EP 571 – Slava Ukraini!

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has already directly affected millions of people, among them are Latter-day Saints.

War arrived in Ukraine as Russian troops entered the country last week. We have some stories about Latter-day Saints in the country and how they are responding to the crisis they suddenly finds themselves in while facing Russian aggression.

But there’s more news than that! Join Tiffany and Adrianne to learn about all things Latter-day Saint news for the week.

Latter-day Saint News

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All right? Hello everyone welcome to This Week in Mormons the sisters edition with Arianne Smith and Tiffany Hales welcome month of well almost March almost March where we are recording on the last today of February. So we are barely squeezing it in we are and February flew by oh compared to January which like lasted a year February flew. So why did you tell them what fun things you did in February and then I will tell you the my exciting february. Oh well, our exciting for the month was we did a family vacation to Southern California and you picked a good week to do it because it was freaking cold in Idaho last we oh although I will say I mean I really shouldn’t complain because I know it was ° here but 54 with Santa Anna Wins was not what I was dreaming. Ah. Well it was ° with Santa Anna wins here making it seem like it was 15 but it was fine. Ok so um, we saw family my husband grew up in Southern California so he has family there. We have a sister there so that was great. We did the Disneyland thing with the kids and we hadn’t been for a few years. We. We do it and we’ll only go like every three or four years because that’s about as much as we can handle. But we like that go we like to go when we have a 3 or 4 year old because I think it’s the magical age. Okay with they are 3 to 4 you have an almost four year. Yes, so tell me what the ah 4 year old. Thought of the Disney experience it. He was like completely overwhelmed and hello I’m overwhelmed and I’m in my days I know and he loved it. It was all the emotions. Yes, fear. Love joy giggles exhaustion. Did he did he have a favorite ride. Um, let’s see what did he like he really liked the haunted mansion. Oh really, he was so funny. He did great on all of the fast zippy roller coast rides that did not scare him at all but he was scared of rides where things would pop out at him but he kind of. Like liked to be scared because he kept asking to go on them again. Oh but so it was fun and then we went to Santa Barbara where we used to live and it’s like it was great and ate it your favorite mexican food place and then I didn’t end well for you and I got food poisoning that part was not great. That is no longer your favorite mexican food place I may be scarred for life and I don’t know what to do now because I make tacos briritost cetera once a week for my family and now I’m like that now said you can’t even fathom like your own homemade magnet food. You’re like I want no mexican I’m going to need a little bit.

Oh damn I’m going to need a little bit of time. What and what was so interesting is you and your husband ate at the same restaurant I assume you ate different things but you’re the one that ended up with food visiting and not him yes I was the one in the hotel room throwing up. He was totally fine now I did get grilled chicken. On a inchilata and he got sh stradded chicken. That’s the only difference. Um I don’t know I don’t know what it is he claims. Maybe he has a stomach of seal from his mission in Argentina I’m like no, you just have better luck than me well and what I thought was so funny when you told me that story is. Right? before you guys left to go to disneyledge your kids had a bout with a stomach virus and so you had packed like multiple throw up bags for the car because you’re like we got our Disneyland tickets I don’t care. We’re going. Yes, here’s your throw up bag. And you ended up using the throw up back. Yes in my act 2 of my kids were throwing up the day before we left and I was like getting in the car we’re going and everybody was fine but I had 1 more kid that hadt had stomach flu so I was like she’s a ticking time. Bomb so I packed all the supplies I was the one that ended up needing them for food poisoning which. I’m sorry I know that’s like really rude to laugh. But I think that that’s just hilarious. It’s some carmaic sense of the universe. You tell you traveling with small children. There’s never a dull moment. Well at your kids I don’t know what it is we we I’m sorry we joke about this in my house that like. You know you just snap your fingers and a smith will throw up. Oh if there’s a stomach flu. They’ll get it. In fact, they’re probably all going to start round two this week now there’s got all those disneyland germs. So yes because I know you buy the throw up bags by the case off of Amazon yes, we do I listed that on this part. Cast as one of my you did at 1 point in time I really did years ago. We go for the industrial like hospital grade medical grade bags around here. We don’t mess around well you know I did didn’t blame you so all right? So for me a couple of exciting things. First of all. I’m going to be a grandma. Yeah, which you of course already knew that because I shared that with you but my daughter Shelby who got married last may is pregnant and she is having a baby in August and she’s having a little boy. And I am just so excited I have to tell you the funniest thing so she didn’t do like this big. She didn’t do a big gender reveal. In fact, it was kind of a little bit I mean it was it was kind of anticlimatic the way that she told us we’d been over at her apartment one evening and she pulls out the pregnancy test the p test.

And I of course immediately know what it is and I start crying and my his is like a covered test. why’ you take a covered test. You know what I will give him this the cover tests the home test. They really do look a lot like a pregnancy test anyway. So yeah, so he kept saying why you take a covered test you you take a covered test that so that you take a cover test. And and then he’s looking and he’s like why are you crying and why is she crying I looked at him and like you idiot this is a pregnancy test. She’s pregnant and then he was like then he was just dumb fan. He had nothing more to say after that he was like shell shocked. so so I would like to know this because I haven’t talked with you about this for a few weeks. Have you purchased baby items yet I have not purchased baby items yet I mean you believe that I know I’m I know shocked especially now you know the gender I would have thought you would have had like a nice little collection going right now. Well you would think but but here’s here’s the problem i. Have a daughter who is very very very picky like I wouldn’t presume to try and pick anything out other than like a basic onesy so I am just kind of holding back. In fact, I really want to make the baby a quilt. And I meant to ask her this on Sunday when she was over and I totally forgot to say give me the colors that you want that she would like for a baby quilt but she is super particular so I did I want to um, you know, whatever it is I purchased for the baby. I want it to be something that she is going to use and appreciate. So yes I have you know? and honestly I mean this is sound awful. But if it were a girl I probably purchased stuff already and I know from your youngest little boy. You know that boy clothes are cute and adorable and you had a fun time but I also have three girls that’s true. They were way more fun I was like I was way more I was walking Walmart the other day and I saw this yellow cute little yellow gingham dress and I immediately thought of your girls I’m like man if I had. If I had a little girl that would fit in that size dress I would totally buy that dress. So yeah, that probably has contributed to it as well. so so yes August Thirtieth is the due day and I just it’s cut it in some ways I’m like okay I’m ready to be a grandma in other ways I’m like. Ah, am I really that old. No. It really blows my mind. It’s it’s this is like this might be harder for me than you like this? No no, we are not of Grandma age age.

