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Day 1

Apologies for the radio silence of late. We don’t encourage anyone to take a break from spiritual pursuits, but we had some affairs to attend to with our day jobs and we needed a brief respite from managing an email series.

That said, Gospel Study Sesh is made a million times better by YOU. We love your comments and very openly encourage you to write to us with your thoughts on the daily questions or even to propose a question for a current or future topic. Seriously, this is much more about you than it is about those of us behind the curtain. So please email us to help out!

Moving on to this week’s topic – Gratitude! Pretty fitting for Thanksgiving week for our American readers, but this really just came to us as a good topic of pursuit, irrespective of anything on the calendar. Gratitude is incredibly important, regardless of whether one is inside or outside of the religious sphere. We hope that throughout this week, we can better come to understand the importance of gratitude, and with your help, we’ll discover ways to improve our ability to demonstrate gratitude and have a grateful demeanor.


  • What spiritual gifts have you been given and how have you shown gratitude toward your Heavenly Father for them?


Day 2

Spiritual gifts are pretty awesome. I hope you all took the time to write out the spiritual gifts with which you have been blessed. I find it to be a great way to show gratitude and also to discover areas where I am not naturally gifted, and therefore, need to shore up. For example, Heavenly Father didn’t bless me with a natural ability to have a spiritual knowledge of things, but he did bless me with a pretty strong ability to synthesize information and learn new concepts, which has aided me in my spiritual pursuits.


  • Write out 20 things for which you are grateful. Choose the top 5. Then elaborate on why you are grateful for those things in particular above others and how you show gratitude for them.


Day 3

So the previous question (or rather – invitation) was to write out 20 things for which I am grateful, choose the top 5, and analyze it a bit. I’m not going to bore you with my own personal ones, but I’ll definitely say that I’m immensely grateful that I get to be here on this earth, experiencing mortality during this era, regardless of how fraught with difficulty and temptation a 21st century mortal existence is.


  • At your next opportunity to pray or bear testimony, focus on giving thanks. Dedicate your thoughts toward Heavenly Father or a congregation solely around that for which you are grateful. You will most certainly inspire and help others and you will also become more humble. 


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