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TWiM Sisters
All right? hello there welcome to This Week in Mormons the sisters edition with your hosts Arianne Smith and Tiffany Hales real life sisters. Yeah and sisters. And the castle. So true here. We are at the end of March at the end of March we just finished spring break we did and so tell me about your spring break. Um, my spring break was pretty uneventful but the week before spring break I got to go chaperone a sixth grade trip. Science overnight camp in the snowy mountains and I couldn’t decide if you north of quite crazy I didn’t go for the whole week I only wear a glutton for punishment I only went for 2 nights with my sixth grade daughter. It was a fascinating observation of sixth graders in the wild. Literally in the wild. So I had like a cabin of five girls that I was in charge of like making sure they got to the right place at the right time there were there were college grad students there to like teach them. How to do this science. You don’t have to teach anything you mass there to make sure there to make sure really behaved. There was no. Funny business. No nonsense. So yeah, did you sleep in the cabin. Yes I slept in the cabin with my girls and I don’t you? How did you did you even get any yeah calling it sleep is a stretch that is for sure the second night one of the other chaperones had mercy on me and slipped me one of her melatonins. And then I was thinking if I were really smart and now I know because I’ve never done this before next time I’m going to get something serious like who do I know that has ambien oh you? Oh you got some right? Yeah, you just you just come to your local pharmacy which is my house I can hook you up with just about anything. Lessons for next time because I could not sleep in that cabin pool of girls not because of them. They were actually pretty good I just like couldn’t yeah yeah know so but and you got 2 more kids that you have the potential to do that for. Because they do this for all 6 yeah graders. So my oldest daughter my husband went for half the week and so this was like my turn with our second oldest so we’ll see if we make it for the next two. But here are my 2 observations. Okay yes, the same. What have you learned from sixth grade girls is wild. The sixth grade girls. Talk a whole lot about the boys and they like to have dance parties so that was great. The sixth grade boys wrestle. All they do wrestling sad that that all day every day I mean they even had like presentations and skits that they had to give on their like science experiments.

TWiM Sisters
Somehow they always worked wrestling into the skits and the presentations and then when they had free time. They’re just wrestling in the snow this is like this is new information for me as a mom of girls but I do have one boy. So now I’m prepared. You see this is not new information to me because. Our cousins Randy and Ryan were about eighteen months apart in age and I was smack in the middle of the 2 of them and I spent a lot of time with them growing up and they would seriously just get on the floor and go at it with each other and I would just look at them. Because I had no brother like what is your problem that is so weird Whitey why do you two feel the need to wrestle and meet each other. Yeah, it definitely is a boy thing. So yes, you now you now you have a preview of your life got a few years where your son is in sixth grade I’m prepared now. Yeah. Well you say that that I think it’s really not going to prepare feel like he starts knocking things down in your house because he’s justly up his but he’s probably not so see all you can imagine is just how sweet he is now I know I know plus he doesn’t really have anyone to wrestle with yet. With all this action. No he will wrestle occasionally I will find him wrestling with my youngest daughter. Okay, and and she is out of all your daughter she is the only likely culprit. Yes wrestle. Yes, she’s up for that. So. Ah, well I didn’t get much of a spring break because my son Mark was working as you know he has had the coolest experience for the last five weeks and you got to do this when you were in high school and you loved it and our sister crn did it as well. I tried to convince some of my older kids to have this experience and I never could Mark Mark Mark took a bite at this Apple Mark has been a page in the senate here in Idaho for the second half of the legislative session. So they divide the pages into two groups a first half and a second half. Because these kids are seniors in high school and they have to miss school right? and so missing twelve weeks of school is a lot missing six weeks of school is a lot but not as much as twelve weeks of school it’s a lot of amazing. It’s a lot of amazing. He absolutely loved it. He loved every minute of it. The first day when I went to pick him up because I just dropped him off every morning and then just picked him up and it was well. It was a lot of work to drive him there and drop him off. You know he didn’t have to fight parking or anything then but the other thing too was I got this time in the car with him every day in the morning and in the evening.

TWiM Sisters
And in the morning we would listen to news podcasts and in the evening. He’d tell me about his day. It was like the best mother Sunday southern mother son bonding anywhere. So after his first day I ask you I said Mark Scale of 1 to 10? How fun was this and he’s like. Ah, level 10 fun. Oh you know this is a kid who he’s not He’s not into sports sports artist thing at all and he really I mean he’s very much into history and politics. So this was right up his alley and just such an incredible boost to his self-esteem to go and do this and so. He knew during the second session that you know one of these weeks would be during spring break. So we wouldn’t get that week off so he didn’t get that week off oh that’s a sacrifice and that’s how you know he loves a he’s trying to give up his spring breakke for exactly so you know he got to see how the sausage was made. Be that good or bad and or not made because it’s not made nothing’s happening. True. So anyway, he just he had a really he just finished it up and he had a really incredible experience and so. I would just encourage all of our twin listeners out there to check into your legislature every legislature every legislature has pages some of them use college students some of them use high school students. But if you have a kid that that sort of thing is right up their alley. He learned more in five weeks sitting in the legislature than he learned in 4 years in high school. Oh so same here it was one of yeah it was one of the most amazing experiences of my young developing exactly life and my senior year All of all my history. You know you take government you’re senior. My government teacher showed us Jfk the movie. Oh go like multiple times so I definitely got more but of ah I mean much Jeff I love yeah, he was a great old guy. He was like ah like this close to retire. Yeah, so clearly I definitely got more out experience out of that than I did out of high school government class exactly so now the bummer is he has to return to high school. He’s got literally graduation is two months from today. Oh he’s gonna be yeah today was a trenky hit today was his yeah missionary to yeah, it’s It’s going to be a long sixty days for mom is all I have to say so okay wait you said you right before we’re about to record you said you have beef with my steak. Oh that’s right, do you want to talk about that now or later what is your your beef with my steak. What discuss the beef with I don’t know how you could possibly have beef.

