Episode #26 – My Name Is Stetson, and I’m A Mormon

Al's Broken Radius
What's better from a missionary/PR perspective - the big tent approach or highlight what makes Mormons special?

Al broke his arm and has no insurance!  Smooth!  Listen for details on how to help.

The Church has a new ad campaign that seeks to show viewers how Mormons are just like everybody else.  We expand on this and debate whether a “big tent” theory (all-inclusive; we’re just like you) or a more contrasting (we’re different, and that’s ok.  There’s a reason why we’re special) approach is better when it comes to Church PR and missionary work.    Both have their merits, but what will help best close the gap when it comes to the public’s perception of the LDS Church?

Also, keeping that in mind – Mormons and politics.  What’s the right balance between being a proud member of the Church and trying to not freak one’s would-be constituents out with too much Mormonness?

We’re tired of people using mobile phones during church meetings.  Seriously, unless you are actually somehow doing positive work for the Church (as Geoff illustrates), put the thing away and remember the reason you allegedly came to church – to learn and feel the spirit.

Retention is an issue that has faced and always will face the Church.  What’s the best way to retain members?  It doesn’t appear that getting people to commit to baptism is the problem; it’s a ward’s inability to properly look after those who have genuine testimonies.  A blogger offers up some worthy suggestions and areas for improvement, and while the blog surely doesn’t cover all the bases, it’s definitely a start, and that’s needed nowadays.  We can’t be complacent with our converts.

Have you ever wanted to pay your tithing online? Now you can.  Stay tuned.

Stetson Geo Hallam: You are a fool, but we really do love to make fun of you. Creepy as sin!  Tasing your home teachee and then handcuffing her, all in the name of April Fools Day?  We’ve gone over this before, but ol’ Stetson has no pleaded guilty to his foibles.

Follow Your Passions:

  1. Paying tithing online
  2. Stetson Geo Hallam – taserer extraordinaire. Read the original story here.
  3. Retention
  4. A Pulitzer-worthy Mormon Times article about the ins and outs of cell phone usage for church stuff
  5. Book of Abraham mysteries no longer so mysterious
  6. Is Huntsman active? Ahhhhh!
  7. A new LDS catalog.  Sorely needed.
  8. Church’s new PR campaign in nine markets (accompanying video below)

And here’s a little gem for all ya’ll.  An x-ray of Al’s broken radius.  Remember to donate to the TWiM Al Memorial Radial Fund!

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