. Over the past couple years I guess last year he did a project that planted over 2 million trees. Wow so this year his newest goal is he would like to clean up 30 million pounds of trash from the ocean. Wow and he’s calling the project team sees. Okay he is like ah collaborating with. A bunch of other youtubers and famous people and also the ocean conservatory and the ocean cleanup. Um for every dollar that is donated. The nonprofits will remove. 1 pound of trashs from the ocean so far they have removed twelve million pounds of trash and he just started this campaign like the end of October only been like a week that’s awesome that crazy he just has he’s got such a following okay he’s got power he’s like Oprah of you do. The male ds op us male. Ah science geeky op oprah youtube day. So um and also say he put some of those mommy bloggers to sh know with those eyegers he really does he like it’s amazing that the good that he can do. And the following that he had. Yeah um it says he also got our favorite olympian michaela skinner who joy forces she she also team trash cleaner. She’s I am teamcs um and so she’s been like promoting it on her. You know social stuff. Okay so the goal is to get to 30.
“50:11.31 Sisters: Million dollars which would be 30 million pounds of trash removed from the ocean dang that’s awesome. So I think it’s really cool I love it when people use their fame for good. So okay” well I think they go finishes it up for news stories. Yes so we will move on to mormons behaving Badly ah now I have I have 2 things Tiffany’s been waiting I wasn’t waiting for this 1 for a couple weeks now. Well but I’m not going to start with the 1 that I’m been waiting for I’m going to give a brief chad day bell laurie valo. Update oh do we have an update on. Oh yes we have an update on them. We have 2 updates I didn’t know that word on the street and I’ve been looking for confirmation on this but I saw kind of a rogue article on at the end of the day that chad dabel’s been excommunicated although the paperwork didn’t exactly get to him till about a month after it happened. Okay well so. Deservedly so seems appropriate second. Allegedly so as we know Laurie’s in the psych hospital because she’s cuckoo for coconuts and or at least I can’t decide if she’s crazy or crazy like a fox There’s a part of me that thinks she’s crazy like a fox had be so allegedly. 1 of the psych texts in the hospital said we you should get rid of your lawyer and you should have the Lds church defend you oh I did read that I did read this article so supposedly the psych text said I forgot about the curtain mcony is the 1 that defends them here’s curtin mcconkey’s cell phone number when you give him a jingle so she. Calls up curtin mcconky again. This is the story that we’re hearing and you know she calls on the vote hey this is laurie can I talk to someone I need to I meet new counsel. So the mcconky or at least 1 of the Mcconys of the curtain mcony law fame I can’t remember what if it was david or who it was anyway. A mccony gets on the phone with her like I can’t even imagine sir laurie valos on the phone wanting to talk to somebody I mean that’s like if you’re in a lock of that’s like I’ll hold the votes. Let’s let’s see what this is all about right? So she gets on and she’s like um yeah I’m going to need the church to defend me and he’s like well I really can’t. Do that. So thanks by and hangs up not how it works That’s not how it works so then he promptly contacts the prosecutor and says yo loie valows calling me and the prosecutor of course discloses this to Laurie’s attorney because the prosecutor has to do that. So now. Laurie’s attorney wants to flip this and blame this all on the church and all on the prosecutor and so now Laurie is a train that they’re liking cahoots. Yeah right? exactly he was saying that like Mcconkey’s going to pass information to the prosecutor exactly and they’re interfering with my attorney client relationship now the the her attorney is asking.
“52:58.82 Sisters: That the prosecutor and anybody else who has membership in the church of Jesus christ of Lord jesus say it’s be removed from the case” let me tell you that’snuck it out but there is really no how an eastern I know not an eastern I you committed your crime in Western. Idaho possibly well what’s really funny is I I am pretty sure the judge on this case is lds the 1 here in Ada county well no the eastern idaho judger Eight Eight count oh because chad got moved here but she didn’t yes but the eastern idaho judge is coming to voisey. He’s keeping the case I not pawing it off on 1 of his combi. Our judge was no now. No he’s keeping it so anyway that’s your that’s your chat and laie bellow update um or daybel. Okay now now for the 1 that I have just been jones and for so. Jeff mentioned her name briefly in last week’s episode right? Kristen cinema she is a senator from Arizona she was raised lds we definitely know she is no longer active. Ah we don’t know what her status is in terms of her membership. But as we know on mormons behaving badly. You don’t necessarily have to be Mormon. You just can be Mormon adjacent and qualify so she was left in charge of the senate a few weeks ago as in you know sitting in the big chair in the front you know where the tv cameras are on you. This is kind of the big deal. So let me just tell you how she showed up that day for her prestigious job being in charge of the senate she is wearing a black t-shirt dress and the end of this black t-shirt dress has these little overlays and it has fringe on it. There’s f friends. There’s bridge. It’s short. It’s short like and and tight and tight. It’s kind of like a I don’t know and she’s wearing the you wear a nightclub. Maybe she’s wearing it with tennis shoes black tennis shoes that have big bows on them. No socks and then she has this denim vest. That is kind of cropped kind of hits just kind of below the bus line and a big pink purse. She looks like she’s ready to go to the mall or to a girlfriend’s house to get the nails done not to go preside over the senate and she has caught a lot of flack. Apparently. She has quite a colorful wardrobe and I cannot I can appreciate a colorful wardrobe but I would also like anytime I’m going to court. Oh I’ve got the whole section of my closet that are these are my go into court clothes. These are not the clothes I wear to the office. These.
