MoBach Throwdown #6 – Beana vs. Alisha

Geoff Openshaw

Geoff Openshaw

Editors’ note: For the next few weeks we’ll be critiquing dates on “The Mormon Bachelor.” The folks at MoBach heavily moderate their comments so that everything involves sunshine and rainbows, and we think that is dumb. This is dating, people! Not all of it works or is positive, and we shall address it as such. Your comments and thoughts – uncensored and unedited – are welcome, as always.

Beana Hathaway

Al: Full disclosure, I am a very good friend of Beana Hathaway, she is great.
Geoff: This thing is already ruined because of Jack Johnson. And yes, Beana is great.

A: Everyone does love Beana, it’s true, I can tell stories of how she forces men, women, and children to love her.
G: I’ve been held against my will many times.

G: Could this be… dialogue? Good for them for showing, you know, interaction.

A: Of course you go to a spa, Beana is obviously sooooo Orange County.
G: This one is in Corona. 951, sucker!

A: I love the Mormon Bachelor was punishment to her current interest.
G: I hate watching Rick act like a jacka**.

A: Romantic hot tub chats, now we’re getting into “Bachelor” territory.
G: That’s what I’m talking about! Put on the Marvin Gaye! “Massage Village” just sounds dirty.

G: Oh look, more hand-holding. Could this be love? Nope, just Rick.

A: I just laugh watching the maze bit, this is so Beana.
G: She regularly walks a maze… to my heart.

A: As a side note, props to the film crew this time, tons of conversation, thought the video was great. And Beana is just a sweetie.
G: Agreed, whoever did this one did a MUCH better job than what we’ve seen in the past. I actually got a remote feel for how they are together.

G: “So did you have fun?” “DUH!” Awesome.

G: Dude, I think Rick was trying to make a move right there at the end but Beana forced the hug! Point, Beana!

Alisha White

A: Ohhh Aubrey, what memories.
G: This is hard for me to watch. Too many difficult emotions.

G: If someone says “journey” one more time I’m going to go postal. Use. A. Thesaurus.

A: I’m not sure how I feel about people who admit to going on this to date Rick Buck and “Find love.”
G: That’s “True Mormon Love,” Al, which has yet to be defined by the folks who coined the phrase.

A: Ahhh, this must be a sunday date yes? I’m anti reading the synopsis, but the tie and sweater indicate sabbath observance in many cultures you know.
G: Yep, it’s a Sunday one.

G: Nothing like great conversation about egg preparation preferences. Of all the things to include in the video?

G: Flowers! On a vase (pronounced “vahhhze”)!

A: They make a good point, the waffle/butter conundrum is terrible.

A: Buck is endearing when he plays MASH.
G: This girl came all the way from AZ and got stuck with a Sunday date?

G: I sat in one of those red chairs and professed my intention to marry Aubrey. I just thought everyone should know.

A: “A Rickstar” = ugh
G: That just makes me want to puke all over your head, sir.

G: No! He did not just take her to church as part of the date! Oh come ON!


Al: Beana of course, though Alisha I think may be a better fit, that’s the vibe I’m getting, there may be some Rick and Alisha sparks going on. But Beana is clearly the most superior woman in the world, excepting my mother and the woman I marry (Beana is also a cruel cruel mistress whom I fear greatly).

Geoff: Beana. Our girl will triumph. Beana is a gregarious woman. Big personalities go well with Rick’s insatiable need to love himself.

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