Episode #96 – Koriwhore

BYU Professors
Was Korihor a hero, fighting against a repressive religious theocracy? BYU breaks down professors' political affiliations.

First Presidency Christmas Devotional recaps, along with our thoughts on the new Bible Videos site.

The Kyiv Ukraine Temple receives a cool architectural award for being the best religious building constructed in Ukraine in 2010. Nasha Ukrayina!

BYU quarterback Jake Heaps is out. Al gives us his analysis.

The Student Review publishes a great article examining the political leanings of BYU professors, and how they are surprisingly balanced compared to most universities.

Did Korihor actually fight for religious freedom amidst a repressive theocracy?

Other items: Mitt Romney’s softer side; a call for the media to stop focusing on the sensational side of Mormonism; stop making fun of Mormons; and Donald Trump is a schmuck.


  1. Kyiv Temple wins award
  2. Bible Videos
  3. BYU Professors and politics
  4. Goodbye, Jake Heaps
  5. Korihor – Freedom fighter?
  6. Moving beyond sensationalism
  7. Making fun of Mormonism

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