EP 580 – Under the Banner of Idaho

How will Latter-day Saints feel about "Under the Banner of Heaven"? Orrin Hatch dies. Tabernacle Choir starts a cruise. Julie Stoffer returns.

The Sisters are here! It’s time! And it’s been five years since the Sisters starting gracing your ears with their dulcet tones. Let us commingle with our lovely Idahoans and talk news!

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TWiM Sisters
Hello welcome everyone to this week in mormons the sisters edition with your hosts Arian Smith and Tiffany Hales here we are at the end of April the end of April you know what? I was actually looking at the calendar and this. I didn’t even share this with you I don’t even know if you’ve realized this it has been five years since we have been hosting this are you kidding me I am not kidding you. We started in may of 2017 and I know this because your little boy. Just. Almost his turning 4 oh right? and started this before he was born started this before he was born I forgot about that I you know it in my head I was thinking like 3 or 4 kind of well it just struck me because one of the first things that we talked about. Since we podcasted in may was mother’s day and we are kind of mixing it up for mother’s day this year in my ward and I was like oh my gosh how many years has it been how many mother’s day have we picked apart the presence that the wards give us, um, but like four or five years so I’m sure would we podcast at the end of may maybe we will be picking apart in may we’ll fully digest what we got this year this is a preview this is a preview of our of our podcast in may true to form we will be picking apart. Brother’s day because that is one topic we have consistently had a lot to say on. We’re very opinionated yes mothers we are and the presence from the ward exactly also fathers say very true because a lot of times we’re in charge of that except but ok so I have to tell you just my church related personal church related news of the week oh gosh I have been in mourning. all week I had been in mourning all week last week mourn the loss of a state conference over zoom because our steak had stay comfortable this last weekend and you know that we’ve talked about it on here like we have one of the things that. I long to see stay forever that covered brought us is the state conference Zoom link. It was amazing. It was like one of the only things where I was like this is the way it should be done and I guess I naively just kind of assumed like this could be an option forever. Well exactly there. There are lots of people who. Maybe don’t want to mix it up with 2000 other people mistake and our ward is still doing a Zoom link every Sunday oh day now. Granted our ward has some um, pretty like sick people right now with yeah terminal illness. They yeah really do need the link.

TWiM Sisters
But they give it to everyone. So I mean we’ve had days where we’ve been traveling our kids are safe where we’ve been able to use it anyway. So all week last week I was lamenting because the Sunday before state conference they announced over the pulpit. It’ll be at the stake center. There’s not enough room for all of us in the stake center so it will also be broadcast at this other building. And um, if there is a special circumstance where you need a link you can talk to your bishop about it. Oh god and so all week I was like why we can’t all fit in our stake center. So why not just. Open the stake center you know to fill up because my stakeak is full of high achievers. Oh your stake is no shake center will fill up that is not a concern in my sake I get that in a smaller state but no, definitely not a nurse day those who want to see and be seen yes, by those in leadership will show up. It an hour early. It’ll to stay off. It’ll be aapse. So yeah, why not sit in the link anyway, so I was mourning all week I was kind of whiny I was complaining and you were murmuring I was murmuring and guess what I got for my murmuring What did you give here murmuring I got two out of my 4 children throwing up on Friday and Saturday for my murmuring. Ah, so guess who got the link to stay conference I think you planned this. What did you covertly do to make your children sick I just know yeah get the link to do you know my kids have issues with throw. But I was like I was just laughing I was like how ironic is this I whine about it all week and I get vomit in my house. Oh my gosh that is so so funny. Yeah, yeah, folks out there. There are no children on this planet who vomit more than her kids. They have serious vomiting issues. So yeah, we texted the bishop and he said um, our kids are so he sent us the link for the set for the Saturday night which is also the link for the Sunday and and I oh they’ll be better by Sunday but no on Sunday a different kid a different showing self course. Which I mean I was going to use that way hearing his caring is going to use that Sunday link no matter what even if the Friday night kid was feeling better. So anyway, so yes is anybody currently throwing. Oh everyone’s good now and I have to say in the moment I was like you have to be careful what you wish for. This is not what I wanted but look. Back now that we’re like out of the woods I’m like that was not that bad does that show you how desperate I am for a link to say conference. It shows me 2 things. First of all how desperate you are and how well because your children vomit all the time.

TWiM Sisters
You handle and deal with the vomit that’s like you have it down to a science does che we are very good now about like keeping it off of floors, upholstered couches etc like I know no one who’s who handles vomit better than you. It’s true. So that’s my state conference story. Be careful what you wish for people. Okay, well I’m going to be fun easter music. Oh so I love the easter song. Yeah glorious. He has risen the allelujah song. Yes, so I get to church on Easter sunday. Open the handbook because you know we seen the opening him first and this this is what I’m greeted with let me just let me just play a small snippet of what I was greeted with ok um.

TWiM Sisters
Um, what is this? What do you think it sounds like the wild bell it sea like the why also a strange song. It sounds like the wild bell song and you may recall in our January podcast I was ripping on the wild bell song and why we have to sing wilds you guys sing it every year you see it every year and I and we never. Am I war so they started in with this song and I’m like what the heck this sounds like wild bells. It’s called that easter morn so technically it is an easter song but I think it’s an easter song pretending to be wild bells because it sounds wow remarkably like wild bells. So your worn music person really has a thing for wild bells. And songs that sound like wild bells that is so strange those I don’t think you didn’t sing like he risen we we did sing you got what we did sing he has risen for the closing song here is why we didn’t get to sing the other really good easter song which is Christ. The lord is risen yes. The choir stole that oh so because the choir stole that we only got the peppy he is risen and then we had to sing. do we do mournful easter song do we know have any other easter song we have oh savior thou who wearst a crowd. Oh but. I don’t even know what that you know was we need some more easter song. We need some more eyster songs anyway, so have a lot I’m looking I’m I’m I am beefen that we are saying a really depressing song on Easter which I know is kind of silly. Well no though I mean really if though if those were my choices like why not choose like um. I don’t know where the queer comparison. Theres so many other songs that are more up beat about the singer not necessarily in the easter category not in easter category but they are upat about the savior and a resurrection I know that my redeemer lives like oh them be a great easter song. Anyway, no no, we had to sing the depressing easter song okay, staying on that same theme of music because this is my intro tonight Mytro was all about the music tonight. So Friday night um, my husband and I have a date night Friday night and the professional bull riders were in town so we got tickets to go watch the professional bull riders Idaho thing to do. It is a very idaho thing to do we love a good rodeo. What can I say although this wasn’t a rodeo. This was just the bullfighters. So. So um, you know they do some bullfighting and then they have this intermission so you know basically people could go by beer although they were doing that all throughout There were so many drunk people anyway and so um, during the intermission they are just playing music on the on the on the speaker system. Ok and.