TWiM Sisters
With my zion steak your your steak that’s extra and a little special. Yes, well your steak that’s extra and a little special seems to think that other steaks need to join them in being extra and a little special are they trying to greet you on board. Let me guess is this to help with their living last supper artwork. This is exactly living living art there help with their living art. So apparently so so they have I apparently rather than have the same cast every night different nights. They’re having different casts ok art because one of the counselors. I believe in my bishopric is going to go play one of the character well because they’ve extended it this year yes for my for laws of you who don’t know what we’re talking about my city background. My steak are extra stake my my stakeeak that’s a little over the top but loving. They do. They started it several years ago this living last supper where they recreate you know the famous artwork and they have people in full costume posed in front of a backdrop. It’s actually insanity when you see it. It looks. Just like it. It. It does look really cool I mean their production I’m going to give them props for their production values. This is not a fly by the sea hands they tear apart the chapel not tear apart the chapel they somehow take off the podium and turn the entire like. Thing into a stage in the chapel to do this anyway. But there you’re tending it this year from the from the tabernacle do that at the tabernacle failure stages and now there’s professional lighting. Yeah sound equipment. There’s a whole thing. Yes, so they are extending it. They’re extending it. This must be why they’re asking for help because I think I can’t remember. I can’t remember how long it was last year but the original year they started it which was maybe probably the year before co I think it was the year before covid um it was like a week like it started on a Tuesday or Wednesday and it went through Saturday so it was really only 3 or 4 days. But this year they are making it like ten days is it ten days so it was only like 5 it goes over a Sunday it starts on like April sixth and it’s go are you doing for your chap. Well we’re we’re getting kicked out of the chapel on Sunday April tenth says oh this chapel is like a stage now. Yes, they are sending us to other buildings for sacrament only. Oh and so our ward has been sent to some other building for like a one thirty sacrament only meeting for that week anyway, well so this is my guess as to why they’re picking on you. It’s longer so they need more people and that is exactly right? So so one of the bishopric members is in the cast. Okay I won have a problem. Yeah, you need some cast members.

TWiM Sisters
But like they sent out these like really long sign up things saying we need ushers we need volunteers. We need this many people from your stak thatda and I’m like um when did we agree to be part of their chaos. Why are we part of their chaos their extra. We don’t need to be extra You’re all extra now we’re reeling you all in well and and I mean I’m saying this and yes, there’s a mild annoyance but at the same time. It really is an incredible gift to the community and they are saying hey you know bring your neighbors invite people. You know it really is a good missionary tool a gift to the community. But like I said I wanted to be asked first if I wanted to be extra I didn’t move into the geographic boundaries of extra you did yes I did unknowingly here this is what I think will be interesting. We have a stake. Women’s conference the night before this event started in our stake center in the chapel. So I’m and it’s called like the women in Christ has to do okay women in Christ. And this is the same building that they’re turning to the same building that they’re turning into a stage so I am speculating I think we’re going to get some type of something to do. They got to use that stage and whatever they’re doing for us right? Oh so they will. This isn’t a situation where they’re going to have the women’s conference. And then construct the stage after you think they will have that have to have had the stage already set out. That’s what I think I don’t think that could set up that fast. So I’ll I’ll report back on that. Yeah report back on that I’m kind of curious. So yeah, that’s my beef with your steak. Okay well should we do some news note taken. Okay, it is a slow. Slow slow news week a little bit of a snow slow news media leadinging up to conference leading up to conference I don’t know if this means we’re gonna have like major news in conference. But I think this is fairly typical to conference I think things quiet down everybody’s prepping for conference well sometimes but sometimes like things. Triple out. Yeah so I don’t know. But anyway, so forgive us tonight for what we for what we do because we you know we can only work with what we have and right now it’s not much we don’t have a lot but we didn’t have a lot so some good ones. Okay, so first you will lead us off I have not read this first article we’re going to talk about I really did enjoy this one actually this was one that the tribune salt tribune released um couple days ago by Peggy Fletcher stack and it is of the peggy fletcher. Yes, it is all about the.

TWiM Sisters
Current release society presidency who we many are speculating may be soon to be outgoing release to be the former relief yeah society press so they have been in 5 years which is really hard to believe. Yeah man time goes fast when there’s a pandemicic thrown in the middle I think we can place money on the fact that they’ll be replaced. Right? Well ah if history follows tradition true if then they probably like we should say recent history because there were residencies of the past Bell Stafford that stayed for years. Ah, so yes, so Peggy Fletcher stack did just a really good write-up on this outgoing potentially outgoing presidency and just um, the great strides that they’ve made and you know what when I first read the the title she was that I think the title said something about how unique. This presidency was and how you know they really like changed things and I was thinking are they yeah are they and then as I read the article I I was reminded of lots of the things that they have done and they really have been quite busy during their presidency. Um, and they really just have. Taken you know they’ve just done things a little bit differently yeah than some of the presidencies of the past. So as you know we have ah Sister Bingham yeah the president and her 2 counselors are Sister Burbank and Sister Roberto um and you know she says in the article this is you know we’ve got a single sister sister burbank and or ah she says this is not the first time we’ve had a single sister in the presidency. This is not the first time we’ve had um someone from another country in the presidency. But this is you know they’ve done things. Yeah own unique way. So um. First of all, she talks about how um they didn’t use the primary voice when they spoke to us they spoke to us more like a do? Yeah um, and then she there has to be training. Yeah anyway, yes for that because I out hide speak that way not bring it church brings it a vocal vote I don’t know it’s It is very interesting anyway and then she talks about um, just all the unique service that they did and really a lot of like international international service and speeches and talks and then um, she talks about all of just the wonderful talks that they gave that were gospel. Centered but they really always related it back to themselves as being real people and how they frequently shared their own trials. Yeah um, during their talks and then do you remember the video they put out I think it was during the pandemic. It was really good. It was a video with all 3 of them and they talked about um.