But except I am anyway I hope to be like the cool hip grandma. So here’s what’s so funny is we have the kids over for dinner every Sunday night so I have been giving into any pregnancy craving that Shelby has so I’m like what does the baby want today. And she tells us you know what we’re going to eat for Sunday dinner and I figure I’m training him well to know when you go to Grandma’s house whenever you want to eat you get that at Grandma’s house but ah right we know how things are going to work I know and then the other really fun thing is my son who is a senior in high school in the month of February started a job they and you did this when you were a senior in high school. They have kids who are seniors in high school come be a page. In the idaho state house of representatives or senate and he is a he is a senate page during this session and it is you know, probably 1 of the biggest rewards as a parent is to see your kid doing something they are passionate about because this is a kid. He’s wicked smart. But. Um, you know he’s only interested in doing things. He’s interested in and I’m just like oh is he like the laziest kid ever and of course he’s 17 so I get that but to see him just kind of blossoming in this job and just having so much fun and being responsible I mean there have been several days where I’ve looked at him and I’ve gone. Are you my kid. What have you done with my kid because yeah, don’t recognize you. But anyway, it’s been really kind of cool to see him to see him do that and see okay he does have a future. He’s not going to live in my basement till he’s forty s and he’s really into the politics. He’s a regular Alex Keaton that one hey really is well here’s the other thing too. Over the weekend I mean we’re talking about the Ukraine situation because of course everybody talking about the Ukraine situation and this kid is just rattling off geopolitical stuff and I’m like huh we wait wait where. You learn all this I mean he’s he’s studied extensively about world war one in world war 2 but he’s studied far beyond that because I mean he’s talking Ukrainian history russian history. All history of all those you know taiwanese history and I’m like I was I was I was blown away i. I don’t know maybe bit I a is a parent while he’s been studying all this stuff but you know he wants to be a political science major and I was like dude I think you need to think about international relations. Yeah, so there you anyway, we’ll see so fun. All right? Well time to move on to some stories. Um church related stories. Yes.

So I guess we’re going to start off with Ukraine. Um, we weren’t sure how much we’d have to share about ukraine tonight in relation to the church. Yeah, but a lot of stories a lot upstairss have kind of popped up in the last. Yeah and yeah, this afternoon that in fact, we were even considering having Geoff come on and talk because he. Has a lot of history with you ukraine and it knows a lot and we thought oh we don’t have a whole lot and then and now we do a bunch more popped up. So so we’ll have to next week Geoff will i’mshire weigh in yes and keep following the twin Facebook page because Geoff um is pretty good and quick about posting anything Ukraine. Related to the church. Um on the twin Facebook Page so the first two stories are of course the first presidency issued a statement and that came out I believe on Friday and they um you know basically said you know we’re Heartbroken. We’re deeply concerned about the armed conflict now raging. Um, of course praying for peace and that peace can be found through Jesus Christ and saying he can calm and comfort our souls even in the midst of terrible conflict. He taught us to love god and our neighbors and I think that that message is not only important for. The people over there in Ukraine who are dealing with this horrible tragedy and travesty that’s going on over there. But I think for those of us who are sitting on the sidelines like my husband has been really invested in this and really following the news on it. And just feeling really frustrated like I wish I could do more and I can’t do anything and I think if we remember that when our souls are feeling tormented over all of this in frustration for the things that we can and cannot do that. We can always turn to Jesus Christ because there’s not. A lot that we can do other than you know, follow what’s going on and pray for these people. But I think by turning to christ that can be very comforting to us to know that regardless of this awful conflict that’s going on peace is always found through the savior. Yeah. Now this statement that they put out I did notice online a lot of criticism from people that really wanted them to come hard really I didn’t look at the online criticism for Russia. Yeah, there was some criticism in the comments which I get it honestly when I first read it I almost I kind of thought the same thing. Yeah. Vague like yeah I expected you know Bam let’s call out Putin and yeah, say what? a scoundrel he is and just you know, let’s call him for what he is. Yeah evil is evil and yeah, the church is usually pretty clear on what’s evil and what’s not um.

But there was also a lot of speculation in the comments which made me think yeah, this has got to be that just the fine line that they are towing. They have members of the church in Russia they’re attempting to build a temple in Russia. Although they’ve said to be patient. Um, you know they’ve said this is not. This gonna be a while they’ve they’ve said to be patient I’m assuming now people are really going to have to be na and tip any type. But I’m sure and I just wonder if maybe they’re worried about what will come down on the members in Russia if they don’t come out. You strongly um. Church and members because I’m sure it’s so hard to be a member in Russia. Yeah, as it is oh yeah, even before the ukrainian situation I looked up last night because I was curious I mean we when we podcasted last month they had just barely evacuated the ukraine missionaries so I looked up last night because I thought well what about the russian missionaries who are. Technically volunteers. Yes, not we’re not missionaries in Russia volunteer and I looked up last night and there was an article from 1 of the Utah News Stations a couple weeks ago that said they pulled out the russian volunteers around february fifteenth and it said there were only like fifty so they had very small numbers. Um, to pull out from russia but I was relieved to hear that because yeah I thought I hope they’re out by now exactly? Um, so at least anybody who’s at least left there would be a russian national yeah, not someone foreign. So. And the second statement came from the east ah europe east area presidency and they offered a message of reassurance to the ukrainian latter-day saints and they said we are aware of these difficult times the first presidency in the quorum of the 12 apostles are fully aware of the current situation. And we are monitoring this situation day by day and hour by hour and so I you know this kind of um, kind of sparked a question that I had that I don’t think will necessarily get an answer to I mean honestly, we know that the church has been monitoring this situation for you know several weeks probably even months leading up to this because putin was kind enough to announce his intentions and we know that they pulled the missionaries out. We know that they kept I think the temple closed till late last week and that they closed the temple but I thought what did they do with the temple. Because they know the capital city kiev is going to be under attack. Um, you know the temple stands as a very western I mean you can’t find a more western religion than the church of jesus christ to flattery saints.