TWiM Sisters
All of a sudden there is this snippet and there’s no words it’s just the musical accompaniment and I’m like that is shoulder to the wheel now and they had 10 seconds of shoulder to the wheel and as soon as I sit to my husband that is shoulder to the wheel you know because you know when you hear a church hymn and you are not at a church place. And it takes you a minute for your brain to like go that happens to me at hobby lobby exactly you takes you a minute for your brain to go I know that but it’s so out of 2 bit so out of place as soon as they finished the ten second snippet of shoulder to the wheel I got a ten second snippet of popcorn popping on the Apricot Trade what um kid is happening I kid you not and then they were back to the rock and roll music and it’s funny because this is this is a nationally produced. They go around. they travel this is they travel like every everywhere. This is not an idaho thing. And so I was like oh who’s running the audio tonight that’s slipping in the mormon songs that is so funny. It was crazy I hilarious dying to know like the background hair at the story I’m dying to know the background too I just was this out I in charge I don’t know but I was. It was just so funny because like I said when you’re in a setting that is not a church setting and you hear a very familiar church tune you’re like this is missing with my brain messing with my brain that anyway who knew I know who knew so. All right? Well should we cover some news storie. Let’s cover some news stories. Okay, we’re going geographically this week oh yes we are have stories from all over the country. We don’t have a lot of ton of international news this week but we’re going to start on the East Coast we are. We’re go work our way west. It’s like we’re on the mormon trail only we’re going to go a little further than Salt Lake because we’re going to make our way all the way to California we’re going to span both coasts tonight with our Lds News yes there’s all kinds of fun little tinbits exactly exactly. So. Ah, starting on the East Coast we are going to start with the lovely thriving metropolis of Washington D C and our first story Washington Dc related is this broke over the weekend. Um, on Saturday former republican senator from Utah. But he lived most of his life in Dc. So that’s why we’re considering a dc story oren hatch passed away. He was the longest serving republican senator in Us history and the longest serving from Utah so I did not realize that till I read this art I did not realize that either longest in.

TWiM Sisters
In history and it said 42 here. Yes, he was elected in 1976 and when he was elected in 1976 he had never held a public office before and what’s kind of crazy is he graduated from law school in 1962 so basically 14 years after he graduates law school. He’s sitting as a sitting senator in the United States senate I’m like that’s insane that would never happen these days anyway and so he’s elected in 76 he retired in I believe um, what did they say this. Ah, couple years ago. Yeah was 63018. He did not run again and Mitt Romney took his seat so um and and he had just kind of this really remarkable career when he was in the senate he served with 7 presidents 4 of them were republican three of them were democrat. He headed 3 committees and he passed nearly 800 pieces of legislation during his time in office which is kind of crazy. Um, he was a big defender of several things. First of all, he was a big defender of religious freedom and he um he he was asked in 2018 out of. All of the pieces of legislation that you worked on what are you most proud of and he said the religious freedom restoration act and here’s what’s really interesting. He said in 2018 that would not pass today and he said that has protected religious freedom like never before It’s something you think you wouldn’t have to protect but believe me, you have to protect it. So I thought that was really interesting that that was his favorite 1 um the article um also goes on to talk about. He had lots of leadership at 1 point in time he was the um president pro tem of the senate. Which put him third in line for the presidency and um, he considered running for an eighth term but he had health issues failing eyesight in particular caused him to decide. Yeah I’m going to step back I’m not going to run and then of course Mitt Romney ran and won the seat. He was a workaholic. Um, he really shaped the federal judiciary judiciary judiciary I yeah I am punchy tonight. It’s been a long day I’m going on what like 15 hours right now since I’ve been awake. It’s really crazy anyway, um, he um, participated in a lot of supreme court. Um appointments.

TWiM Sisters
But also federal judiciary appointments of a number of judges. Um, and then probably one of my favorite things about this article and this was a Desurret News article was it talked about his relationship with senator Ted Kennedy um let’s see where is the Ted Kennedy stuff because the tit kennedy stuff is really good. So um, you know it’s just it’s a relationship that you would never ever ever see today. Um, he and Ted Kennedy of course they were on. The political spectrum very different ends of the political spectrum. Um, and they senator hatch said we would fight like brothers but they ended up being so close and working on a lot of legislation that required bipartisan support and that’s what you wouldn’t see today. You wouldn’t see the most democratic senator and the most conservative senator working together for bipartisan legislation but he and Kennedy were so close he spoke at senator Kennedy’s funeral in 2009 and he said I am grateful for the late senator Ted Kennedy who taught me that the bonds of friendship are stronger than any partisan pull and there are a lot of politicians who don’t follow that these days and that makes me grumpy. Yeah anyway, so um I’m I of course the um president Biden had. Ah, kind words to say about him many other political leaders had kind words to say about him and the things that he did serving as a senator. So um, you know, very sad for his family I’m sure he will be greatly missed. Um, but at 88 and considering everything he did I would say he had a very good life. Yeah, long run there long run I wonder how long it’ll be before someone beats that record I feel like it’ll be a long time because I do like these days they’re coming for you. Yeah, or you want out because it’s just too much. So. No truer words have been said. Um anyway, okay, so we have one more Washington Dc story this about the open house. Yes, it is in full swing now. Well it this week it goes in open to the public. Yes, but last week and they open it up to you know, dignitaries and media and special people. Um, so this was a little you get your invite in the mail I did not all either did I really really want to go though. Um Jeff and by the way Jeff I know he’ll talk about it a lot. But yes, we want the full inside scoop because.

