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Work and Other Novelties

By Geoff Openshaw As a young man, I played with Legos. A lot. I was rarely content with building Lego sets according to the instructions included in the box. I often combined elements from numerous packages to make creations all my own. For a time, I was even part of the weird mail-order Lego club, and even received free Legos on my birthday! Sometime around 1987 or 1988, Lego released its first in what was to become a long line of monorail sets. This would be the jewel in my Lego crown! It was so much more fantastic than your average set of Legos, because it involved an actual track and a motorized, battery-powered “monorail” (really more of a rack railway, but you get the point). I had to have it. But given the large and complex nature of this Lego set, it cost something to the tune of $120 (About $230 in 2012), and for an eight-year-old, that seemed unattainable. However, my wonderful mother taught me some valuable lessons. She wouldn’t cave and just buy me the ruddy thing. She wanted me to earn it. Since I didn’t grow up in Malaysia, sweat shops were out of the question. My only means of income were the pittance known as my weekly allowance ($2! Yeah, baby!) and the opportunity to do odd jobs for my parents and neighbors. I...

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Save Al’s Arm

Hey friends, As you may know, half of the TWiM team, Mr. Al, broke his arm last week and required surgery to fix his trashed radius.  That’s an inconvenience in and of itself, but even more so when one does not have health insurance. Please join us in supporting Al by donating just a few dollars to our “Save Al’s Arm” fund. Any amount is welcome, even just $1.  No one should have to be buried in a year’s salary worth of debt just to fix their arm, and while we wish we could do this for everyone who needs help, we can’t; but what we can do is help Al. So please, in all sincerity, donate something – anything- and tell your friends, associates, colleagues, and pets to help support a great cause.  Your donations are greatly appreciated, and all of your payment information is completely confidential and protected. Let’s fix Al and save his arm! Thanks,...

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