Episode #111 – There’s No Apostrophe There!

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The Mormon Bachelor is coming back. Do we dip our toes in these waters? Geoff visits Palmyra for the first time,
Scotty Renner!

Geoff gives us a recap of his trip to Palmyra, NY, replete with some updates on Bottgate.

Al does some investigative reporting on how to pay one’s tithing online.

Have you seen YSACentral.com? You can PAY to have a site created that replicates Facebook!

The Mormon Bachelor is starting up again. Do we get involved?

Various: President Uchtdorf flies with the Blue Angels! A Volunteering infographic! Church-wide email about temple baptisms! The Church does Facebook Timeline! Provo sells 100. S to the Church! Gladys gets interviewed by BET! A nine-story MTC building!

And on a serious note, a missionary in Brazil was hit by a bus. Our thoughts are with him and his family.


  1. YSACentral will change social media forever
  2. Volunteerism in the Church
  3. Uchtdorf goes flying
  4. 100 S. goes to the Church
  5. Church-wide email about temple baptisms
  6. Huge MTC building
  7. The Mormon Bachelor finalists!
  8. Gladys interviewed on BET
  9. New, good book about the Church
  10. Embrace the Church’s Facebook timeline
  11. Missionary hit by bus in Brazil

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