And so you know is that going to be attacked and I I don’t think we can naively say oh the lord will protect the temple. Yeah, the lord can protect the temple but certainly we’ve seen temples burn down right? I e curtland and so I wondered you know what do they do do they are they does the church take the computers out. Right? You know the ceremonial clothing that is there. That’s a good bale of the temple the stuff that is so so say say you don’t want it to run through the street. Yeah, you don’t want it defiled you don’t want to run through the streets I mean I have no doubt that the church has a plan I just would like somebody to tell me what do they do and what is their plan. Yeah, because I would think that you know they would want to you know, remove those items and get them out of the temple just and leave just a shell there because they can always bring those items back back in later. Yeah. It’s really interesting. It was just a thought that I had it’ll be interesting to see what happens with the temple I mean when’s the last time a city with a temple in it was like under such yeah direct attack I mean I know we’ve had a lot of civil unrest within with in countries. Yeah. You know obviously have a lot of church members. We’ve had lots of civil unrest but an outside massive army yeah moving down the moon into a city with a temple yeah wins last time that happened that is a really good question. It’s will let Geoff answer that next week I’m sure he knows will let us know. So um, anyway, we’ve kind of been I’ve been anxious to see you know I’ve like all of us we’ve been glued to the news to see stories coming out of Ukraine and the people that are there and what they’re going through but we’ve been anxiously I’ve been anxiously waiting to see like. What are the church members. Oh yeah, just you know we fill this tie to them. Yeah of brotherhood and sisterhood and so we’ve gotten a few over the past um few days one that I saw spreading around. Um Instagram yeah for a couple of days now there’s this guy named Andre Polin polonsky who’s a member of the church. Um he lives in karav ukraine and he posted a video a couple days ago that was going like wildfire on Instagram just talking about having his food storage. Um, he quote this is the quote from him. He said I’m extremely grateful for our church leaders and our Prophet. Who constantly reminded us to do our food storage I have that food storage and I’m grateful that I have this ability to share goodness with others who are less fortunate and he has taken it to neighbors. Um, he’s made little kits of toilet paper mincemeat nuts, granola bars soap vitamins.

And he’s been delivering them to neighbors and people in need ah someone he knew had a young daughter who’s fighting like a rare disease and he took them some and um, he’s just been sharing it which is really amazing very amazing I mean I know that if it comes down to it. That’s what. Lord would want us to do with our fleet storage but that would be hard to do in a time of crisis and very an uncertainty There is yeah so much uncertainty. Yeah so um, Lds living did a little write up on him that will link to um and he said um that he was preparing to deliver. Some of the last of his supply to families to like and hoping to get more tomorrow I’m like oh my goodness. Wow how selfless? yeah um and then we’ve gotten another story that just came out also from lds living on a young couple that had to separate in Ukraine and they’re a young newlywed couple. Nina and Dema are their names. Nina is 26 and she is from Moldova and Dema is 30 and he’s from Ukraine they were living in Kiev. Um, they both served full time missions. They just got married in 2020 in the Kibu Train kiev Ukraine ah temple. So they’re newlyweds. Um, and they got woken up. You know in the middle of the night hearing the bombs and decided it was time to go and so they went and they got dima’s mom who also lived in Kiev and they went to like a subway shelter and then they were quickly trying to find a way out to madol yeahdova which is where her family is. Um, and so they bought bus tickets but by the time they bought bus tickets. Ah he couldn’t get out because you know they’re not letting the men of a certain age out of the country so she had to leave him for and it would be really hard. She and his mom had to leave him. Um, and oh my gosh. The faith of these people. Yeah. it’s it’s astounding yeah it’s it’s just it’s hard to imagine. It is hard to imagine and they don’t know when they’ll be reunited. You know he doesn’t know if he’s going to get you know, scripted into the military and what’s going to happen. But. You know I think and she says in the article. She’s really relying on her faith and I think that’s what you would have to do is just know you know hey we have a really good understanding of the plan of salvation. Yeah, and whether or not you know you get the. The the opportunity to continue here in this mortal existence I guess you could say you know nobody has everybody wakes up every day and that’s a gift. So anyway, yeah, and I’ll read you another one that’ll make you cry. Oh no, but it’s a.

Cry. Okay, so this is from the church news. Sarah Jane Weaver as you know she is the editor for the church news and on Sunday she decides to go to the Mount Enzign fourth branch of the Salt Lake city stake and um that branch is conducted in the russian language. And branch room members are from Ukraine Russia and other countries where russian is spoken including many from the United States very cool I had no idea I had no idea either a russian speaking branch. It’s all like I know so here you have this branch that has people from Ukraine and people from Russia and and you’ve. You know I I don’t know how these people you know feel if if they are siding with their various countries or or whatnot but they are all these branch members to together together and so the meeting begins with an acknowledgement of the conflict and an invitation to continue fasting and praying. For peace the following week and it said the fast would be broken as the branch gathered together and pray to pray and share a simple meal. It says we invite all of you without exception said a counselor in the branch presidency and it just goes on to talk about. About the meeting and that um our branch needs to be a place of peace and comfort where everyone is welcome and everyone feels love and acceptance which I appreciated and then they actually read the first presidency’s message in russian. And Sarah Jane Weaver said the words seemed to carry more power when spoken in russian and I thought that was so interesting. Yeah, and then at the after the meeting was over with they all stood together on the stand up the building that they were meeting in to pose for a photograph. Now the branch had been scheduled to meet in a new meeting house the following week and so this was their final meeting together in this meeting house and they wanted a final photograph and Sarah Jane talks about um she says there without exceptions stood Ukrainian Russian and american latter day saints. Sons and daughters of god brothers and sisters members of 1 branch who pray together eat together, worship together and weep together in that moment. God’s children divided by war were united in faith and she says it is the image that sustains me now when the images of war consume me see. No, you bad cry goodness. Yeah we’re all crying anyway, it’s it’s just such a again. A good reminder that um, just like she said I mean we’re seeing some really awful images on the news.