TWiM Sisters
How between just the 3 of them and their families. They’ve had you know financial problems. Oh yeah yeah, fertilityities. Yes, I do remember and they gave actual numbers I do remember that and I love 6 family members with lgtb q um, they have you know 2 of them are. Divorce to have chronic illness 9 of their family members have addiction and I think this was not only for the relief society presidency but the general relief society board. Oh all of them. It was it was not only the presidency but also the whole board. Yes, yes, that’s right? so kind of represent the diversity of challenges and. Experiences that the board has had yeah so they talked about that video and then as as I was reading this article I was reminded that every single one of these sisters all 3 of them have talks that they have given in conference over the past five years that have stood out to me. Like been stellar talks like yeah, kind of talks that you go back and rewrite and I was thinking you know what I do think that is rare. Yes, for all 3 members of this presidency to have at least one that is really like standing goes down in history as like oh that was one of those talks. Um, and then she does a little write up about each one of them. Little write up on Sister Bingham um she quoted her daughter um, who talks about how she is always withholding judge like she is not want to judge. She’s open and accepting of everyone and she says you know I have a full-time career and graduate degrees instead of children. But my sister’s a stay athome mom of 5 and she said. Her mom has encouraged us both in what they’re doing and has been just a cheerleader to both along the way. No matter what they’re doing um, they talked about Sharon Youbanks and she is like has this reputation of just. They quoted someone that is a family friend of her that said she is the best aunt in the world. Not only to her own nieces and nephews. But to dozens of other children and young adults. She just takes people under her wings. It says um, they also quoted this friend as saying that at least 4 families had designated her in their wills as their guardian if anything could happen to their children so she just has this reputation of just like taking people in and loving on people and then um, sister abuerto. Um. She has talked frequently about like she just has had an amazing life. She lived through the earthquake in Nicaragua? um and civil unrest in that country. Um, her brother died in that earthquake. Oh wow.

TWiM Sisters
Um, and then also her father committed suicide and she’s been very open about all these and she’s been divorced and she has just lived a life and it just talked about how so many of the latino saints and latina saints can really relate to her um and fill a connection with her. Um. Sharing those experiences anyway. So it was a really cool write up if you want to just read a little bit more about those ladies um and kind of sums up a lot of their time. Yeah in their presidency. It’s good. 1 Okay well that does sound good leave it to peggy f flitcher yeah to to do an in-depth. So um, our next article which is you know again, kind of conference related the relief society one is somewhat conference related because again we expect they will probably be released. Um, which you know will be interesting because you know they usually do the releases in the afternoon so will they have. At least 1 of them give a goodbye talk in the morning. Oh that’s right because we have our women’s conference that night I know so I’m assuming we will get to hear from all of them 1 more time since I hope since we do have our which I am very excited that they have brought back. Women’s nighttime session. Are you happy about this. You know I I am because yeah and Jeff talked this about this a little bit in the podcast I can’t remember it was last week or when I was with him but just the um. You know the third session was just kind of ah okay, more conference it wasn’t anything special right? when they got rid of the women’s session as well as the priesthood session. We talked about the loss of tradition right? you know of tradition going with your daughter going with your daughter or the boys going with their father and just. Kind of the sadness of that loss of tradition. So I am really glad the specialty sessions are needs here are and well and just for us as women to be able to hear we’re gonna be able to hear from so many more women exactly this conference. Um during that session exactly exactly. So anyway. So yes I am excited about that art. You and I our plans for Saturday night whether we’re together or not are still a bit up in the air and indetermined undetermined but we’re we’re at least going to watch it. Yeah, so all right? So temple square renovation news. Um, you know Jeff kind of touched a little bit on this last week when he was talking about they are limiting conference attendance to 10000 so we know that the conference center seats 20000 they’re limiting it to 10000 you know, of course there was speculation. This was covid related but Jeff was also talking about.