TWiM Sisters
When we had the meridian temple open house here. What was it four years ago it was shortly after we started doing yes, we gave you everything we knew like from being ushers. Oh yeah, kids vomiting on the floor talked a little bit about that last week that they are not doing the tours. It’s kind of the self-guided thing so they don’t need as much people missed. But they still like to have people like sure they have to have people in guide directing directing and then they of course like to have you know the punching people okay punching cookies so you could talk about the church. We want to know like are you getting a job. Jeff yeah, exactly because what assignment do you sign up for this is gonna be months is gonna be. Way longer than your average is open house. So I’m sure at some point he’s getting a job. We want to know what the job is exactly. That’s all so report back. Okay, so Dc open house last week opened up to the dignitaries. Ah the church newsroom released just a. Little write up about several ah famous people that were there one was Jeffrey Goldberg who is the editor in chief of the Atlantic and said he welcomed the invitation to walk through the temple. Um, he said this is a quote from him especially in today’s America it’s so hugely important to try to understand your neighbor and try to understand things that seem superficially foreign or unlike what you’re used to and he said if we all make that effort. Our country will be a better place and it said they had about 4300 guests go through. Um, in this past week in the vi p to the word iptours there was wolf blitzer. Oh and wolfie showed up Dana Bash another journalist and Sam Feist of Cnn he’s like a big Cnn guy. Okay. Um, anyway, and so they had some quotes from some of these people and there’s pictures if you want to go see the pictures. It’s kind of fun to look at you know people that you know ah in pictures walking through the dc temple um Feist is Cnn’s Washington Bureau chief okay, and she said. He said the temple was breathtaking I was taken back by the light the brightness and the brightness of the bridge entering the temple so a lot of talk about how bright and light. It was very could that be the spirit. So anyway, yeah, Paul Ryan former speaker of the house was there. Um, and he said that he was he expressed to they said Ryan expressed delight at the marvelous concept of the church’s doctrine of baptisms for one’s dece ancestors very they said blitzer who’s jewish. Um.

TWiM Sisters
Like really appreciated the traditions and found like the similarities between judaism and so and then they also had um some lg btq advocacy people that were there that they had invited. They said Angela Huley Huey who’s co-founder and president of the Arizona Lgbt Q Advocacy Group one community went through the temple and um, she said it seems so fitting that when we’re bringing lgbtq inclusive organizations and faith-based organizations. Together for this very meaningful sacred journey to really get the opportunity to experience the dc temple and with members of the church that have become good friends to us. She’s just expressing like this friendship and how it was good to come together and sister ebank was there. Sister Aorto I’m sure other other general authorities but sister youbank said that as the world polarizes as people don’t have as much in common. This is an opportunity for us to find places we do have in common. So very I don’t know. It’s always fun to. Read about and that dctemple is just you know? Yeah, such an opportunity to get some of these really exactly notable people in there where you wouldn’t in exactly any other regional temple and they all live there. So and that’s exactly why they delayed the open house at host covered is because. They wanted to use the temple as a as a public relations tool which is great because people go by it. They can’t go in it and now they can for a period of well and they quoted several of the journalists in the article that you know so of said I’ve driven by this for years. Yeah, and you know I think there are so many people that would. Like not turn down an opportunity. So in there after driving iot for years and years. It’s such a notable exactly landmark. So very exciting for the dctemple all righty. Well let’s continue our journey westward. We’re going to basically skip Middle America because not much happened this week in um, stories related to members of the church of Jesus Christ in Middle America we’re going straight to Colorado folks. It’s Middleist. So well that depends on your perspective start us here in the west we think Colorado we even is the middle. You ask anybody on the East Coast and they’re like oh that’s totally the last? yeah, that’s on your perspective. Ok so this story comes to us from Grand Junction Colorado um about a year ago. There was a chapel in Grand Junction that um burnt

TWiM Sisters
It didn’t like burn completely to the ground but there was significant damage to this chapel. It was determined that it was arson and it was a juvenile girl who was subsequently convicted of the arson um, that damaged this that that caused all the damage to this temple are to this. Building excuse me like all you I am punchy. there’s not a temple burn now there’s not a temple burned down. There is a meeting house anyway. So the meeting house has just kind of sat there for the last year and the church has done nothing with the meeting house which. Iss kind of somewhat surprised is he really surprised because generally speaking they you know when a meeting house burns down they make immediate plans to fix it well in any kind of damage to property. They usually yeah I think are on it exactly they are. So the city council it must be in a suburb of grand junction I think it’s in a suburb called fruitta anyway, the city council ofruta really wants the church to fix this building up so they actually passed a resolution on a 4 to 2 vote. Asking the church hey will you come and repair this building and it was kind of interesting they they had this really interesting discussion amongst themselves when they were voting on this because some people viewed the building as this is a great community asset. We are not endorsing 1 religion over the other. We are just asking the church. To rebuild this community asset because people from our community worship there and that building has a lot of meaning to them and we would like to see that continue in our community others who voted against it were like well it feels like we’re endorsing a religion by asking them to to fix their building up which I thought was. Really interesting because I would think any city council anywhere would ask anyone to fix up a building if it’s an eyesore exactly it doesn’t matter what type of building it is exactly so anyway so they they had this resolution which basically said. The Fruitta City Council would like to voice support for the reconstruction of the church of Jesus Christ of Latterday saints building in fruit of Colorado which unfortunately burned in April Two Thousand and eleven two thousand and twenty one the building has been a great asset to the community since the sixty s so it’s an older building. Which may explain in part. Why the church doesn’t want to fix it up many of our local citizens. Whether part of the membership of the church or not have benefited and have been impacted in a positive way from using the building. It’s a great resource to our residents and our growing community. So when I read this I was like why isn’t the church doing anything.