And to be able to you know, see those images where people from different countries are standing together reminds you that there’s a much bigger picture here. Yeah, it’s really cool all right? Well. We’re done with Ukraine all right, let’s move on to some other news. We’re going to move on. Hopefully it won’t make us hold to here and cry. Oh this won’t make you cry. It’s about Jimmer for that jimmmer yes, got to love the gymmmer ah gymmer for debt have not thought about him for a long time until I read a so I was like oh yeah, Jim. what happened to Jimmer well he starting I’ll tell you what happened for those of you who may not remember Jimmer. He was a b you basketball star in the mid mid to late 2000? Yes, he played his last game for b you in 2011 and he was drafted by the and Nba yes, he was. But I can’t remember how long he didn’t he didn’t dot last long he didn’t last the Sacramento Kings if I recall. Ok yeah, and then he went to China League yeah he didn’t last too long but he was a star at beway. Yeah, obviously the biggest star we’ve had in you many years. Ah for Byu Basketball so um he did he did end up in China a year ago he was playing in Shanghai for the shanghai sharks in the China league um and then covid nineteen hits and he did not get to see his wife for 7 oh yeah, because of the strict. Protocols he had to you know do two weeks in isolation when he got there two weeks when he got back and then he was not allowed any in between time. Yeah, his wife stayed here in the states. Um, so he just talked about how miserable it was and he missed his family and it was kind of like a prison sentence and he could not do it again. Yeah, they wanted him back this season and like he said no peace out so which is good that he can I’m like well they must not have contracts like like yeah must be a year to year thing he must have. Way to get out of that contract. Um, anyway, he said no and he said he wanted to be home with his family. His wife is pregnant again right now with baby number 3 yes um, and he said this is going to be the first baby. He’s actually been there through the whole pregnancy for so he’s looking forward to that. Um, he said while he was gone his kids grew into completely different people and he hated that it really gutted him so he is back home. They live in Denver now and he took his daughter to for her birthday which was like last week she wanted to go.

C cosmos so he took her to a biu game it pepperd dime and he thought it was just going to slip in and out un noticeticed. Yeah, it didn’t exactly work those be way you play pepperdinene of course, everybody’s like Jimmer. Um, anyway, he caught up with this reporter somewhere along the way. Yeah, did this piece on him. Um, but it was really interesting. He talked about how he has um, he acquired enough wealth which I thought was fascinating I know because I thought I mean he’s only one day say 33 he’s only 33 and they called it. Generational. They called it. Generational wealth I was yes. Wow because you would think after only yeah, a short time in the Nba and those china leagues I yeah I don’t know how much those China leaks. Yeah, but I’m assuming it’s nothing compared to Mba right? Yeah, but he also said in there he had a really good financial manager and he. And and Jimmer was really good with his money. He didn’t go off being extravagant or anything like that he squirrled it away. Yeah and it said he had someone tell him how to invest yeah to like turn a profit on it and he also started. You know on the side he had enough money to start a foundation a charitable foundation. It’s like an anti-bullying foundation and they have a curriculum that they take into elementary schools and he teamed up with it says when he was in China when China when he was in China he met Greg and Julie Cook at church one Sunday and they are the founding executives of doterra when I first read this paragraph I was like oh were they bringing him in are they real him in but it was actually the opposite. You know how we love a good mlm. It was actually the opposite he reeled in the dogterra exactly it is that you measure any money his foundation. So the doterra people have now like largely contributed to his charitable foundation and they’ve been able to take this anti-bullying curriculum to several elementary schools. Um in several cities throughout the United States and so that is basically what Jimmer is up to um, he talks a lot about his parents. And and how their example of service is kind of what inspired him to do this? Yeah yeah, charitable thing which actually is pretty impressive for only being thirty three years old I mean it would be really easy for him to just say look I’m I’ve got to support my family. The rest of my life. I’ve got to make as much money as I can now and we’ll think about that when I’m like 60 or 70 but at 3 he’s gone off and done this which is impressive and I think that speaks a lot to the foundation and the grounding that his parents likely gave him um you know through doing service and through making him realize.