TWiM Sisters
Well, temple square and what’s going on with temple square and he’s like can you really funnel all those people. It’s ah a mess. It’s a mess. Well the thing is is last week when he recorded the church plaza was still open. They are closing off. The church plaza that’s wait. What’s considered the plaza by the fountain. Yeah, that strip of land. Oh I thought it was all closed already. No that strip of land that used to be the street that the city deeded to the deeded to the church so that they could make the plaza by the reflection by the reflection fountain. So. They’re closing that off, they’re closing um everything to the east of that like the fountains and everything all the grounds that are in front of the church office building and so there is really not going to be any way to get around. What I like to call 1 Church Ply unless you park in the garage under the conference center and go up that’d be the yeah way to get there because like literally the only thing that the only part of temple square or and including one church plaza which I include you know the church office building the Joseph Smith building the um administration building all of those buildings there you you will still be able to go and walk between where the tabernacle is and where the um and and where the temple is kind of in that area so you can look at the renovations of the temple. You will not be able to walk on the other side that abuts the Joseph Smith building you’re only going to be able to get into the Joseph Smith building through the front door and other than that you’re like walking around the block. There’s no direct cut through that I could see when I looked at the map between um, the. The south side of temple square and the north side of temple square so I thought that was really interesting and so that whole plaza area is going to be closed from April Twenty Twenty two until late twenty Twenty three right okay and I thought I saw in the article they’re making the reflection pond. Bigger is that right? Let’s see this is the main straight plaza efforts will include and you know what I bet they probably close this off. Ah after conference given the fact that they said they’re going to close it from April Twenty Twenty two until late twenty Twenty three they probably wont wait till last after conference. So the main street plaza efforts will include inspecting and repairing the Plaza deck and so that would be like if you are if you are walking ah in between in that what used to be an old city street. You could tell it’s a deck you know it’s not just the city street.

TWiM Sisters
They’ve put um I don’t know concrete like square paver things. They’re um, updating the Plaza’s waterproofing system refurbishing the north and south entry fountains. Installing a larger reflecting pool that you were right? that surprised me because I thought when they first shut this down they had said something about getting rid of it was that just in my head I must have been headed getting rid of it because that reflecting pool is so are you taking pictures because yes it reflects the temple and you take the pictures and you get lovely. Lovely venues. Well I’m glad they’re making it bigger more room for more brides exactly more room for more brides because if you’ve ever been there on a Saturday in the summertime they are moving brides in and out and groups are waiting for the next picture venue. And fact I kind of wonder do they have a diagram for photographers. Okay, you go to this picture venue first and then this right and then this what so they can keep everybody’s keep this law way in the same direction. Keep it orderly because leave it to the church to keep the picture taking orderly and have diagrams how the picture should be taken The church can move a crowd. I was used to say it be why you they know how to do a line maybe not quite to the level of Disney but they with us to the level of chick-fil-a chick-fila can move along, not not quite there but their club they’re close I say third run rap okay to Disney and chickfil-a. Um, refreshing the landscaping design to better integrate the plaza with the church office building plaza area and the Salt Lake temple grounds um and it said the church did publish a map showing available pedestrian access points to and from the temple square buildings during the plaza closures. So. From my looking at the Map. There’s not going to be a lot of access so all right anyway. Okay moving on the next article is very confusing sorry I made your printer. Oh my printers. I I touched a button I shouldn’t have touch so sorry so that noise is a ans printer all right because it’s operator error on my part well then oh dear, sorry fitting something the next article is very confusing. Be why you made a list of top. 50 party schools in the country. Hello. This makes no sense. It makes no I don’t think this is the official list that usually comes out because you know usually we make the they release the party school list and then they release the stone cold so school list and we are number one and I can’t remember what publication does that? do you remember.

TWiM Sisters
Is it like your essay today or you know what? let me look that up. You look at I am about I tell you about this this is done by bar this was done by bartool who I think they’re fairly new at this I don’t think that they’ve been doing this for very long. So um, they said that? yes. Byu is on the list of the top 50 party schools and they are number 13 and um, even though you know the the guy who wrote the article said well our alcoholic beverage ah beverages are certainly not required to make a party. It’s why. Assumed that beard beer fueled ah party usually propels schools to such lists so it is the princeton review who does in review party school and stone gold sober. All right? So I don’t know but they got some funny comments. It said on barsol’s Instagram Page there were a lot of comments about this and many people were disagreeing with this choice of pretty be were you on the list. Ah someone said youall must have been great you you all must have crazy red bull parties. But but. Yes, ah so I don’t know I said barstool did not release its criteria for creating the party school list. Although it did claim the data was compiled by the American News United Syndication whatever that is someone that’s trying to sound official. Maybe I need to look that one off next you know here’s what I think let’s just let’s just look up that united what is it America is United Syndication it’s probably not even run in. America I bet. It’s somewhat like overs to see let’s see if I could type fast enough. Yeah American News United Syndication anyway so there you go. Everyone’s very confused and um, well I have a theory you want to know my theory. Yeah, what’s your theory. Okay. So it. There’s united media but I don’t see any American News United Syndication made up thing I think it might be some fake this fake news people I think this literally might be fake news. That and bar stool is trying to drive clicks to their yeah yeah, and so I I because I can’t find this this united what was it called again. United News American News United Syndication yeah I cannot find anything on that and doing a simple. Yeah i.

