Episode #03 – Torah! Torah! Torah!

Torah Bright will be one of our wives. Probably Al's.
Torah Bright celebrates winning Olympic gold in 2010. She’s also Mormon.

Aloha.  On this week’s show:

Does the Ogden Temple redesign represent the Church admitting architectural defeat (let’s not pretend any of us loved it) or is it merely being a team player with Ogden’s downtown rejuvenation?

Torah Bright – icon, snowboarder, and the first woman in the Church that will engage in polandry because we both need her.

The multi-annual “Give some missions the axe in an effort to create new ones” list!

And more!

Links for this weeks show –

LDS Church Announcement of Ogden Temple Facelift

No renovation for Provo Utah Temple

LDS Mission Changes

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