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The Convert Files: Preparing for and Learning about the Temple

“You do know what they do in the temple, don’t you?” I can’t tell you how often I heard that after I joined the Church. Especially as I prepared to go to the temple for the first time.  Some of I things I heard ranged from utterly comical to downright absurd. “Sure, I know what happens in the temple,” I thought. But did I really? I’d been through temple prep. I read the book ‘The Holy Temple’ by Boyd K. Packer.  Didn’t they tell me everything I needed to know? Fast forward many years as I’m helping my wife...

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The Convert Files: Meetinghouse Architecture

There are just some things you have to get used to when you are a convert, and they start the first time you step foot in a Latter-day Saint meetinghouse. First, let’s start with some terminology that has always made me scratch my head. Sometimes we call the buildings, well,“ buildings.” Sometimes they are churches or chapels. Other times they are meetinghouses. It’s enough to confuse us. Just imagine how someone on the outside feels when we throw in a term like “stake center” on top of all of those? Speaking of chapel, what Latter-day Saints call the chapel...

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