Episode #21 – Mormonize Me

Gilbert Arizona Temple
A new Mormon name generator is online to help you figure out your weird, Utah-like Mormon name!

The lost chapters of Mosiah – A BYU scholar argues that what is Mosiah 1 for us was actually Mosiah 3 for Joseph Smith.  Martin Harris lost a bit more than the Book of Lehi, it seems.

Mormon imagery in pop culture, with a special nod to the Twilight series, as well as “Battlestar Galactica.”  Neither of us have read Twilight or any of its sequels, but they are loaded with glaringly obvious allusions to LDS culture and doctrine.

Update on the Gilbert Arizona Temple.  According to Church attorney Paul Gilbert (no, the temple is not named after him), the temple is “designed specifically for the setting it’s in, … the town of Gilbert.” Though, Brother Gilbert is also quick to point out that, “When I say Gilbert, I mean the general area.  The temple serves more than just Gilbert.”  Basically, the Gilbert Temple follows the same architectural motif of most other recent temples.  Woo hoo!

Parents that want to be buddy-buddy with their kids cause binge drinking and other naughty activities.  Again, Obviousonomics…

And last but certainly not least, make your Mormon name!  Mormons, but especially Utah Mormons, have a tendency to eschew the idea of important family names for their children and instead opt for either random scriptural names or even more absurd made-up names.  So go to the provided link and make your own Mormon name!  It’s all in good fun.  Please indulge us and post whatever your results are!


  1. The lost chapters of Mosiah
  2. Mormon lore in Twilight
  3. Coddling your children = death
  4. Mormonize Me!
  5. Gilbert Temple Design

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