MoBach Round 2 Throwdown #4 – Sara vs. Angie

Geoff Openshaw

Geoff Openshaw

Editors’ note: Welcome to the second round of MoBach reviews and critiques. The people at The Mormon Bachelor are delighted to curb your right to free speech. We are delighted to encourage free speech. The freer, the better. Go, team!

Sara Olds

Al: Sara, if I remember correctly, was our favorite from before.
Geoff: I think I was neutral. She was the Disneyland know-how one.

A: With this much MJ, can this even go bad?
G: Yes. But with a name like “Hype Studios,” I think all is possible.

A: Oh gees, he is soooo white. This is gonna be hilarious.
G: You get up there and make it happen, Al. Go. Show them.

A: They got the Tokyo Drift King to teach them Michael Jackson!?! Look at that hair!
G: Strong Captain EO reproduction shirt, Rick. The original design is impossible to find.

A: The pelvic thrust is the most foreign move you could try to teach a couple of Mormons … this is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen.
G: Wait until dinner…. Islands.

A: I do love this date idea though, err rather, it’s just a great idea.
G: It is. Sara looks totally different from the first date.

A: Is that Valdez behind the camera?!
G: I assume you mean the DJ himself. Sounds like it. Good job, Señor Valdez.

A: Holy smokes! The old dude has moves. “My new years resolution is to get MJ perfectly” – is that even legal? Can you even do that?
G: I love the old dude! Inspirational, man. That guy is a rock star.

A: Props to Rick for the moon walk, every 9 year olds dream.

A: An obvious lack of romance unfortunately, I think Sara is awesome, Rick is having fun, but he’s totally not jamming on her.
G: Not in the least. Like I said before, Rick was in an elevated state because of the Disneyland/Club 33 experience. He equated how cool that was to actually wanting Sara, which he doesn’t.

A: So true, you never know who you click with. Blind dates FTW! err not so much.
G: I never rule anyone out, but I also know from the outset certain things that will either let someone in the door or not. ?

G: And they drive off into ignominy…

Angie Pita

A: I picked Angie cause I recognized her from her video….

G: Apparently Angie picked up chain smoking in the interim.

A: Romantic music …. and pan to Dave & Busters.
G: Very romantic and classy. The place lends itself to passion.

A: Best line ever… “And let’s just say… he was engaged” bum bum BUM!!
G: A year and five months. “Dang, that’s a lot!” Rick’s story is true, and I believe that was his last girlfriend.

A: My ears are bleeding, this date is doomed.
G: I hate this conversation. And I hate hearing Angie speak.

A: Neither of these people will ever find love.
G: Al Doan, ftw.

A: Women, guys love it when you ask them “Could you see yourself in a relationship with me” on your second date, particularly if the guy is still making out with 7 other women… you can trust him.
G: My heart goes out to Rick in this situation. This whole conversation seems like it was planned by the MoBach folks, but responding to such a question is never any fun. I would just offer up a simple, “We’ve eaten Peruvian food together; spoken Spanish, and now we are wasting our life at D&B. What do you think?”

G: What was with that creepy as hell eyebrow raise/mass murderer smile thing Rick did at the end of his response? *shudders*

A: Skeeball, this date should have happened at Chuck-E Cheese, then you could have been bopping those mole poppers
G: I prefer the Deal or No Deal video game.

A: This date is a long interview… make it stop.

A: 5 minutes of talking to the camera; Oprah can’t even pull this off.
G: I seriously want to strangle her.

G: Best line of the night. From Angie: “We’re both not here to play games…” and then the camera proceeds to show a shot of the games around D&B. Strong.

A: That was the date? D&B and home? That’s like taking a girl out for breakfast on a first date, you have no desire to pursue this.
G: This date made me angry. Most of this season of MoBach made me angry. I’m glad it’s done.


Al: Sara dominated this, like she just moonwalked on the grave of all the other girls. WTG Sara.

Geoff: Considering how much Rick looks to the left while he talks, you know he is pulling most of his thoughts out of his ginger butt. Sara wins, but neither date was particularly strong.

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