TWiM Sisters
They had three wards in that building. They immediately relocated the three wards so I’m sure now there are buildings with 4 wards in them because that’s what happens when you have to do that and it’s like why are they not fixing up this building. Well I did a little I did a little research and this is purely speculation. This is Tiffany one. Oh 1 um, they are building a new temple in Grand Junction and um it’s under construction and they unveiled the new plans on April Sixteenth the new seven acre site is located on the corner of horizon drive in Seventeenth street and so it made me wonder. Generally speaking when they build a new temple they like to do a meeting house next to the temple if maybe that’s why they haven’t rebuilt this building inruta is because they know hey we’re building a temple we’re going to build a meeting house next to the temple this was a 1960 s building. It was causing us a meant to maintain. Let’s just get our new building built. But it kind of surprises me that they haven’t taken any action on the old building to say hey we’re going to put it on the market sell it etc but kind of an interesting article that a city would say I know please rebuild your church for us I know and they asked so nicely. They really did I would think they’d be like get your. Building like get it together. You got some you you got some stuff going on. But maybe that’s just how h oass operate maybe cities are nicer I don’t have that ok should we should we migrate to? Utah yeah let’s migrate to you. We have a couple of. Tabernacle choir articles. We like a good tabernacle choir update. Um, first one is they tabernacle choir ah was in a bit of a pickle because they canceled that you know they were supposed to do a european tour. The year of covid yes, Twenty Twenty they had planned a big excursion they we’re going to do big europe european excursion. Apparently they had a cruise ship reserved as transportation housing and meals during the fires travel between venues. Don’t you think that is fascinating I was like what. You think about it. What if they caught like 30400 members of the choir. Yeah plus all the staff and everything plus they can bring their spouses if they want they have to pay for their spouses but they can bring their spouses so where you gonna put all those people that makes so much shifts. Let’s get a cruise shift and it does seem easier than coordinating. All the trend like if you get this cruise ship and you say we want you to stop here here and here exactly and then you just bus them. Yeah, so from where they need to stop it then you take them back to the cruise ship. So then you don’t have your brilliant plan. You don’t have your choir members packing up every night to ride to a different hotel and having to schlep luggage here and there. Yes.

TWiM Sisters
Trying to get all the rooms in the same hotel exactly exactly no I was really amazed with the brilliance of this man like who thought of that I know anyway and this was pre Mike Leitt yes well unfortunately that got canceled and um, but they still had this cruise ship I worked the choir was left. Big bill for the scriptship. So um, their new president Mike Levitt which mentioned I have to say I’m giving mad props to Mike Levitt he has gone in and he has just gone full frontal assault on this choir in terms of. We’re modernizing it. This is our mission. This is what we’re doing. This is exactly what he did when he was elected governor in in um, in Utah he’s treating the choir like a like a little mini state. He’s like so let’s get it together I just I do I just give him all sorts of mad props. Anyway. Very interesting so he came up with this idea and working with the cruise line. It’s azamara cruises. Ok they will resell the choir’s berths on the cruise ship this summer? Yes, um, creating 2 separate like Nordic cruises. Yes because you know god break this up so people can afford it. And then um, a hundred percent of the net proceeds from the new bookings will go to charity and they expect to raise like yeah million dollars said it could raise more than $1000000 yeah so starting price like lowest price for the cheapest cabbage. No window Nine Hundred Square feet yes $999 per guest. Ah, um, it says there are about seven hundred berths available on each cruise. Um, there is 1 cruise starting like mid -june does stockholm sweden finland poland and germany there’s another one that does copenhagen denmark um, and. Norway aaronelle oslo a bunch of those ones so and they’re kind of back to back? 1 yes, like june seventeenth the next one is june twenty fourth so well and it sounds to me based on the fact that there they’ve got what slots? What did they say for seven hundred or eight hundred seven hundred seven hundred that this is one of those It’s a smaller ship clearly and it’s one of those cruise ships that’s designed to go all up and down those rivers in europe and that’s probably what they were going to do originally was go all up and down the rivers in europe and stop at these major cities that are all along these rivers. Yeah and do their performances. Yeah, so very cool. So they’re going to donate um the proceeds to care the international rescue committee and the american red cross very cool so way to make lemonade out of lemons again and all those poor choir members are like darn. We wanted to go on the cruise.

TWiM Sisters
No seriously I have looked at those river cruises because they look. They’re terribly expensive. So this is a value at $999 yeah, they are um that um, they just look so cool like if I were to do a cruise that would be 1 of the don’t send me to the caribbean I don’t want any of those cruises. I would want to do this chris they do look very cool. Um, okay so other choir news wanted they are hiring. Oh they would like a new managing director. So this person it would be the managing director to oversee the organization as part of a new administrative structure. Yeah, this is separate from mike levitt he’s the president. So I’m guess but he is his unpaid position. Yes, this is a calling this would be more like a day to day logistics manager type of thing and I’m guessing this is paid. Yes, this is paid because there’s a whole application. Although I could not find the window of pay. That’s what I was like super curious about I think what do you pay I think the church because my husband has applied for jobs. Ah for the church in the past I don’t think they give you a window of pay I don’t tell you get very far along in the prospect exactly because I really wanted to know like what are we looking at here because I looked at the requirements and it isn’t they. And someone highly skilled. Okay so tell me the requirements now I’m really curious. They want someone with like at least 15 years of like high managerial okay experience like not like you know like you you were you were running a big organ corporate manager corporate manager. Yes. Um, and then there were a slew of other requirements but in they watch someone with a I thought I think they even wanted a graduate degree in either management or like music related but with the managerial. So do you have to be able to sing on tune to have this job I do not think so do you have to read music to have this show I also do not think so I think they’re leaning more towards the managerial but they did say like experience with you know musical groups would also be helpful. So very interesting I wonder if. John and marie have any former managers they could you know throw the choirs away. Yeah okay I don’t know well I was all hip on going. Oh maybe I that could be my in with the choir because you know I do love me some tap cats and I can’t sing so that’s never gonna happen. But apparently neither is management. No, but maybe they need an attorney how about a chris. Likector I could so be a cruise director and plan all their activities. You could write up all the contracts for their transfer of the cruise exactly ok so we have one last utah story before we move further west.

