Episode #138 – Therapizing the Mormon Bachelor

Harry Reid reminds us that Mitt Romney does not speak for Mormons; the Mormon Bachelor hits a wall; A man being excommunicated for trashing Mitt? And more!

Harry Reid says that Mitt Romney does not represent the Church and Mormons shouldn’t be judged based on how Romney presents himself as a candidate. Mudslinging in the DC stake center!

Armies of Helaman march in Bountiful! Not one of them fell!

The Mormon Bachelor jumps the shark and goes to therapy. Oh yes! We lie not!

A guy in Florida is being excommunicated for bashing Mitt Romney? No, The Daily Beast just wants you to think so. He’s getting excommunicated for posting details about temple ordinances and his iffy website. Dork.

Catholics love Mormons! Some guy in Boulder doesn’t! A Mormon gal is on Survivor! The Brigham City Temple is dedicated! The 122nd anniversary of the polygamy manifesto!

Click for Love:

  1. Excommunicating a Romney hater?
  2. Washington Post clears it up
  3. Stripling Warriors in Bountiful!
  4. Catholics Heart Mormons
  5. Manifesto anniversary
  6. Brigham City Temple dedicated
  7. Roland Sharette is an idiot
  8. Harry Reid attacks Romney’s Mormonism. Attacks!
  9. Mormons on Survivor
  10. The Mormon Bachelor is so bad! SO bad!

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