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182nd Semiannual General Conference Tag Clouds

At This Week in Mormons, we value looking at the Gospel from every angle, and this includes finding creative ways to encapsulate the messages received in General Conference. One of these ways is to create tag clouds that graphically represent the most-used words in the talks of General Conference. The first tag cloud represents all five sessions of General Conference. Please note – we omitted “in the name of…” at the end of every talk not because it isn’t important, but because it is universal and would unfairly affect the tag clouds. The remaining tag clouds are for each...

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182nd Semiannual General Conference Tie-Tracker

Ah, General Conference, what a wonderful time to hear inspired messages… AND KEEP TRACK OF TIE FASHION! Refresh this page regularly to see live updates of the trends in neckware using the marvelous General Conference Tie-Tracker by This Week in Mormons. Updates: Sunday Afternoon Session: Well, it’s over, folks. We finally saw someone with the gumption to wear yellow, but as the numbers attest, yellow did not do well this year. Most speakers in the session played it safe, though the first appearances of solid ties with polka dots transpired. We classify these as “patterned.” All in all, what...

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Live Conference Tie-Tracker

What is the Tie-Tracker? We kept track of every tie worn throughout this weekend’s General Conference. Why? Why not? Well it was a big win for stripes, folks. Patterned ties surged during the final session, but in the end, no one could touch the stripes. As expected, red ties dominated the color palette. Blue was a close second, but the real surprise was purple, with six appearances. It took until the Priesthood session for green to show up for the games, but in the end, it beat out yellow, orange, silver, and brown. Good job, green! And really, yellow and orange basically only happened because The Silver Fox has mutant tie-changing...

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