TWiM Sisters
And this comes to us from none other than Brigham Young University I’m sure you’ve heard of the cogarettes. Oh yes, who hasn’t heard of the cougarettes they are the dance team for the university they like to come out and prance on the football field and they perform at games and they do shows and all of that. Okay, have you watched the I’m gonna sidebar for a minute here have you watched the Netflix cheer yeah cheer on Netflix and they always go to nationals in Daytona. Yes, well nationals in Daytona is not just about cheer. They also at nationals in Daytona have um. They not only have cheer they have dance competition there and a couple of other different competitions there that are all part of this national competition. The ones for cheer they’re just doing cheer. Well the cougarettes went this year and they won first place in not 1 category. Ah but 2 they won first place in um, hip hop and first place in jazz right? which is not new for them. It is not new. Turns out they might be iu’s winningest team. Yes, they won their 20 all the team theirre Twenty first and their twenty second national title. It is very true of all the athletic competition athletics that they have at by you the one that wins consistently on nationals is the cougarettes. Yes and so they are whole good. They really are like if you ever watch therapy I’m sure most people have yeah videos they fly around like crazy on. They go viral. They really do. They’re so good. Well and it’s funny because some people they you densy. That’s a really athletic but you know what if you have ever done that like even just like the people who the celebrities who go on dancing with the stars are like I know I do is going to be this hard. My girls have. A constant battle over this in my house I have a basketball player soccer player and a dancer. Oh god and my basketball soccer player is constantly railing on my dancer about how it’s not a sport and me and my dancer are constantly fighting back that yes it is a sport It’s very athletic. She sweats. Her heart rate is like exactly exactly anyway. So you know congratulations to the kugarettes I think that is amazing that they have had this the article also talks about um obviously in 2020 the nationals was canceled to due to covid. They did hold nationals last year but it was severely restricted. The parents couldn’t come. They weren’t performing in front of a live audience and they get they get a lot of energy from performing in front of a live audience and you can tell that if you’ve ever watched the Netflix show cheer and um so this year it was back in full force.

TWiM Sisters
I guess last year they played second in jazz and that was their motivation just like the television show cheer we are gonna win this year we’re coming back. Better faster stronger. Yeah so congratulations to the kugars very exciting. Very exciting. All right now we’re going full West Coast we have some stories we are going to none other than California born California a okay, our first story is actually a write up by janenneres. But it’s on a new television show. Ok series, limited series. Um, which so we blumped this in California you know hollywood it’s hollywood it hollywood that’s why it’s gets the california treatment hulu has a new series. It’s set to come out this week on April Twenty Eighth called under the banner of heaven. Now this is based on a book that John Krakenhower wrote a book in 2000. He wrote in 2003 I guess it was a bestseller I have no memory of this did you ever hear about this book. Oh yes, so he wrote first he wrote that the Mount Everest book he got super famous writing the book about all the deaths on Mount Everest and this was his second book. I did not read the book. But I audio listened to the book at that point in time I was driving back and forth between Provo and Salt Lake on a daily basis and so I did the audio version of the book and I I did not mind the book. But apparently I probably won’t like the Tv series according it to gene re so do. Do. Okay, if you didn’t mind the book I did sign the book I had never heard of this book but I was kind of a newly read back then so I was very oblivious. Um, so the book was based on a true story of some 1984 murder murders of a 24 year old girl named Brenda Lafferty and her fifteen month old daughter in Salt Lake City so that is a true story and she was apparently caught up with um the guy she married or I don’t know if she had married you know the full story probably you know married to the guy. Yeah, like a fundamentalist guy that was a finalist in polygamy I honestly don’t remember his storylighting was so long his family and his brothers apparently got into like. Kind of madness over their yeah mentalism and that’s fine. That is what I remember about dream is they were extremists. They were not. They may have started out at some point in time as mainstream members but they became very extract.

TWiM Sisters
So Janenna Reese must have got an early screener because she she has watched the first 5 episodes. Okay and she wrote this article based on that and she says um, faithful mormons will not be happy with this with the treatment of this she said um that I guess the book caused a big uproar and in the years following the book’s release. Um, there did come out that there were like historical errors and misleading generalizations about the church. She even said at the time the church issued multiple statements of protest or clarification which I thought was really interesting because I don’t the church does that I don’t remember that at all. So it must have been a big deal of the time but I don’t remember anyway, she said in the book. The underlying theme was kind of that. Um all religion is profoundly illogical and dangerous often dangerous and um, she said that thing theme kind of hangs true in this. Ah. Adaptation of it for television now she did say there’s a new character for the show that was not in the book. They introduced this fictional character named detective pyre and that is who Andrew Garfield plays okay didn’t mention this this has some big people in it’s got Andrew Garfield so I think I think that you know it’s gonna get a lot of it I think it’s gonna get a lot of view’s gonna get some tra. Um, so anyway, so he is a made up character and he’s the detective investigating this and then also she says that throughout the series. You know he is a faithful member of the church. Um, and he has some type of a faith crisis as he’s experiencing interesting the take on this to hollywood and if you’ve watched the preview I have not watched the preview but I have seen it. Alarming I saw a few weeks ago when it first yeah like hitting the internet and it’s one of those previews that makes you very uncomfortable if you’re a faithful lds. Yeah member. It starts out with him saying a prayer like the very first line you hear in the preview is him saying a prayer that is clearly. A mormon program and prep which is what perked my ears because I hadn’t even heard of it I just this preview popped up I was on something and it was like wait but and then there is a scene where they show them in full temple clothes. Yeah clothing. So that’s also like well and that’s what I saw on the internet is I saw pictures on the internet with the preview that showed the woman. And full temple clothing and that was an immediate turn off to me so I was like I’m not even going to look at the pre on this that always gives me the hebi Jimmy I know so um, anyway, she did so jenries did say um, one of the creators of the show. His name is Dustin.