You are not the center of the universe right? right? and he talks about that like both of his parents were just so service oriented. He said they had people in and out of their house all the time staying with them and people they were serving in the community. Yeah, so it was kind of a cool right up on and Jimmer says let’s give a shout out to his wife Whitney. He also says his wife keeps him very grounded and that if he starts to get too big for his bretches. She just cuts him like bad Bas. Yes I don’t think so all right I’ve got and our next story is I’ve got another follow-up story um, you may remember from the 80 s the group named the jets. Do. You remember the jet kay I remember the name because when I read this article I was like oh I remember the jets but I couldnt not for the life of me recall what they say ok remind me of what that. Um I’m trying you know, um I can hear their song in my head I am not even going to try and like come it to you because. I am so terribly off tune and that would just be offensive to all of our listeners. Okay, so go look up the jets do it Google it hey but they are a they were. They are a tongan family. Um, they I think they actually grew up. Um. They grew up in Minnesota. But I believe it is the grandfather that was from Tonga that ultimately you know brought every you know everybody ended up here and so all these kids that are part of this family band. Um ah were born here in America but they are polynesian. They’ve got. They’ve got those roots. And so there is a new podcast. Well the podcast itself is not new but the interview on the podcast is new. Um Lds living has a podcast called all in. Oh yeah, that’s a good one and they recently interviewed Mona Wolf Graham faniga Wolf Graham is her Maiden name. She married an island boy and so fane is her married name. She was the youngest member of this family kind of band for lack of a better word. They had seen the Jacksons they had seen the Osmonds and they kind of styled themselves after that. And there were 7 or 8 of the older siblings because I think there was a total of like maybe 17 siblings. There was a whole bunch of kids. Um, that formed this band and their parents kind of managed the band and they were really big for about 5 years in 1987 they sang the star spangled banner at the world series in 1988 they performed at the summer olympics in Seoul south korea they released 5 to top 10 hits in the late 80 s so they were really kind of a big deal and then by the early 90 s they had just petered out.

And so this ah podcast interview just talks about um, kind of what happened after they petered out and just kind of the dissent that um occurred within the family there were lawsuits involved and at the same time you know they all have this very strong Lds faith. So they’re trying to maintain their faith and maintain this family and how they work through all of this and it’s just a really interesting podcast. It was only about 30 minutes long I easily listened to it while I was taking a walk around the neighborhood I just highly recommend it because it’s it’s just very interesting. Um, care about that speaking of mormon musical legends on podcasts. You know Sharon says. So yeah that I’ve raved about on care before so she has a podcast and she’s going through every state. Of the United States telling a story about that state get out of town I did not know that yes so she got to Utah recently and the story on Utah was on the osmonds. But of course it does if any of you would like to hear a little osmond history and she’s not a member of the church herself. Yes. So it was fun to hear her outsider take on the osma. Oh I’m going to have to go I’m gonna have to go download that that’s on I walk for tomorrow. Yeah, it was a good one. Okay, all right next? Okay, oh next we have oh I like this one oh I like this one too this one was kind of fun hey this one is out of Southeastern Idaho and usually all our stories out of southeastern I iho begin with mormons behaving bad they do and this is not this does not so that doesn’t mean we’re not going to rip on southeastern k poke Cat Tello are not sorry but we’ve already done it so much to people know how we feel about this. Pocateello Lds Church converted into an airbnb that sleeps 40 has an arcade basketball court and more I know this is from east Idaho News somebody took a church an old lds. Yeah, it was built in 1927 which I thought was really cool because. The church that we went to growing up was that yeah same era it was built in the nineteen twenty right and well when I looked at the title I was like picturing the cookie cutter standard church and I was thinking with the u shape right? and I was thinking well, that’s I don’t know if I’d want to stay there for family reunion. But then I went and looked at the airbnb pictures and it’s clearly one of those older buildings that has different levels and it’s yeah, it’s not cookie ketter. It’s not the gym in the middle church. Yeah um, but yeah, these entrepreneurs have ah decided to turn it into a massive family reunion.

Ah, mecca in pocateella now this is the problem. The location you have to go to pocateello now. Love to do there I know we’re mean to Eastern Idaho but rexburg rexburg is lovely. Why wouldn’t no I have been Rex. There’s tetons true idaho falls again tetons are close. You got a river running through the middle of the town. Beautiful river pocateelo I have nothing nice to say I’m so sorry pocateello people. But. I guess if you really love your family and you just want to stay in a church and you don’t really care about going outside. It would be great if you want to have this kind of kitch church experience which honestly I’m very intrigued I would like to have a Kitch Church Experience you really need to click on the link and go see the pictures because it is. Really kind of amazing what they done they really have transformed like they completely gutted the kitchen. They’ve got 2 stoves yes microwaves 2 refrigerators. You can host a lot of and they decorated it to make it look like a home. It’s not like when I read the title I was just picturing cinder block walls. Yeah a few twin beds scattered about yeah but they. Created it. They said they did keep um, a couple of the original chandeliers. Yes, that were in the lobby and they also kept the piano in the organ. Although the organ is in a portion of the building that will not be available until the summer okay I’m going to guess that’s pipe organ because we had a pipe organ in our 1920 s Bill. Well and I’m like are they really going to just let these families have at the organ. Well you can lock the organ down that is probably Goingnna I would not recommend letting small children. I thought this was really interesting. The owners are offering in exchange for any nostalgic photos of the building’s formal life so it looks like they don’t have a lot of old photos. Yeah, and they want to get their hands on some old photos so you can get a discount of up to 50% off your rental, you produce some photo if you’ve got some photos so listen up pocatelllo people if you’re still listening because we have not offended you so greatly photos get you in for half price. Yes, and it’s not cheap because it’s four ninety nine a night and you have to do a minimum of two nights. So a minimum of a thousand bucks but it sleeps up to 40 people. So if you’ve got a very large family that’s I mean deal. It’s yeah, that’s very economical. So yes, okay, moving on to our next story which is kind of another little update you know me I’m a Michaela Skinner fan yes

