Episode #18 – Gary Coleman’s Will

A woman is denied wedding services because of the Church's stance on Prop 8 - and it wasn't even for an LDS wedding.  The denier of services merely assumed she was LDS because she lived in Utah.

Utahans adopt early morning seminary.  About time, says we!  Get with the rest of us!

Does Southern Utah University unfairly – and perhaps unethically – skew its recruitment and advertising toward the LDS faithful?

Gary Coleman – RIP.  Now your ex-wife insists that you would have wanted her to have your “Church Ball” money.

A woman is denied wedding services because of the Church’s stance on Prop 8 – and it wasn’t even for an LDS wedding.  The denier of services merely assumed she was LDS because she lived in Utah.  It’s high time this sort of discrimination stopped.  You wouldn’t do that to any other group – gay, Jew, black – yet it’s somehow OK to do it to the Mormons?

Our favorite person ever – A Scottish man makes his tenants sign an affidavit requiring them to pretend to be LDS so that he can get some sort of tax break.  AWESOME.

Apple app store gets new official LDS app.  We’ll give you our review.

Follow us to bliss:

  1. Gary Coleman and the “Church Ball” estate
  2. SUU advertising
  3. Seminary for everyone! Freedom!  Equality!
  4. App store hoo ha
  5. Awesome Scottish man.  Skirt those council taxes!
  6. Anti-LDS prejudice. Here’s the drill:
    1. Contact Martha Stewart Weddings ([email protected]) and demand she cease all cooperation with Leigh Wells, the woman who denied calligraphy services to a woman she assumed was LDS (she wasn’t) because of Ms. Wells’ stance on Prop 8 and her disapproval of the Church’s involvement in it.  Ms. Well’s refuses to work at all in Utah or with any members of the Church.  This is outright discrimination and it’s time that the LDS community stood up for itself, even in the smallest of battles.  So send that email!
    2. Here’s a template if you don’t want/can’t to think of anything yourself, with hyperlinks included:
      1. Dear Martha Stewart Weddings,  In reading a recent article in the Salt Lake Tribune, I was troubled to learn about one of your featured vendors, a woman by the name of Leigh Wells, who denied calligraphy services to a Salt Lake city-based woman solely on the assumption the woman was Mormon.  Ms. Wells is angry at the LDS Church for its participation in California’s controversial Proposition 8, and has said that she will not work with Mormons or work with anyone in Utah because of it.  While one is entitled to one’s political views and has the freedom to deny services to anyone, this is outright discrimination against a social group based solely on a loosely-related political activity.  I am writing you to demand that Martha Stewart Weddings ceases all association with Ms. Wells on the grounds of her inappropriate and prejudiced behavior.  It is un-American and also reflects poorly on your organization to be associated with someone so capable of such bigotrous and appalling behavior.  Regards, (your name here)

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