Episode #23 – Unhumour. Unfunny.

Why does the Church jump in head first on LGBT legislation in California, but does little more than a letter form the pulpit elsewhere?

A very serious episode.  We are serious men.

The Wall Street Journal actually writes a fair review of the Prop 8 film.

BYU’s Honor Code is called into question because of its dealing with homosexual students at the university.  How is it that an administrative body at BYU somehow trumps an LDS bishop in terms of judging one’s worthiness to attend BYU?

In keeping with this week’s gay-fest, we look at the Church’s involvement (or lack thereof) regarding pending legislation to legalize gay marriage in Argentina.  Why does the Church jump into the fray head first in California, but does little more than having “reminder” letters from the First Presidency read over the pulpit in other areas or countries?  Is the sanctity of marriage more or less important in different places?  We discuss.

Also, the weird Mormon pageant season is upon us!

And it’s time for another check-in with the Zarahemla Times, our favorite online comic strip.  We salute you, Kevin Beckstrom!


  1. Homosexuality and BYU
  2. Wall Street Journal review
  3. Gay marriage in Argentina – the tango just got more exciting.
  4. Weird BYU student cover of Blink-182’s “What’s My Age, Again?”

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