MoBach Throwdown #2 – Andrea vs. Sara

Geoff Openshaw

Geoff Openshaw

Andrea vs Sara
Andrea vs Sara


Editors’ note: For the next few weeks we’ll be critiquing dates on “The Mormon Bachelor.” The folks at MoBach heavily moderate their comments so that everything involves sunshine and rainbows, and we think that is dumb.  This is dating, people! Not all of it works or is positive, and we shall address it as such. Your comments and thoughts – uncensored and unedited – are welcome, as always.

Andrea Candrian

Al: Flew in from washington dc? Wow man, who leaves the dating capital of the east for a reality show? I’m skeptical.

Geoff: I actually left SoCal for DC.  Go figure. Andrea seems cute. Ballsy move to fly out from the Beltway.

A: Green man in the suit ++

(that’s programmer talk for “win”)

G: Sometimes I hate Hollywood.  Awesome, though, was seeing Rick talking to the people who were clearly uncomfortable once they found out he is LDS. Prejudices never die.

G: I thought the wristwatch cam was a scam, but I guess it’s legit.  He could probably get sued for posting that footage.

A: Dude, boxee’s are awesome!

A: Hand holding on the first date, balsy move.

G: Not really.  Rick basically holds everyone’s hand.  The date itself seems like a fun idea, but it proscribes actually getting to know one another.  I think it’s better to get to know first (such as over awkward dinner conversation: see below), and then have fun, so that you can build upon the bonds already made.  It doesn’t work in reverse.

Unless the woman is really hot, then who the heck cares?

A: bwahaha – “Oh hi Rick”

A: lol – “And I already told you this…” – eeek

G: Dinner conversation seemed pretty forced. Also, it’s not a great way to win a dude’s heart by telling him you were forced into it by your sister. Take it from my personal experience.  I was quick to tell Aubrey that I didn’t apply to be on the Bachelorette; the producers asked me to be on. Also, Aubrey doesn’t appreciate poor people, so I had that going against me.

Rick seemed way enthusiastic in the post-date interview, however (go to the MoBach website to see). However, Rick apparently loved the date because he loves silly game shows and wacky things.  I don’t seem him saying much about how much he likes her. When Rick is into a girl the first thing he mentions is that she is cute. He doesn’t do that here. He says, “…great personality, accomplished, fun.” Translation: Great friend, but she doesn’t get my mojo going.

Sara Borg

Al: Bukkman – am I the only one who reads this as an offensive word?

Geoff: No, anyone with a sense of propriety is with you, Al.

A: Also, what is with all these Saras? Orange County mothers, can we be a bit more creative?

G: They’re not all locally-born, dorkus.  And don’t knock Borg.  She’s cool. Also, she’s tall. Always give points for tall.

Sidenote: Rick has very manly arms. I could surely be raptured up in them,

A: Buck – eat your breakfast, and try not to have really awkward conversation.

G: Seriously, I hope the conversation was better than that.

A: He’s angry he has to drive on dirt, you can tell… such a dentist.

G: Norco!  Any date in Norco is a winner!  It’s Norco! Cows and secret military installations! The real beauty, though, is that they had to go all the way to friggin’ Norco just to find horses to ride.  So goes the quasi-urban life of Huntington Beach folks.

A: They don’t look bad together, I think this is going places.

G: Sara looks good in jeans.  I’m just sayin!  I’m frustrated that some of the first dates showed more talking and less extensive montage work.  I get it.  They went on horses.  They do seem to have some fun, though, but it seems to be pleasant fun.  Possible second date potential, though.

A: Rick Buck is the worst date ender evar. I feel awkward just watching the end of his dates.

G: Agreed.  Quit standing there awkwardly.  Be pleasant.  Be sincere. If you have beautiful things to say, then say them.  Granted, again, I know how awkward it is to be on camera.  When I made out with Aubrey after our date it was really weird having the camera around.  I just couldn’t be myself, ya know?


A: I think Sara.  They just fit.

G: Agreed.  Not a strong win, but Borg takes it by a nose.  Personally I don’t necessarily see either going to the next round, though.

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