Episode #94 – Snip Snap Snip Snap

Don't Let Him Hold That Baby
Modern Family causes drama at BYU, where a writer compares gay parents to prostitutes and killers. Vasectomies - to consult the bishop or not to consult?

Modern Family causes a ruckus at BYU. One writer actually compares gay parents to prostitutes and serial killers. Yup.

Vasectomies. To consult the bishop or not to consult?

And bishops overall – Do we use them for general counsel or just for repentance?

Geoff and Al have a new website. Check it out!

Honorable mentions: Church service and how it moderates us; Mormon.org chat trolls; moldy churches in Norcal; and LDS Business College celebrates 125 years of mediocrity!

Clicketh thou me

  1. Modern Family BYU drama
  2. Mormon chat trolls
  3. Neither hot nor cold
  4. Three Witnesses monument hits 100
  5. Joe Biden loves Mormons
  6. LDSBC celebrates 100 years
  7. Do not bulldoze the moldy church
  8. Taking on vasectomies
  9. Professor of the Year
  10. Church service moderated Romney
  11. New leadership training site
  12. Our new website!


Don’t Let Him Hold That Baby

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