So she is going to compete on american ninja warrior. So apparently she had been interested in being on this show for a while and was even interested in it before the olympics and then when she decides to do the olympics. You know she focuses on the olympics, the olympics finish and they reach out to her and say hey would you like to be on the show. And she’s like oh hard pass on that because she’s like I have just finished training I’ve done one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. Ah no I’m not going to go train to be on american ninja warrior so she passes on that and then her husband Jonas Harmer he says well I want to be on american ninja warrior so he applies just on his own to be on the show and they select him and after they selected they call Michaelya back and they’re like please so she’s like ok so they’re apparently going to do so he’ll appear on the show himself and compete as a solo contestant. But then they’ve got a couples competition and so he and michaela will compete together in the couples competition that could be really fun could be really I bet a gymnast would do really well on that show I would think so and she’s got a lot of upper body straight because. When I watched that show. That’s only thing I can think of as I like I don’t have no upper body strength. Yeah okay, well, that’ll be fun to watch. Yes, we’ll keep you updated when it comes out. Yes, we will um ok relief society the relief society of the church is preparing for its one hundredth and Eightieth anniversary. By issuing us all an invitation to serve ok that’s kind of a big milestone honey 90 year eighty I didn’t realize that I know and that was’re coming up, they’re not getting a lot of fanfare about it. No, we should all be having massive birthday. So know we’re we’re actually knowing our birthday celebration. a week from tomorrow I don’t really I don’t know the exact gist of what we’re doing because I’m not the relief society counselor in charge of that but it has something to do with wishes so fun. Yes, anyway, tying quilts. So we’re on board you’re or with a service because I don’t think we’re doing this service but I could be wrong. So and they are inviting all sisters they’ve all used their social media accounts general relief society presidency. To invite all sisters to do um service during the next thirty days leading up to the birthday as you know the birthdays usually at the end of March. Um, so they are encouraging us to create a free account on http://justserve.org invite 1 friend to register on just serve dot org. Um.

And during the next thirty days find a project in your community on http://justerve.org and complete it with someone you love I thought this was interesting their use of http://justserve.org. Ah, we’re trying to like yeah get that going. It’s actually thriving here in Boise. Ah I’m assuming it’s thriving. Website in Utah but when I lived in Oregon as well as not thriving I think um and maybe it is by now because yeah I mean that was several years ago people were still trying to kind of understand what it was right and also does that work. Um worldwide that was my other question anyway. Um, that is a good question I don’t know go because you could only really look in your area right? and are people in other countries using it or do they have their own version I don’t know I don’t know how that works but um, go serve go do some service do love services honor honor the relief society seems like a good birthday present. Okay, so my next story is about minerva ty art as you may or may not recall. She is a very famous lds. Yes, we love her art. She is from the Cokeville area I I do I love her art. In fact, in my bedroom I’ve got 2 of her paintings I’ve got well. They’re not her paintings. They’re replicas of her paintings. No that which one I’ve got esther because I love queen Esther Esther and then the one that’s hanging above my bed is the pioneer one. Well she had many pioneer ones but it’s ah it’s a wagon. And um, the wagons being pulled and pushed and and and you can tell they’re out on the planes. Um, but I do just really love her art. So ah, the um art museum at Byu has a new exhibition. And 3 jewish themed paintings done by Minerva Tycart will anchor this exhibition and so um, one of the ones of course is the famous which this would be kind of really cool to see it in person. Ah the courageous queen esther ah is going to be hanging there and. Like I said I have a I have a print but I would love to see the original that would be kind of amazing and um, they talk about how minerva tyhart paid tribute to the biblical monarch in her oil painting and that it has become part of the permanent collection at byu. What I thought was so interesting. So there’s these 3 jewish theme paintings. They have all hung in the museum at various times but they’ve never hung together and they don’t say what the other to know that’s what I wanted to know what the other two I guess that’s how they get you to come exactly you see exactly.

But there is a story behind these paintings. So in 1 38 tygert’s son was serving a mission in Germany he was disheartened to see the mistreatment of the german jews and shared his feelings in a letter to his mother. The trio of Minerva Tyicarts paintings in the new biyu exhibition. Including the portrait of the jewish queen esther were crafted in response to the things her missionary son was witnessing and the emotions he was feeling that fascinating I love to hear the story behind I know it always makes it so much more meaningful. Well exactly because as a mother. You receive those letters from your missionary and they have to deal with some really hard things on their mission and again you can’t do anything about it. You can’t fix it. You can’t solve it all. You can do is get on your knees and pray and um and so to be able to. Take that emotion that she feels from her son’s letter and translate that into these beautiful works of art that celebrate these incredible jewish people that we find in the in the bible such as queen esther that it’s just I’m like wow that is that is is really cool, really cool. So anyway, if you if you happen to be cruising by b why you? um that I think it will be on display until July ninth so you have a you have a little bit of time to go and look at the minerva. Very cool. Okay, next story is a bit of a follow up. To a story. We talked about last month yes um last month Janna Reese reported on a disclaimer that she found on the church web site in front of an old enzign article that was about patriarchy and honoring the patriarchy and the church had put a disclaimer saying. Some of these things may be outdated. Yeah may not be the current views. Anyway, there is a follow up that none of us expected this is kind of one of those and now you know the rest of the story moment and holy cow when I add this I was like well that was a plot twist. Okay so a parent. That same enzy article that same month should have been a carol Lynn Pearson article that was what was originally slated for that spot that spot in the enzyme that month so Carolyn Pearson read Janna Reese’s article a month ago about this. Um. Patriarch article from back in the 70 s with the disclaimer with the disclaimer and Carolyn Pearson decided that she she better to write janner ree she jingled her up give her like a little bit more background on this story. So apparently Pearson was supposed to have the cover article for that month’s issue of the enzyme.