TWiM Sisters
Think to this so click bait I think it’s some clickbait I think they’re making it up I think they threw be why you on there because they knew by throwing be why you on there that that would increase their clickbait because everybody would go how to be why you make number 13 as a party school that doesn’t make any sense right? And so I think it’s totally web driven. I don’t think there’s much merit to this especially when they’re not releasing their criteria because if you’re proud of your study. You’d release your criteria and say well here’s the criteria for why we chose what we did the criteria. Yeah especially when you have an outlier like be way, you. Some intern just got to randomly pick someone who is a page in the legislature just like my son hey page boy make a party school goodness anyway, that was good for a chuckle. It was very good for a chuckle. Ok so our next story. Is the story behind the ctr ring have you always wondered what the story was behind the scenes. Yes I thought this one was super interesting because I never knew the history and I thought the ctr ring had actually been around a much longer beach really was yeah. And now in looking at the story and like factoring in my age I’m like I might have been one of the first people to actually get a ctr ring you probably were because um, they they the seat the creation of the ctr ring occurred in 1970 and so it was part of the primary curriculum committee they were going through and they were doing curriculum and they really had no idea when they created this ctr ring what the heck it would turn into you know, fifty years later and so and for latter day saints. It’s been a simple expression that’s been. You know part of our cultural lingo because not only we find it on rings. You’ll find it on other jewelry socks t-shirts bumper stickers. It’s it’s kind of like a ah badge of honor and so um and the phrase choose the right right again that wasn’t something It’s not found in scripture. It really hasn’t. You know wasn’t in the early vernacular of the church or anything. There’s 1 reference to a talk made by Brigham young in 1964 where he says that um we are free to choose as him in 1860 18 yes sorry yes, 18 64 he said. God rules and reigns and has made his children as free as himself to choose to choose the right or the wrong and um, but where the term choose the right really got into the vernacular of our culture is the song choose the right.

TWiM Sisters
Right? Do you remember learning that even though it’s in the adult Hymbook do you? Oh yeah, that in primary everybody learns that in primary exactly and so it was written sometime before 199 and it was included in the book desret Sunday school songs back when we used to have Sunday school. So then in one seventy the church’s general primary board which was 8 women created the green ctr shield and recommended it be used on all official church materials shortly thereafter. The new ctr curriculum including the ctr shield and ring. Were introduced as a reminder for children to make good choices and throughout their days and lives and so the ctr ring is in 28 languages and so my recollection when I was a kid that when you went into the 8 year old class to be baptized. That’s when you got your yeah ctr ring I think they’ve bumped that up now I think as soon as you get into the ctr system which I think happens after sunbeams they give them to even my sunbeam got one this year are you kidding now they give them and they give them to our entire. Primary at the beginning of the year so every year the kids get a new ring because they probably know that that like ring from last year is long gone exactly let’s just see if you like my ring and I you know I probably lost it immediately and you had no option in the 70 s today like go get another ring very precious back then. Very precious. So so according to the Desret News the original committee chose the shield representing shielding the children from temptation and the green background to represent an evergreen tree that stays constant from season to season. Did you know I had no idea I did not know that either here’s the other thing too. So they’re going through and they’re trying to you know so they’ve got their shields. They’ve got their color now they’re trying to figure out what they’re going to put on there so they thought about our c for right choice. This was so interesting but they felt that was too close to Roman Catholic and Arsi Cola which is caffeinated is which isated so that would have been a big. No no back in the 70 s yeah right? We’re a little over the caffeinated. So does these days was that a thing in the seventy. Oh. It was so a thing in the 70 s like. You were a Jack Mormon if you drink caffeinated soda like definitely you were Rc on your right? You were not a member of good standing anyway. So they eventually landed on ctr or choose the right now here is a very another very interesting statistic from this article.

TWiM Sisters
Ah, according to the Salt Lake tribune in 2005 so granted this is a little outdated by almost twenty years church distribution services in because you know they’re not going to give us fresh information church distribution services sold more than 522 Thousand rings in 2005 in 24 languages internationally yeah, we need some updated day I know well and the first ring sold for ¢35 a piece today a buck 25 will get you a ctr ring. Not bad at least. The ones that the church does the green ones the green one not the fancy gold one not the fancy gold ones you could pay a lot more money if you wish to upgrade you can even have diamonds put in your ctr right? I’ve seen some of those I actually knew a girl that had a ctr ring for her wedding ring. Are you kidding? No I’m not kidding kind of different that is different. Yeah, that would not be my choice. A very fancy 1 but ok, ok, moving on so next story we have is about missionaries well one in particular. Who are not able to go to the temple before their mission who this was an interesting little write up on elder ulyss elder suarez. Yes, um, he is now doing a bunch of press and tours for the new temple and ah rio de Janeiro. In Brazil which of course he’s from Brazil so he’s got close ties there and Jeff talked before about how they like to send president Nelson likes to send him to the ones that are special to that so he is you know doing all that. Um, but the whole article talks about how he was not able to go to the temple and get his endowment before his mission which I’m sure was pretty common back then because there were less temples. It was it said that you know his family lived in San Paulo brazil at that time they had announced a temple in San Paulo and I think they were constructing it but it wasn’t done right? and so the closest temple at that time was Mesa Arizona Six Thousand miles away so yeah hard to remember that like it like that’s how it was when our parents. Yeah, we’re growing up exactly Um, so that was kind of a hard pass so and it hasn’t been like that for many many years almost all missionaries are able to get their endowment before their mission because they generally these days don’t have to travel 6000 right? Ah, but that was.

