Author: The Boss


Episode #31 – Are You Arosed?

Erin Elton and Aubrey Messick,  lovely ladies from The Mormon Bachelorette, are kind enough to join us in studio and discuss their forthcoming project of love, lust, roses, and (hopefully) lascivious behavior on the part of over-testosteroned males.

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Episode #11 – Salmon Crust

We talk about Harvey Unga’s exit from BYU, Women Rugby players are real men, South Park’s attempt at The Book of Mormon movie, friendly tasing, Evelyn gets on Oprah, LDS growth by country, and MORE!

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Episode #06 – Bend It Like Beck

Glenn Beck, why you so crazy, son? Geoff picks a bone with Glenn. Al tries to defend him with a half-hearted argument, and in the end both agree, this was a stupid argument for Glenn to pick.

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