Patreon is essentially the Kickstarter for content producers, so it’s not a one-off donation to get a project going, but a rolling way to support musicians, artists, vloggers, and podcasters like us!

TWiM has grown a lot in the 7+ years we’ve been doing it, and we’ve kept it largely free of ads or sponsorships. We do that so you can have unfettered access to our products while also preventing us from being beholden to anyone else. (Also, seven years-worth of Al saying something inappropriate has largely turned off any potential leads. We kid. We kid.) But that comes at a price, and we pay out of our own pocket to run this ship, which includes hosting our podcast files, site design, email, server maintenance, and even the time that we essentially donate to create everything.

We love you guys and hope you’ll consider becoming a supporter of TWiM on Patreon. Just click the image below. And seriously, just $1 per month can make a huge difference in our viability going forward. As time goes on we’ll even look to include Patreon-only content for our boosters.

Much love to all of you. And thanks.

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