TWiM Sisters
Um, not the case during the pandemic and it talks about how during the pandemic. So many missionaries were sent out without um, getting their endowment first because temples were still closed and good. You don’t want to keep I mean what do you do you got to carry on. You got to send your missionaries out. But I do think that’s a really interesting thing to think about and because it said that um even like the missionaries. There’s even missionaries going out now that are still not able to depending on where they live yes too far. But. Um, sometimes they’ll go to a mission and be able to do it on their mission. Yeah, and that is hard to think but like can you imagine doing that without your parents there. Well you know what when they were because I’ve had a couple of friends that this has happened to ok that they had to send their kids out. Okay. On their mission without having gone through the temple because the temple wasn’t open right? and then once the temple opened they let them go through on their mission but they gave parents the option that they could fly to the city where they were going through the temple. And go through the temple with their kid. Okay I wonder yeah so it was an option for parents. You know, not a requirement or anything. But if they wanted to. They could go do that because I had several of my friends who did take advantage of that and went through with their kids on their mission and I’m like that’s kind of. Ah, unique, cool experience that would be unique and cool. Also I think it would be as a missionary would it be overwhelming to have that experience in the middle of your mission versus like before I don’t know because you think it would be better because you’re on like such a spiritual high that elder Suarez says in the article which I found really interesting. He did not get to go to the temple until he was nearly complete. That’s right, he only had a couple months left and they had finished he’s in rio and they had finished the San Paulo Temple and so he gets permission from his mission president. There was a group from rio that was going to the San Paulo Temple and so he got including a state president so he got permission from his mission president that he could get on the bus and go with grabs because his companion had also not been through the time they both wanted to go through and the mission president said ok the state president’s going to be responsible for you and the state president agreed and he agreed to stay with his companion. His his parents met him at people so they traveled very far and that so you know they were already in jail right? They were close. Yeah, they were close but they brought his brother to and they all got sealed so he got his endowments and then they got sealed together as a family and he talks about in this article.

TWiM Sisters
Just the power that he gave him and the understanding and so in some ways I think you know maybe if you’ve been out on your mission for a few months and you’ve been really you know into the gospel praying and doing the things that the missionaries do that just constantly allow them to have the spirit with them. That you know maybe the temple experience at that point is just becomes so much more meaningful because elder schwarz said it really did it seaaled his testimony. Yeah, so yeah, that’s true and maybe it’s less overwhelming when you’re already you know immersed yeah in gospel 24 7 yeah um, anyway, it was cool article and of course he’s thrilled to see um the new temple in rio. Yeah, just all about ready to be dedicated and um, he says it’s like a dream. Yeah, so very very cool to hear his experience with that and yeah, see his excitement for that. Exactly all right? What’s next? Okay, so we’re going to pivot to the new supreme court nominee cut Taji Jackson Brown Jackson ah because when her her confirmation hearings started last week and when she was introduced to the senate. She was introduced by a gentleman who is named Thomas Griffin and um he is not only is he um he is a retired us court of appeals for the district of Columbia Circuit judge and he is the former general counsel at buyu. Making him obviously a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day say and he had some really interesting words to say about judge Jackson he starts it off by saying I come here as a jurist appointed by a republican president and I come here as someone who understands there are fewer. Few greater responsibilities under the constitution than serving as a justice on the United States supreme court and he goes on to describe judge Jackson and the things that he appreciates about her and um, he says and I thought this was very telling he says. Although we did not always agree on the outcome the law required I respected her diligent careful approach her deep understanding and her collegial manner indispensable traits for success as a justice on the supreme court. And I just really appreciated his remarks because a lot of his remarks were focused on partisanship and just the division that partisanship is creating and the number of republican judges federal judges who were endorsing her because.

TWiM Sisters
You know, regardless of her political beliefs. You know she really does have the qualifications to be a good supreme court judge and so kind of a you know a cool shout out so a member of the church. Um I ah justice or judge Griffin. Who um, you know was able to make these opening remarks for what is a very historic supreme court nomination. Yeah I thought that was really cool, very cool. Okay, next article is about be why you be why you honors jewish passover with a model cedar dinner. Um. I did not know this is something that happens every year at b why year I did it’s the 80 s we were years I we know know this I’m actually really mad that I never went to this there so it was started in the 80 s by a professor named Victor Ludlow and now um Jeffrey Chadwick who’s a b white you religious. Education and has also worked with the jerusalem center. Um, he has carried it on and of course they couldn’t last year with covid but they brought it back this year and they model it. Um, based on you know all the traditions of judaism and the passover and he talks about how. Much of our heritage in christianity is related to that and so they do this is just you know a really cool thing and in relation to easter and learning about um jewish traditions and well and they said in the article which I thought was interesting. They don’t do it on the actual like passover days. Because they don’t want to be infringing on this right? They don’t want to pretend you know that they’re engaging in this maintenance and they’re careful respect. They’re careful to call it a model a model seatar. They’re not actually calling it a cedar. Um, anyway, so they have this dinner and he. Like throughout the dinner he explains the symbolic meanings behind the prayers and the food and um the hebrew songs and the chants and how they’re significant and how they relate to Christian beliefs and I saw the picture that you know they had some pictures along with this and it was clearly in the ballroom. It be why you and it was clearly catered. Be you know the classic classic be why you catering table with the layout and the dishes and the napkins and the table and the yeah those be wu glasses. They’ve been there forever I was looking at it and I was like oh man that just brings back so many memories and I’m also just really sad that I never was aware this was happening it when I was there. And maybe I wouldn’t have appreciated it it my young 20 something naivete. But now I would go how do I get in can I just like show up teacher did I look good at 22 college shit. Yeah I don’t have yeah more kids.

