Author: Geoff Openshaw

MoBach Theatre – Date #11 – Brandon Pitcher

He neither swings for the fence, nor does he strike out the side. We learn very little about Brandon, due to all of four minutes that we spend in his presence. Who is he? What does he offer? We may never know. Ashley plays this one close to her heart, and tells some truly atrocious jokes along the way. Once again, we welcome Jenna Kim Jones...

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MoBach Theatre – Date #10 – Graydon Anderson

Enemy of Angry Birds everywhere, Graydon Anderson knows how to woo the ladies, mostly by forcing Ashley to – once again- show her domestic skills. What’s with all the guys making her cook or make desserts?? Graydon is well-traveled, like Ashley. He also knows the value in visiting old people. Yes, Graydon takes Ashley to visit a geriatric. The man is an altruist to the core!   Watch him melt her heart… AND HER FACE.  ...

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