Episode #43 – In Memoriam: Celebrating McKay Coppins

McKay Coppins is our hero.

McKay! Farewell!  Now we need a new enemy.  Listeners, find us an enemy.

The NEW Lds.org is up and running.  It’s now the default, so if you don’t like the change, too bad.  Deal with it.  Make the most.  It will get better.

The Mormon Times offers up suggestions on how to make sacrament meeting talks better.  We add our two cents, which are worth more than their five cents; because our money is the euro and theirs is the Canadian dollar.

The Pope (yes, we’re going Catholic) says that condoms are permissible to prevent the spread of STDs, not as contraception.  We talk about the LDS Church’s stance on birth control.

Shout outs to a good number of people, but we’ll just say this: Buy Janna McFerson’s book, LOVE Heber J. Grant’s ad for his insurance company from 1908, the Top 10 Places for LDS folk to live in the American Southwest!, and our final visit of the year to Kevin Beckstrom and The Zarahemla Times. Well done, Beckstrom.  Well done.

Also, if you think PG-13 movies are “borderline R,” why are you complaining about the content of it when you took your kid to see it?

Touch me for answers

  1. Lds.org in all its overblown glory
  2. Five suggestions for better sacrament meeting talks
  3. The Pontiff OKs condoms
    1. Some highlights from the LDS Church
  4. FHE Book!  Buy it!
  5. Ten places to live.  Sorry, New Mexico.
  6. God’s speed, McKay
  7. Lascivious Harry Potter

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