“55:40.15 Sisters: Clothes that I’m going to go so that I’m going to wear when I’m going to see the person wearing the black robe. Yes and it was just so wildly inappropriate plus the senate has a dress code no denim on the floor. Oh they do they do official that is official I mean 1 would assume. People would know that exactly realize it was like an official in right exactly so there was a hilarious tweet going around that says christian cinema First senator to be bribed in coldes. Cash. So by me. Because seriously so she is my nominee this month for mormons behaving badly because come on kristen you can do better than that in terms of out bit choices. Yeah” it’s so funny and you know we were talking about it before and we’re like well in the article. There’s an article like it’s a new york new york start york post article you know it was talking about you know women are like highly highly scrutinized for what they wear all the time. Yeah but also we were talking like if you know Mitt romney walks in in a pair of jeans. Or khakis in a polo shirt to leave the senate I mean going. He’s also going to get criticized. He would be my nominee for mores being Benley that is not what you wear to preside over the senates come on people have a little respect. It did make for some very entertaining tweets. It did it did. All right now that I will get off my soapbox on kristensen and this fashion choices. Ok at least in terms of leading the u s senate like what she wears to work every day she wears some outlandish stuff again I can respect I’m not going to criticize that I’m just going to criticize what you wear to lead the senate. Ah ok should we move on to favorite things. Yes. Let’s move on to favorite things. Okay my favorite thing this month is a book that I read it probably took me six months to read it just because reading books is hard these days you have small children. There’s no time. But I finally finished it like probably a couple months ago and I have. Not talked about it. But it’s not a new book. It’s an old book. Probably lots of people have already read it. But I just read it over the past six months and like loved it I thought it was totally fascinating destiny of the republic by candicece millward and it is a it is all about President garfield. And the assassination of pressing car will and you know it gives you the history of him as a pur that for Mark for christmas my son would love that you can borrow it I have it. In fact you can have it all just passed on to you? Oh seriously? Yeah oh so this is a library book like you bought no I bought this? Oh yeah I totally want so would love that.
“58:19.98 Sisters: It was just so fascinating. Um I didn’t really know a lot about this. You know we know we hear a lot about kennedy yeah assassination. We don’t hear a lot about this It was so interesting to me and they talked a lot about. You know the medicine back in this was like an 81 like he totally could have survived. Yeah if it were not for like all of the snafus and and mistakes that his doctors made. Also it was just so interesting to hear how the presidency worked back then like ah. Course he got assassined like anybody could go talk to the president back then just crazy so like you can’t even imagine anyway and it was just really interesting and it was also interesting to just see like the history of it and how the country responded and how the country pulled together and. And figured out like who is going to lead after that you know it’s always a scary thing and when anyway it was such a good book. Very good book. Okay” so my favorite things. I’m doing things because I’m doing too and they are items that you can purchase at Costco my favorite costco who I like a Costco find 1 is a seasonal costco find and 1 is kind of a permanent costco find. Okay so I’m going to talk about the seasonal 1 first. They have this product right now they first got it in last year and 1 of our twin super fans holly cassos who I did a guest she guest podcasted with me. She is the 1 who told me about these and then when I went to find them last year they were gone and I never got them and she she brought 1 to my house. Ah and they are divine but they’re in stock right now and I’m wondering if they were such a hit last year they’ll do a better job of keeping them in Stock. They are a hoggin daws cookie square peppermint bark oh so it is like a dark cookie kind of like an oreo. Okay it has peppermint ice cream on top of it. It is coated in milk chocolate. Oh that sounds really good. It is a divine 3 hundred calories a whack so you know if you’re going to have 1 save your calories for the day. So my second costco find that I like is these chicken nuggets I love these these that all of the instagrammers are raving about these. They’re called the brand is just bare. It is a lightly breaded ah chicken breast chunks.
“01:00:49.52 Sisters: And I’m here to tell you folks” you fry these up in your air fire at fryar and they are a dead wringer for chickfil-a chicken nuggets because they are so Delicious. They are so divide I’ve eaten them with chickfila sauce I’ve chopped them up and put them on a salad. I like to do fish tacos chicken tacos fish style. So I’ll cook them in my air fryer and then I’ll put coleslaw on them and purchase. Yeah their fish taco even and wage them for tacos with yeah they’re unless they are just they are so good and so I highly recommend that you go get yourself some chicken chunks. And if you don’t have a costco membership bribe someone you know that does to buy you a bag they’re they’re a little pricey. They’re fifteen dollars for this bag but let me tell you they’re so worth it and especially if you have a chick-fila addiction. Yeah you’re getting cheaper than going to chicksfil-a cheaper than going to chickfa and if you air fry them then theoretically it would be a lot healthier. Then a fried 1 that they have a chickfia. Yeah oh okay so those are my favorite things this month so you better go soon because yes costco is famous for not having it at least the peppermint squares I think we’re probably safe on the chicken now I don’t know that chicken sit miss for me really sometimes when I go they haven’t. Somehow thanks every time I’ve gone they’ve had it. Oh interesting all right? Well I think that about wraps it up for us twin nation. Thank you so much for joining us. We appreciate it and if you have any questions or comments you can email at this week at mormons dot com. And um ah you can find us on Twitter you can find us on Facebook instagram and if you really want to show the love become a patreon supporter 3 bucks a month to keep our lights on all right? Thanks for listening good night.

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