Episode #72 – Beckstromgate

Kevin Beckstrom
Kevin Beckstrom. Oh Kevin Beckstrom. The man has finally crossed the line. Find out how.

Well what a program! Such a fun show for everyone this week.

We’re joined by Jenna Kim Jones, of Jenna Kim Jones fame. She’s hilarious! Those of you in Utah can see her perform stand-up on July 8-9 at Wiseguys in Trolley Square. Jenna also takes questions about the “Weiner Wheel” on The Daily Show.

Kevin Beckstrom. Oh Kevin Beckstrom. The man has finally crossed the line. Find out how.

Where is the line between lovingly mocking Mormons and actually preaching hatred? Are we too passive as LDS people? Should we stand up to all of this nonsense?

Cecil Samuelson visits the Scottish Parliament, only to be rebuked by a member of said Parliament; and then that Member of Parliament is rebuked by someone else in Parliament. Rebuking in Edinburgh!

Want to go on an ice cream hike with us? Too bad. We don’t want to.

The Ft. Lauderdale Temple is underway, writers debate “The Book of Mormon” coming to Salt Lake, and there’s a Thomas S. Monson camp in Ontario??


  1. Mocking Mormons
    1. Susan Brooks Thislethwaite
    2. Teasing makes Mormons merrier
    3. “Amos and Andy”
    4. Bom to SLC?
    5. Commentary on NYC “I’m a Mormon” campaign
  2. Cecil in Edinburgh, Cecil rebuked
  3. Alaska missionaries use typewriter
  4. Racism in the Church – Peggy Fletcher Stack
  5. They’re here, they’re square, get used to it!
  6. Thomas S. Monson Park?
  7. New Gallup poll about Mormons
  8. Elder Packer faints. He’s OK now and on his way home.
  9. Geoff wrote a lovely article about whether a Mormon can even be active when President of the US

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