TWiM Sisters
Lance Black actually grew up mormon yes and he is gay and lives in San Francisco you’ve heard and he won an academy award for um oh for milk for milk. Yes, yeah, that in the article. Um. So it said that he really did um, try to make an effort to talk to different church members and different church leaders about any concerns as they were making this show like what would you like to see and I think his takeaway from that was that they really needed to draw a clear line between the mainstream lds church and fundamentalists. Els which maybe the book hadn’t done so much and she did give him credit that she see I don’t remember that from the book. You don’t remember that I don’t you know and and maybe and maybe I don’t remember that from the book because I’m reading the book. As a as an active member. No and so I know yeah so perhaps if I didn’t have that in my background right? I would have lumped all mormons under this crazy category because I’m reading the book and for me, it’s like these. Are a bunch of really wacky people right? You know right away that they’re yeah I’m like well yeah, they don’t belong to the same religion I do so anyway she did say that the series like she could tell went to great lengths to make a very clear divide. Okay, and so she appreciated that? Um, anyway, but she did say that like she still felt like. Her overall impression after viewing. The series was just kind of this um hit on religion in general like religion kind of being full of like power power hungry people and and all that. So anyway, that was her take on it. Um. She did say the production um was amazing and like great performances. So I do think it’s going to get a lot of traction. Yeah, probably so that will be interesting if you want to watch. Gerrju Loins have been wornned by je well and I want to thank Janna. Thank you for your service. So now I don’t have to watch it. It’s going to be intense. Okay, so our next California story i. Know how much you were aware of this I was super following this story about twenty years ago oh I was aware I was at v white you oh you were this better was all we talked about at me why you when I was there twenty years ago so I I am I am generation x totally admit, it.

TWiM Sisters
Grew up on real world. Real World New York the original real world. Loved the real world series. Um in the year 2000 real world went to the city of New Orleans not only did they go to the city of New Orleans they thought what would be better than to take a mormon with us to the city of New Orleans so they recruited at byyu and they found this girl named Julie Sttoer maybe it’s stifer I’m not entirely sure I don’t recall how we laster sttoer anyway, so she appeared on the real world New Orleans series and you know she was she was young. She was twenty years old she was trying to figure out herself her religion she came from a very religious um a very religious family and she’s just like a typical 20 year old in this in the real world just trying to sort out. You know do I believe what my parents believe or do i. Believe something different sort of a thing so she ended up getting kicked out of by you because although she never slept with a boy or engaged in any of that on the show because she was living in a house with members of the opposite sex to whom she was not married. Yes, why you said. This was all anybody talked about exactly campus for like six months every editorial section of the daily universe everyone around campus it was like should she be kicked out shouldn’t yeah people had very strong feeling exactly exactly so she tried really hard after the show was over with she went totally mormon. Tried to get back into Byu. She never did get back into byu and she ended up going to the University Of Connecticut um she does end up meeting a returned missionary and she marries him and then they kind of simultaneously on their own paths start going through a faith crisis. And so um, this particular article that I’m referencing is a piece that was in the Salt Lake tribune and the reason that this has resurfaced is um what Mtv has done is they have gone back to some of these casts some of these ah late 1990 s casts and early two thousand s cast. And they have done what’s called a homecoming show where they put them all back together again and say what’s happened in your life in the last twenty years and they did one for New Orleans and she agreed to appear on it and obviously she had to explain because Mormonism was such a strong storyline in her first. Um, go around. She had to explain that she was no longer Mormon because she had not really talked about this publicly. Um, no, but I think people kind of I think it was suspected I yeah like I remember reading an article about her several years ago and being pretty sure. Yeah, she wasn’t in the church anymore. Yeah yeah.

TWiM Sisters
And so this article just you know asks her about um you know her experience on the Mtv show her experience kind of you know deciding to to to leave Mormonism. You know she says well I’m you know, really happy in my new life. She’s married to an ophthalmologist. They live in California with four kids hence the this being lumped into the California thing you know I I’m going to have to admit I’m kind of bombed because I I you know and again I realize everyone is on their own faith journey and they everybody gets to have their own faith journey and they get to decide. You know what they’re going to believe and what they’re not going to believe? Um, but you know she was I think she was so typical of of kind of ah the 20 year old girl at that age that you know I I wish she had her faith journey had not taken her where it was but. I have to say I was not surprised at all. Not not like I’m not yes I’m not trying to sound judgegy. but yeah but I was just not surprised because I really thought after what happened at Byu that she would have left right away I was actually surprised to read that she stated she tried to stay here because ah she got. So much hate. She really did so much hate from people at vyu she really is so upset about her and like and that I did not imaginee I thought it was unjustifiable mean just horrible. Yeah, comments calling her name. Yeah, and and you know they would write this in letters to the editor and i. Heard yeah that she would get harassed on campus and I never saw her on campus. Um, but I would have thought that that would have been what like drove her out but it wasn’t no, she actually stayed faithful for many years after that she she she did and and. And I do remember that and I thought that that was really her treatment. Yeah and and the way people judged her on that was really uncalled for right and I mean not even be why you I mean be why you do? What you do? Yeah, just the people people are you exactly um to be so mean to her was. Was hard to see. It was also very hard to watch around the show. I mean it’s yes I mean I know if she said she doesn’t regret it. But I’m like oh I am so glad nobody put a camera on me at 20 years when novel stick you know again, props for being brave or stupid to do it I don’t know know. Okay, so my last California story. Okay, this is one of my favorite favorite favorite favorite stories of the week. Um I love Jennifer Gardner I think she’s an incredible actress. You know she’s just I don’t.