TWiM Sisters
This is really embarrassing that the closest I have gotten to a seatar dinner is watching one on real housewives. Okay and it erupted in a fight. It was an awful like horrible like Privacycy. What. Genre of real housewives were you watching what they were doing. It was New York city house yeah and it was not a great representation I’m sure the people that were putting on the dinner were horrified well either that or it’s like. Hey you invited the real houseway what did you expect true but they they kind of have a reputation. Ok. So the next story we got. We have a little story out of Ukraine and this is written in first person by a gentleman by the name of Jason Stout and um brother stout as a member of the church. He actually served a mission in Ukraine and then he and his family have been living in Kiev for 6 years ah and of course when the war broke out he talks about they had to leave their home behind a house that they built. He says you know it may soon end up as rubble just another casualty and so he gets his family out of the country and then he crosses back into Ukraine in order to beat with some friends and get to some vital belongings they had left behind when they fed fled and he talks about having to wait in very long lines to get back. Across the border again and just how cold he was but it was nothing compared to the suffering of others and he says you know for most of us and I think this is really true. He says the concept of a refugee is so foreign we can’t even picture it. Most of my friends in the developed world will never experience anything like this too often. We ignore them or wish we could ignore them and he just talks about kind of his experiences being ah as a refugee just how blessed he is. They’re not living in a refugee camp. Um, he didn’t have to leave his family’s fate in the hands of strangers. So you know he doesn’t say where he’s at no I’m really curious where they’re at it sounds like maybe somewhere in Europe still yeah, exactly and that you know maybe they had some friends or somebody that they can stay with but he also talks about how he’s gone and tried to help others. And that he and his wife I really liked this. My wife and I are spending every waking moment late into each night helping our friends who are still in Ukraine and any others we hear about coordinating escapes shelters and sending money but we still feel so powerless. It seems like we simply take turns crying throughout the day.

TWiM Sisters
We are emotionally and mentally exhausted but then we remember the courage of those who are actually fighting in the streets and we must muster the energy to keep going and he talks about family and friends who have sent him money so that he’s able to help some of these refugees. He also talks about an ancestor of his that he turns to which I really liked. He says my ancestor jose josea stout served as the chief of police in navi and was the personal bodyguard of Joseph Smith and he was a refugee almost two hundred years ago and he talks about Josea Stout and his family having to flee navi and that you know he keep he even before becoming a refugee. He worked with refugees and he would keep this picture on his wall and explain to them. You know I I I have this in my heritage I don’t fully understand. Now. Of course he does. But um, ah that you know he would have some connection to them and he says Ukraine is a very special holy place I knew it for my first day as a missionary back in 2001 the saints are some of the most sincere resilient and incredible people I’ve ever met. And he concludes it by saying please pray for us Ukraine needs and deserves all the help it can get so I just really likes that because you know it’s easy in the beginning to oh this is so tragic and and and you know pray for them every night as it wears on and it becomes more commonplace. It’s easier to forget that we need to do have those prayers for the saints. It’s gonna be a long long term thing. So all right I will do one last story before we move on. You may recall president Nelson he is a big fan of the and nwacp yes, and that last year he and the reverend Amos Brown got together and they decided they were going to do this partnership that they announced that will provide $6000000 in humanitarian aid over 3 years to inner cities. 3000000 in scholarships donate donations over as many years and a fellowship to send up to 50 students to Ghana to learn about black american and african history so they are they have started accepting these applications for these students who want to do this fellowship. Ah, from Ghana and they’re accepting applications through March Twenty Fifth and the fellows will spend ten days in Ghana from July thirty first to August tenth they will be immersed in guillenese culture. They will learn about the Atlantic slave trade and receive deep insights into their.

TWiM Sisters
Ancestral lineage and they are hoping that this experience will help equip students to build bridges between communities become social justice leaders and ambassadors for racial justice. But what is really interesting that made this story in the news this week is these individuals who are selected as fellows. They have a reading list before they go and on their reading list is a talk by president Nelson his remarks at the end of Acp 2019 national convention and so they will be required to read his smart remarks and understand what he has to say so I know I did think that was interesting I thought that was pretty cool to say the least I guess that’s how it works when you donate money right? there you go y’all go read my talk ah read my thoughts. But you know I mean it’s good because president Nelson wants to build bridges with the and nwacp and he wants to have an understanding of them and he wants them to have an understanding of us. Yeah, it is so that we can build those bridges and it’s fun to see the updates on what’s actually happening like. But the wheels are moving. You know exactly so that’s exactly so all right? All right? We don’t have a lot of Mormons Behaving bad muslims have not been behaving. Bad. They’ve been very good leading up to they have been very good in because I did mormons behaving badly when I recorded with Jeff two weeks ago um but since then in the last two weeks all is quiet All is quiet on the western front and you know what that means that that means we’re going to get a spurt. That’s exactly how this worked in about a month in about a month I’m going to have so many mormons behaving. Badly. Um, have stories just coming out of my ear rolling various behaviors rolling our eyes. We do appreciate it when mormons behave nicely. Yes, but I do have just a little bit of a brief update for you know we love a good chad day Bell Laurie Valo and the judge ruled just this week that they have to have their trial together. The attorneys were wanting to separate the trial and the judge said no no, no, no, we’re not going to separate the trial now this is very bad for them right? Well yeah, this is really bad because their evidence together much works. Oh alone, not. Quite yes, awful even though still awful. Yeah exactly. But the only problem is is she’s still in the funny farm and so until they certify her that she is not crazy and kids stand try. So is he just gonna sit in jail. He’s just sitting in jail until she can be on trial till she can be on trial at the same time that seems fair. So.