She had written. Um she had written a nice well-researched piece on the mormon women of a century earlier. So like the mormon you know Pioneer Pioneer women um and she had explored ah like the marvelous things they had done. It was all about being a woman in the church. Um. So she submitted the article and it was like slated to be in that they loved it. February issue of 1973 and then um, they kind of went silent on her. They kind of ghosted her and she was like well what’s going on so she called up like a friend of hers who was um. Ah, historian for the church and she was getting like a vibe like something something’s ah, something’s wrong here. So um, then he gets back to her and says your article has been pulled from the enzyme. So apparently the reason why um it got pulled is because just like. Right? before that happened Carolyn Pearson had testified before the Utah state legislature in support of the equal rights amendment the era which we all know the church was like adamantly opposed to back then yes and telling everybody in the church to also be opposed to it. Well. Carolyn Pearson was not opposed to it and testified in support of it and because of that she got blacklisted for her article. Um, so she said that also in combination with that they had asked her to consult on. Some materials that they were printing some new young women materials that they were printing for like young women manuals like right around the same time and she had suggested like some new wording um on the way they were wording things about women or to be homemakers young women. I think she quoted ah young women are do not need to be seduced by the wiles of the world. You are to be a homemaker and so she had like gently suggested like some re wording of it tweak that a little bit right around the same time. So I think like these 2 things together um got her on the naughty list made some people uncomfortable. So um, and this is like this is not just her speculating because um, somebody directly told her that there were there were letters that went back and forth because then the general president or the. Editor of the enzyme really wanted her article to be in it so he wrote a letter pleading to the general relief society president at the time who is named Bell Stafford who I like to call the Aquanett president. She was the big hair one. Oh she is the big hair lady. So the enzyme editor wrote her an article. Um.

Just like pleading like let can can you help us wrote her a letter wrote her letter saying can you help us get this article in the enzyme. Um, it’s a really good article and she wrote him back the editor of the enzyme and said we pulled um and. Oh he wrote to her and said we pulled the article because Sister Pearson at that time was acquainted in some people’s minds as a proponent of the era movement. Um, and what I thought was interesting is spafor. She’s unmoved. Right? And she says of care. She reads Carolyn Pearson’s article and she says well your interpretation of the position of the early day leaders and your interpretations and my interpretations of those women in 72. They don’t coincide all right? So then they replace it with this strengthening of. You know the patriarchal order of the home article and the rest is history history but they said and looking back and there’s a link to the original article. Yes Carolyn Pearson sent her original article that was supposed to be published to Janenna Reese and she there’s a link in her article and she said if you read it. Um, it’s all this stuff. The church says these it is about women. It is nothing radical. Yeah whatsoever and she even quoted some of it that said, um, that letter that ah that the women. That the idea being that women can can do anything or be anything as long as they understand their highest and best role will always be that of mother. Um, so she wrote in the article. We’re not ah, we’re not abdicating their responsibilities. Like we’re not yeah, saying your responsibility isn’t your family. This is what Carolyn Pearson wrote in the original article anyway, um, so I just like my jaw hit the ground when I know I was like oh a plot twist. It’s just so interesting. It is It’s so interesting because and she has the receipts like if you go read this generousese article Carolyn Pearson gave her the letter that was written to the general relief society president from the editor. Yeah, enzign. Yeah, she gave her the letter. The general release cited president wrote back to him that said. Why she was rejected at then the original article. It’s like oh she has been holding on this little file of documents for just the right time to be like you and jenis opened the door and Carolyn Pearson walked right on through and I kind of love it.

It did you do I mean how and also I’m like how hard was it for her to sit on this for all these years I and I mean I’m sure I’m sure she’s told people I’m sure. Yeah, it’s not been a secret but for her to just be like all right? yeah. Make this public right now. Well and the other thing too is I mean Carolyn Pearson had the opportunity to I mean kind of I mean I think she’s had multiple crossroads in her life. But you know, ah so the opportunity to go. Okay I am really offended peace out I’m right. And and like I said I believe she’s probably had that opportunity multiple times in her life and she has said yeah I’m offended. Yeah that wasn’t cool. But guess what I’m staying I’m not letting that shake my faith in my she has some tough skin. She has some tough skin. There have been so ah, many many stories about things that have happened to her. Yeah years exactly. So you know my and and again I mean she didn’t. You know she she wasn’t you know, parading this going look look what they did to me it just happened that ja reese wrote this article because of the disclaimer that was in the inside right? Other than that I don’t know than if she yeah what abroad it ja res hadn’t written the article we still would know kept it in a little file exactly. So i. Want to know what else she has in her file that that is a very fair question. Caroline has all kinds of good story kind of stories. Do you have? We would like know because she just will all of that to like hold serious someone. Generous us look look go through it. Yeah exactly anyway, so hences just a heads off to Sister Pearson so good good. for her for god of love kind of taking the high road and not being offended by it and just going well disappointed. Yes. But I’m still staying the course and you know what? Even the article was not. It was just stating the fact. Yeah, no, she wast she like ja research jans this article wasn’t coming for the church Carolyn Pearson now still did not say anything negative. No no, she was just like well this how happened? Yeah. She’s pretty amazing. All right I’m going to hit on this one really quick speaking of being offended. So um, many of you know Alec Boyer he is a ah british american member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. He likes to sing he likes to act he likes to give.

Talks and speeches and so he has his wife name is named Julie and right now they have 8 children well ten years ago she received this letter in the mail and she has never made this letter public that she received in the mail and she decided to now ten years later to kind of make it public. This letter that she received and it was an anonymous letter and the outside envelope kind of looked like child’s writing and then when you got inside. It was all typed up and it was an awful letter. Um, they used the n-word it had expletives racial slurs and they were all directed at Julie. Ah, basically saying that she’s a disgrace to the white rest of white people because she’s white and Alex is black and it was signed concerned parents and so you can only imagine what a troubling awful letter this was that she received so with February being black history month. She finally decided that hey I think. And might want to just address this letter and let people know because we’re talking 2012 not that long ago that’s crazy. It’s totally crazy and so she kind of ah she writes. Ah basically a response and this was in the Desret News to dear concerned parents. And just to kind of let them know you know what? my family is great and I am so and and she was smart enough to realize this was not about her. This was about a reflection of how hurt the author of this letter must be because the author ended up hurting people. Um, she called her family shameless at the author called her shit family shameless ingrates Mong Girlss and multiple times called Julia prostitutes which is just crazy so she writes this letter and she says you know I am really grateful for my family and. We are a thriving family of 10 in a world that otherwise criticizes us for our size. She has 8 strong and resilient kids who love one another and help one another and try and be like Jesus and basically says we’re doing all right? You know I hope that I know her point in doing this was just to kind of highlight. How racism still exists and how their family confronts this on a daily basis and um, anyway in the article they had just really cute family pictures and I just have to say. She has 8 of the most adorable kids I’ve ever seen in my whole life. Oh cute and I had no idea he had such I had no idea either. But you know clearly they are thriving and they are doing a good job being parents and trying to be better better people in the world. So all right.

