Episode #100 – In Honor of Us

David Archuleta gets ready for a mission, and the media has provided some noteworthy coverage of his decision; President Monson is the most admired religious leader in the world!

TWiM turns 100! Thanks to all of you for helping us reach this milestone. You make it all worthwhile. To celebrate, we pat ourselves on the back and spend the end of the show reading every episode title of This Week in Mormons, ever.

David Archuleta’s mission plans result in a nicely balanced article about LDS missions in the Wall Street Journal.

President Monson is among the most admired religious leaders in the world!

Tuscon hates Mitt Romney. Jon Hunstman is a better Mormon, says they, because he actually likes immigrants.

The top religious stories from Utah in 2011! It’s a big deal.

Other stuff: Explanation on Mormons becoming gods, more on the Mormon Ponzi scheme, old Nauvoo city council minutes.


  1. John McCain endorsed the wrong Mormon
  2. From American Idol to Mormon missionary
  3. Top religious stories of 2011
  4. Monson is admired
  5. Mormons becoming gods
  6. Nauvoo city council minutes
  7. Mormon Ponziis
  8. Mormon Times has TV?
  9. Ancient seals!

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