TWiM Sisters
Think there could probably be a nicer person on the planet unless we were talking about dolly part. She seems very nice. She she’s very nice. A few celebrities whose Instagram I follow because yeah, she’s just so fun. Exactly so um, she has had the biggest hugest childhood crush on Donny Osmond just loves Donny Osmond so she was she is turning. 50 this year and in a couple in in in the days leading up to her birthday. She um, went out to lunch or breakfast I’m not sure which they’re in a restaurant with a friend and the friend is filming her and the friend is filming her while Jennifer is opening up a video message on her phone. And the video message on her phone is from Donny Osmond saying hey Jennifer wishing you happy birthday and she is just like so excited about this video message as she is watching this video message Donny Osmond comes up behind her and all of a sudden. She’s hearing Donny Osmond in stereo say out and she sees him and she. Wholy fan girl geeks out. She’s just like so he shows up and he has this cake that says 13 going on 50 he sits down. He spends like an hour and a half with her. They sing a couple songs together. You know he’s just he just is wishing her a happy birthday. And it is just she posted a video on tiktock. Um, he posted videos about it as well. This is what she had to say he took an hour and a half half of his day to sit with me seeing my favorites and to give me a master class on how to be a class act and I thought how cool is that and. And he on his own Tiktok said surprising fans is one of my favorite things to do so when I had the opportunity to surprise the lovely Jennifer Gardner for her fiftieth birthday I was overjoyed so I just thought how that’s cute. That’s just sweet. We love a good Donny Osmans so we do in fact. Donny’s been a lot Bob Donny’s been in the media a lot lately because no I feel like every month we have a donny well there was a picture floating around on Facebook um Donny so some people that used to live in my ward here in eagle moved to provost and they literally live like 2 houses down from Donny and Debbie so they’re in the same ward. And Donny is his calling is teaching you Sunday school specifically like the 16 17 18 year olds and so he showed up on the Sunday to teach about the code of many colors. Oh no way with his coat of many colors and so there’s this whole great picture of him wearing the coat of many colors. And all the teenagers from the Sunday school class and I think I think he posted it on his own feed. You know like ah, no better way to teach about the code of many colors than wearing it to je oh so funny. So okay, shall we do um shall we do that. But.

TWiM Sisters
We’re I think we’re running out time. Let’s okay, that one all right I do need to give a quick shout out to 1 last story. Okay Jeff talked about this last week because actually somebody who a regular who listens to the podcast who’s a friend of mine sent me a link to this story and he said do this on the next twin and I said I will and then Jeff stole it. And he said I don’t think Jeff adequately addressed this story I think you need to so this is this is a shout out to David so who happens to be a counselor by Bishop Anyway so David and his wife Tracy at one point in time for a job assignment that David had lived in China and while they were in china they met this couple there ot benson and Julie Benson and they became really good friends with the bensons and the bensons were just amazing when they lived in China and then everybody finished their assignments in China and went on their own way. Um, you may recall from last week um Jeff was talking about how. Ah, brother Benson and Sister Benson recently accepted a work assignment to crack out Poland yeah, and when they first accepted that assignment. Everybody was like um, that’s a really unstable part of the country and they have 8 kids. They’re like why are you taking your 8 kids to Poland that’s nuts. So. They prayed about it. They felt good about it. They arrive in Poland and all of a sudden the war in Ukraine breaks out and they become this their house becomes this place of refuge and um, they have all of these stories. In fact, you can go on his Facebook account. Um, his Facebook um is o t the letter o the letteron t benson b e n s o n and you can go back for the last you know months to six weeks since the war in Ukraine started and you can read all about the different families that they’ve helped and how they’ve helped those families. They call it. Um the ukraine starfish rescue in reference to you know, somebody walking along the beach and all the starfish are on the beach and you throw them back into the ocean and you feel like I’m not making a dead. Well you are for the store starfish you threw back in the ocean and that’s how they feel about it and so I was reading the stories. They’re heart wrenching and it’s just amazing to see what these people are doing so okay so follow up we can go on Facebook you can go on Facebook or information and you can just you can just search ot benson on Facebook and his page is public and so you can read. All the stories of everything that they’ve been doing and it’s it’s pretty amazing that is cool. So oh my gosh you know the other thing we forgot to talk about. Did you see the thing Jeff posted on the Facebook page that was the anatomy picture. Oh god you why you idaho? Yes, okay, so this is really interesting I hopped on earlier and I was reading the comments.

TWiM Sisters
Okay, so what it is is Jeff posted this on the Facebook page somebody submitted it who’s at b you I and it was in from an anatomy class and it’s a textbook picture drawing of a male and a female and the female body only there are like holes spot a spot covering. Private parts. All private parts have been been covered by a little but kept been covered. So anyway I was like what this can’t be real and I was like cracking jokes to my husband I was like next time you go to the doctor if there is a beway your book diploma on the wall. You might like be a little skirm. But anyways, ah but I was reading the comments because I was like how is this is this really real There’s no way this is happening right? and it was interesting. Some people in the comments were saying that this is for the online path I saw that because in different countries they have different regulations and perhaps. For some reason maybe the pathways course picture ended up in the regular byu I like maybe that yeah professor accidentally grabbed that or something because there were other people on there that said you know I’ve done an m at anatomy class at b way I and this is not what they show us anyway. So all is not as it seems. Thankfully, but if you want a good like entertaining comment section. Go pop on the Facebook page and look at that. Oh I can’t believe I’ve missed the comments on that you know I love a good Facebook comment dear I say but. I I perform a service I save you you generally for having you go down the rapids I do not usually like a good Facebook comment section depending on the topic I can only handle certain degrees all right? Well we need to get to. 1 of our favorite segments mormons behavior badly yes and we have nothing new, but no update. we yes we have had I have in the last thirty days we have not been able to locate a story of a mormon behaving badly hasn’t run across our desk but I do have updates so first. Update you may recall I gave Ammon Bundy a lifetime achievement award and I have an update on Mr. Ammon Bendi so last year he was convicted of trespassing and he was sentenced to five days in jail but those five days were suspended if he did 40 hours of community service pretty standard sentence he was told at that time community service means doing something for the community. It does not mean your gubernatorial campaign. So what does he proceed to do submits 1900 hours of community service for his gubernatorial campaign because if you do recall he’s running for god he’s running for governor here in idaho of idaho.