Ah, next article we’ll just hit on real quick elder Christopherson Dedicates Gambia for the preaching of the gospel um a small nation in Africa this is the first time that an apostle has visited there and that it has been officially dedicated. Um, and this allows for the church to be organized. This is in Western Africa and it’s got official status so they can organize a branch I’m assuming yes, ah so that’s exciting. It’s always exciting to hear about the church opening other areas. Yeah. Okay, should we move on to mormons behaving badly yes and I’m so happy about this one because when you sent me this story a couple weeks ago I was like oh thank heavens we finally have a mormons behaving badly that is based on pure idiocy and not pedophilia I will say it true. Um, last few times we’ve been like we have the ick factor today. These are the ones I like that are just like pure unfiltered idiotic stupid decisions. Okay, go for it all right heritage halls beway you campus. Oh yeah I think you’re familiar with this. This is a good beginning. This is a good beginning at the heritage halls good breeding ground for some will provo firefighters were called to a fire alarm around four thirty in the afternoon so they go there and they find the fire sprinklers are activated and it’s flooded the main floor and a subsequent investigation revealed that a resident. Had been making homemade rocket fuel on the stove when the volatile mixture suddenly exploded into a fireball £5 of homemade rocket fuel on the stove which then of course tripped the sprinkler system. So the firefighters got there. They were able to get the fire out nobody was injured. Of course there was significant damage to the apartment now here’s what’s really interesting in one of the photos I saw there is a toilet that is sitting in the middle of the living room and so the. Did not notice that yes so the question then becomes did the firefighters take this toilet out of the bathroom and if so why if they didn’t take the toilet out of the bathroom. Why in the world. Do you have a toilet sitting in the middle of your living room I will tell you why the firefighters did not take the toilet out of bathroom. These are freshmen boys. They acquired this toilet somewhere where they were also making shady decisions like they did about the fuel. Ok except the fuel was done by a 22 year old. Oh well, he still could have been a freshman boy he still could have been a fresh fresh off a mission. Um, potentially.

So here’s what the firefighters recommend please keep your experiments in the lab and supervised by trained professionals and they did say it is unclear what the student intended to do with the rocket fuel that remains under investigation did he get suspended I assuming I don’t know because I’m wondering h. Kind of an honor code violation or suspension might this result it I don’t know but when I read this article I thought of our brother I did too. We have a brother who’s a bit of a pyromaniac. Well he used to be not anymore. He’s reformed these days. Also he had some pretty amazing pranks. It be way be why you. Freshman boys are just it’s like they’re famous for their prey exact. It is a whole culture and why you and you have to 1 up the prank. Maybe this guy had freshman roommates and that’s where the toilet came from and he was just I was experimenting who was knows what he was doing with the rocket fuel. He’s a chemistry major He’s a chemistry major. I don’t know I don’t anyway so that is our moment be behind. Yeah like con generate still follow up on that we want to generate we need to know what’s the deal with the rocket you all right? shall we move on to our favorite things. Sure. Okay. Um, my favorite thing this month is a fun Instagram Account oh I love a good Instagram account. It’s kind of similar you shared one a while ago called zillow gone wild. Oh yes, this is kind of on a similar okay pathway and I will probably like it. Please hate these things I follow that one I love it. So this Instagram account just makes me laugh so much. It is dedicated to like strange home decor slash engineering like the inside of the home like. Weird things like sometimes there’s like like a toilet in the middle of the living rail. Yes, that totally would have shown some exactly submit that picture. Okay, they might be confused about the burnt up stove man they might be confused why there’s three inches of water on the floor. So these are just pictures that people submit of like bizarre interiors of home. So like sometimes there’s like mismatched tile sometimes there’s like really weird decor like the whole room is themed like a panda yeah, sometimes there’s like a crooked mantle like some of the pictures are really hard to look at. Yeah, like if they’ll post and they’ll post post one of like ah a wall and the mantle is like off center crooked. It’s like I can’t look yes but it’s really fun to follow off. Oh I agree. What’s your favorite thing. Okay, so my favorite thing is something that is old but new again. Oh as you know I am a huge law and order fan.

Classic law and order is one of my faves classic law and order left the airwaves twelve years ago but alas it returned last Thursday I have been waiting for the return of classic law and order or law and order two point. Ah, whatever you want to call it. Um. And I have to say it did not disappoint. You know sometimes when you try and read resurrect stuff. It’s just not as good as the original usually but they did a really good job. They kept true to the fort the original law and order format. Um, do they have the same sounds and everything they do. They have the they have the same sounds and you know the first half is all the police investigation. The second half is all the court stuff. You know they have all sorts of of ethical and moral questions in the courtroom stuff and. They have some returning characters and some new characters. So it does feel familiar with Jack Mccoy their d a is back and so and then they’ve got one of their police officers is back as well. Okay, so um I loved it. I loved it. Loved it. Loved it. So. If you are in any way shape or law and order fan. Um I know some people are kind of met on Sv because they deal with some really weighty. Yeah I could never get behind Sv yeah, and and I watch Sv I also watch organized crime which is completely different format from any other law and order. But if you like a good solid classic law and order go watch ah law and order the law and order reboot because it will deliver ok good to know ok all right I think that’s it for the month I think it is us for the month yes Geoff will be back next week yes so twin listeners. We want to thank you very much for joining us and as always if you have any questions you can email at contact at this week http://inmormons.com you can find us on the Twitter on the Instagram on the Facebook and if you really love us be a Patreon supporter. 3 bunks a month keeps our computers flowing. So all right? Thanks for listening.


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