TWiM Sisters
You know there you go all right? should we move on to favorite things. Sure okay, well I can hardly wait to hear. Okay, what you are going to say your favorite thing. This is my favorite thing lately for the month ok um we watched a documentary a couple weeks ago that was so good and it’s actually one that our. Younger sister told I told me about I I don’t think you’ve heard of it when when I went to California she was telling me about it. Oh she tells you about it not in the group text. But now I’m telling you about it so you can go watch it too. Well i’m’m you know this is good because. I’m just kind of ed between shows right now and I’m looking for something. Okay, this one was so good. It’s on Hulu and it’s called the donut king that donate King Donut King and do tell this I might be watching this. This is one I never in 1000000 years would have found if she hadn’t told me. Ok, so what is the so the donut king is about this guy named Ted who was a cambodian refugee in 1935 um, gets put gets sent to America put in a right refugee camp eventually you know integrated into society in Southern California ok um he decided to like get to work. He’s like I’m going to live the american dream so he um tried a donut for the first time. Oh god fell in love and was like I fall in love with ride base street I know he’s like I want to work for the donnut people so he goes to um. Winchells which was the big. Oh yes, all over Rachel’s donuts all over the west. Well all over the west coast at the time. Ok and he worked for them for a little while learned the tricks learned the secrets and then he opened his own donut store. And more and more donutt stores and then as these cambodian refugees came over you know at first it was like yeah a few family members. Yeah, he’d get them involved in the donut business and then it was you know friends of a friend or yeah friend of a family member. So and so’s great. Uncle yeah and he would just bring him in and put him to work and he ended up. Just dominating these cambodian donut shops just ended up dominating in California like Southern California all the way out the way. Yes, whole day they took over like being the dominant donut maker and at that time Duncan donuts was trying to get in. Yeah on the west coast too and they also. You know, not to them out of way day. So it’s kind of the rise and fall of this you know refugee cambod g does he have a fall in his business too. Well, you’ll have to watch him find out. It’s it’s the rise in the fall in the the saga redemption the drama of the donheads and the family members and to this day.

TWiM Sisters
There is still just a huge community of these cambodian donut shops in California how fascinating and I just had no idea and so I really and I also learned a lot about what happened in Cambodia in the 70 s which I had no idea. And we have a sister in law we have yeah sister in law solodia I was I felt like where she wasn’t she wasn’t she was a foreign yet. But I felt like oh this is like really some good background to have anyway, it was one of the best documentaries I’ve seen in a long time. Ok. I am going to have to I may have to go watch start watching the Donughnu King the dont on hulu. Okay, so my favorite thing is a cleaning product. So I love a cleaning product I will you use this cleaning product. So I know you love this cleaning product. Everybody I know uses this cleaning product except for me and I finally bought the cleaning product and I was like. No, no way everybody? Yeah, what is it? It is the dawn power spray. Oh yes I love the dawn power spray now I keep my regular detergent. So I’ve got my regular dish soap plus the dawn power spray because I use. The regular dish show for different things that use the Don power spray me too. You got to have both but 1 of my favorite things to use the Don power spray for is I have a gas range just like you do and. It does it never fails every night when I cook I get grease and crap and all over the gas range. So you know I can usually if I’m cooking every day you know usually by about four or five days it’s pretty disgusting so I just take my dawn power spray and I spray the whole thing down with my don power spray. Let it sit there for a minute and then I wipe it away. It is seriously the easiest way to clean my guess right? It’s really good at grease. It is so good at grease and so I do the backsplash behind I do my vent of above I’m just like where have he been all my life. So I am a big fan of the of the Don power I am a re. I’m a little late to the party but I did make it to the party here is my only complaint about the dog power spray the sense. Oh see I just have the regular does it come in other sense. It comes in all kinds of sense and I finally found a scent that is acceptable to me. Okay, the said the citrus scent. So what don’t you like about the regular there I don’t know. Regular scent doesn’t smell like regular blue dot I love the smell of reg. Okay dawn but the powers very smells different. Okay, yeah you write describe it. It’s just not as good and then one time I tried the green Apple disgusting. Um what other scent there was like a fresh scent. Okay something fresh.

TWiM Sisters
Didn’t like it but I do like the citrus. Okay, well and you and I have similar scent issues so I probably would like the citrus. The other thing that I did with the dawn power spray is I had some sort of a grease stain or some it was a grease stain. Um, on my office carpet because my chair had rolled off of the chair mat that I have and it left this black grease stain. So I just took the dom power spray and I hit that black chair grease stain with the power spray clothing. Oh I bet it probably wouldn’t have to. And regular dawn is my favorite thing for getting grease out of clothing that is ah I keep a little mini bottle of dawn in my in my in my closet so that if I ever have anything that has grease on it I just put a little dab of dawn put it in the laundry basket and then by the time I watch it whilea the grease is gone. Yeah. Dawn. It’s an amazing product all right? Well I think that does it for the week I um, happy conference everyone yes, enjoy this weekend and you know get your cinnamon rolls out and that’s a lot of people do cinnamon rolls for conference that right tradition Lds living had you know, leave it to Lds living of course. They had a post for four fantastic breakfast recipes for conference. Ok so there you go if you’re looking for breakfast recipes for comrace hit up the lds livings and juffle be on on Sunday night. Yes Sunday night. They’re going to do a conference just recap and friends Jeff and friends. Probably not as yeah at my time but he’ll have a variety. Yeah, we think we have some other conflicts this time that are not going to not going to allow us to participate but we will certainly listen so for sure anyway, thank you twin nation for joining us today. And we appreciate your support as always if you have any questions or comments you can ah write a little email at contact at this week at http://mormons.com goes straight to Jeffs inbox so send all your complaints data not us. That’s how we like it. That’s how we like it Facebook Twitter I’m sure Jeff will have his tie tracker going. He always does. Oh yeah I just put up temple predictions, temple predictions and if you really want to be a super fan. Join patreon be a so a subscriber supporter three bucks a month keep our lights on. Thank you very much. All right? Thanks for listening.


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