TWiM Sisters
So um, the prosecutor was less than um, amused with his 1900 hours of gubernatorial campaigning service. So she files a motion for a contempt hearing and so he had a contempt hearing at the first part of April. And the judge run ran him up one side of the flagpole and down the other and said Mr. Bundy you were told by this court that Kim you’re working on your own campaign does not constitute community service I expected you to do something for the community and you did not. So not only are you going to serve your original five days in jail I’m going to find you in contempt of court and you’re going to serve another five more days in jail because five days in jail is the maximum for contempt of court that’s allowed for per contempt to charge here in Idaho so they probably took him into custody he spent ten days in jail he was released on easter you could say he was risen back out on the streets back campaigns and then we will do a quick laurie vallow. Update Laie Valo has been sitting in the crazy farm of the funny farm. Um, however, the judge recently declared that she is. Competent now to stand trial and entered. She did not enter a not guilty plea she remained silent so the judge entered a not guilty plea on her behalf. She refused to waive her right to speedy trial. So her trial is set in October but his trial is set for January and they’re supposed to be combined trials. So I’m not exactly used about that sure how they’re somebody somewhere is going to have to work that out I don’t know how that’s going to work out but in we’re finally getting this trial in any event we’re going to get a trial and don’t worry as the twin sisters we will keep you updated with everything you need to know but don’t want to read as will dateline. Yeah I don’t know I don’t know if I can compete with the Keith Morris and although I will be I will have more brevity than the Keith Morris say yeah, it’s okay, speaking of Dateline that’s it right? We got to move on to our favorite. We got to move on to our favorite. My favorite thing is dateline adjacent. Ah, oh so okay now I have to give a disclaimer here I have had such a busy crazy couple of days I haven’t even thought of a favorite thing. So I told aianne I am punting favorite things to you tonight you have to you have to you have to do a favorite thing to you get to? It’s good because I have to okay my favorite things lately. So um, okay so have you watched the thing about pam this show have watched the thing about pam I love the thing about pay home. So for those who do not know it was a dateline.

TWiM Sisters
They did you know the dateline with Keith Moore yeah and they did this true crime story about this woman named pam and there was a murder and they also put it on a dateline and then they put it on a podcast and it was wildly popular and I never listened to it. It’s been sitting in my yeah I’ve never listened to either 2 years sitting in my cue too. So I didn’t we like the same person. So I knew nothing about this story and then they released this show based on the podcast and episode. Um, so I went into it knowing nothing and we binged it all last week. It was so. Unique the way they do. It was super cany and Renee Zellweger stars as pam and she did not gain weight for this role. They put her in a fat suit but man the makeup and the costume. Yeah on this was a amazing acting I was like oh it was good I go she plays. The most annoying person and she yeah, really good at it. Oh it was really good and they they aired it. They aired a new episode every week for six weeks because it’s a 6 but was a 6 part series. But if you have the peacock app you can watch it on the peacock app and so if you if you missed it when they aired it. Yeah, so anyway. We were obsessed. It was fascinating and it was really interesting the way they did it I feel like they walked a very fine line between like yeah this is a murder story but they kind of played into like the quirky weirdness of the actual people that were involved and they made it really campy like they did. And I don’t know how they got away with it but they did it. It did it was good and as I was watching it the whole time I was like are they going to try to do this with Laurie vallow because they’re obsessed with that story but I’m like I don’t think you can do this. Story think pam had more character to her that story do that to create Laurie Val is too dark Pam Pam’s story doesn’t seem better. Okay, well that is too funny. We actually technically share a favorite thing. Well there you go? Okay, your next favorite is very good. My next favorite thing is the pretzel at sonic sonic has a pretzel. Hey I didn’t know this either some instagrammer posted about it. Sonic has a pretzel and it is delicious and it is the only thing I like on the sonic sound. Okay I do not care for sonic I don’t even like their drinks because I’m a drink snob now and we have all these fancy Utah. Drink people. So now I don’t even like a sonic drink I have to get my drink at like the fancy soda play and most Sco I can with you so I don’t like sonic at all. There’s nothing on the menu I want except the yeah pretzel.

TWiM Sisters
There’s a pretzel that I will drive to sonic 4 ok it’ like a soft pretzel like you get at the description of this pretzel soft buttery twisted pretzel like you get at the mall. Okay, so how big is the pretzel as like you know. Like is it as big as the pretzels you get at all. No, it’s smaller than smaller than pretzel and it’s not a pretzel shape. It’s like a twist pretzel like in a stick and it’s okay, it’s ah okay, soft, buttery salty guey delicious. It’s do you get a sauce to dip it in. Yes, it comes with cheese sauce. But I don’t even dip it. It’s just goodbyes. So oh really. I never in 1000000 years okay so what’s a pretzel going to set me back. Oh it’s like a couple bucks. They what bad? maybe two fifty cheaper than mall pretzel. Ok well hi who do not mind the sonic drinks I love good route 44 just add 1 on saturday. I may have to go get to root 44 and hook myself. Yeah press next time you go to sonic I I have no words who knew I yeah I knew I never would have known ok all right? Well I think that probably wraps it up for us tonight and it’s probably a good thing because I’m so punchy that if we went on much longer. We’d probably lose listeners. He needs to go to bed I so music go to and excessive meetings for the past twenty four hours well no 48 hours like seriously I can’t get a break anyway. So twin listeners twin nation. Thank you very very much for joining us tonight. If you have any questions or comments free feel free to email Jeff at contact at this week in http://mormons.com. You can also find us on Facebook on Twitter on the Instagram and of course if you want to be a Patreon surprise subscriber I told you I bud you. If you would like to be a Patreon subscriber three bucks a month help us helps us keep the lights on and we would really appreciate it this fun I’m enjoying this sure you are all right? Thanks for listening everyone good night.


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