Episode #24 – ¡Viva la Uchtdorf!

In this special episode, we hit the streets of Provo to ask its citizens, "Who are the Mormons?" What starts as a gag turns into something much deeper.


One of our greatest episodes ever!

Finally, we go through our investigative reporting segment, “Geoff Hits da Streetz,” and see what sort of information about Mormons Geoff got from the fine residents of Provo.  What ostensibly started as smug satire actually turned out to be one of the most interesting and humbling experiences in recent memory.

The new mormon.org is an impressive effort by the Church to change the site from a controlled information source into a more open, user content-driven sort of LDS community.  There are potential drawbacks to this, of course, but the new site is promising.  Also, coupled with the launch of the new mormon.org is a story about online missionary efforts and how much the Church has invested in cyber proselytizing in recent years.

A gentleman has used regressions and algorithms to create predictions regarding who will be the President of the Church in the future.  It’s all just for fun, but it’s a pretty impressive little project.  Elder (or should we say, President) Bednar, we salute you!

Gilbert Temple on the rise!  The final hurdles to its construction appear to be taken care of.

The Book of Mormon graphic novel.  It’s real. And it’s spectacular.

And a game- yes, a game – based on Hagoth!  You know, of Alma 63 fame.  Be a builder of ships!

Seek and you shall find

  1. Book of Mormon graphic novel
  2. New mormon.org
  3. Online missionary efforts
  4. Gilbert Temple gettin’ there
  5. LDS Church President predictor
  6. Hagoth board game
BOM as Graphic Novel

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